Fairytale gone wrong

Genre: Drama, romance
Lengh: Chaptered
Pairing: Well... ;) will probably contain some YunJae, YooMin, (YooSu and HoMin)
Rating: Will contain NC17 parts ( I will give a warning )

Yunho would do almost everything to see Changmin happy again. But when he takes some measures to ensure his happiness, things start to go so wrong.

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When fate plays games


pairing: YunJae
genre: romance, comedy (at least I'll try...)
length: chaptered (short fic? I hope so...)
rating: PG-13
disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story and even that is leaning on a manga called 'Missile Happy' I've read that a long time ago but I still think it's the cutest thing on earth. So I wanted a YunJae version :) If you never read the story: You should!!!

summary: Jaejoong had a slight sister complex and therefore he felt obligated to check out on his soon to be brother in law Jung Yunho.

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Found him

Genre: Drabble/OS
Lengh: very short
Rating: PG
Summary: Shin Hye always wanted kids. Maybe fate will help her... This short drabble is all about a little cute Junsu toddler. Enjoy :3

[credits: S T r o n g M a N by ~KyoLovesRamen]

Opponents attract
Fandom: DB5K
Pairing: Misa, Yunho
Rating: pg
Summary: It was the day of the concert. Finally! But Misa never in her dreams would have known that this could be the outcome of a concert. Dong Bang Shin Ki is really one of a kind... And so is the leader.

When fate plays games [4]


genre: romance, comedy

length: chaptered

pairing: YunJae

rating: PG 13

disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story and even that is leaning on a manga called 'Missile Happy' I've read that a long time ago but I still think it's the cutest thing on earth. So I wanted a YunJae version :) If you never read the story: You should!!!

Thanks to: ViVi who edited this chapter lovely ♥ special thanks to her! You helped me out of my little annoying slump><

summary: Jaejoong has a 'slight' sister complex and therefore he felt obligated to check out on his soon to be brother in law: Jung Yunho.

An: I have Askfm now: ^^ contact me if you want now I just follow some so it's not that fun.


Restaurant Seoul; Wednesday, the day before the football match.

Solbi tried to match up with Yunho but all she got out of it was that she wasn't interested in him at all. She belonged to that kind of people who knew from the beginning if the other could be the one or not. But Yunho was too polite, too kind and somehow too boring for her. The way he treated her like a fragile lady when they walked in the garden, in front of the restaurant, to get some time alone together was simply a failure in her eyes.

His brother was another story altogether. Somehow the tall man managed to make her feel inferior and even uncomfortable but in a good way, in a heart fluttering way. But that was just what she felt from his looks and the aura surrounding the handsome man. It was a riddle how Yunho could be brothers with someone like him, since they were very different from each other. Then again Solbi thought back to when she brought her brother back home. That day Yunho felt manlier, masculine and even a bit mystic. If she compared them from that day on, she had to think that he was the way she imagined Changmin to be. But what did she know. It was for her to find out. And finding out was what she really wanted to do.

I feel like you had a really good talk earlier. How about we repeat this meeting?” Kim Joobin suggested with a smile and the Jung parents nodded in agreement. It seemed the soon to be in-laws already clicked well together Solbi observed, feeling a bit stressed about this since she had to find a way out of their planned engagement without offending anyone since she maybe still would like to stay in the family. The oldest sister felt stressed and didn't know how to solve this without destroying everything. Sighing she looked over to Yunho, curious if he wanted a next meeting. Because somehow she didn't feel that the man was interested in her at all.

I don't think a second meeting is a good idea” Yunho's voice resonated in the private room. With that said, suddenly all eyes where on him and Solbi stopped her train of thoughts, hoping she didn't need to worry too much at all.

What do you mean, son?” Mr. Jung asked with a strict voice not wanting this meeting to end in a bad way and not understanding why his son never wanted to marry. Solbi was a perfect match in his eyes. She was independent but yet lovely and caring.

I feel that we both won't get romantic feelings for each other. I'm sorry dad. But I'm certain.” Yunho's voice betrayed nothing, he was sure that they wouldn't come to love each other. But the question was, why was he so sure of this? They only had met once. Yunho's father was lost to this and looked helplessly to the Kim's.

I feel that way too and I'm happy your son said it first!” Solbi said with a soothing voice and a bright smile on her face. “He is a great man but I don't think we match.” she continued and her gaze fell upon Changmin who was watching her ever since she spoke up. He smiled a tiny smile at her and Solbi felt how the corner of her lips went by themselves.

Why don't you guys give each other a second chance. Another meeting wouldn't hurt, right?” Yunho's father tried desperately.

I think so, too.” Changmin spoke up for the first time, surprising everyone at the table. 'What is he up to?' Solbi wondered and she got worried that her 'maybe-love-interest' would ruin everything Yunho accomplished for her. And then Changmin had the nerve to even smile at her reassuringly, which gained him a angry glare from her. But he only seemed amused. Right... This was what she found attracting.

But not right now.

How about we make another meeting with both families? Without the siblings. Without Yunho.” Changmin further proposed and now everyone was beyond surprised. No one spoke after that, too flabbergasted and too busy taking in what the older brother just said. Solbi watched Changmin with big eyes, never had she suspected the other would do such a thing. Did he feel the attraction, too?



Slowly Solbi started to smile again. “I think this is a brilliant idea.” she agreed and they both had to grin at each other.

Yunho watched both of them coughing in embarrassment. How strange to have his brother hit off with his date for the day. But then again he should be thankful. This went surprisingly well for him since now he wouldn't have to explain to his parents why he doesn't want another meeting. He was rescued from his brother even if the other didn't meant to.


Woodstock Live Bar; Thursday, after the football match.

This was really a nice game! Well played!” Sukjeon yelled ecclesiastically, praising the opponent team like a captain should do in his opinion. The whole atmosphere in the room was bright and everyone was drinking their beer or shots occasionally. Even though they were bitter enemies on the field they still got along off fields. Junsu had to admit and he felt much respect at this moment for their opponents. Hopefully they would become like them one day when in university.

Yoochun was quite the mood maker he soon figured when the other wouldn't stop telling funny stories about Yunho's past which the other didn't like too much obviously, since his mood wasn't as bright as his friends.

Yunho was more the silent type altogether Junsu observed further, seeing how the other would only cast glances at them when they spoke up. He wasn't the drinking type, too and Junsu understood why Yoochun was so keen on having a drink with the younger ones. The brunette had to smile at that disclosure. Yoochun was easy to read. Much easier than Yunho, which was the reason why Junsu couldn't decipher why his best friend had prejudged the other so fast.

Let's play a game!” Yoochun suggested happily, rising his glass to the middle of the table they where sitting at. “What kind of game?” his best friend asked him, looking suspicious and unwilling to play along. “Oh come on. Don't play the party pooper, Yunho.” Yoochun groaned, looking at the others, to get their approval. And he hadn't long to wait since Junsu joined him instantly. Jaejoong on the other way watched them hesitantly, not really keen on playing drinking games. He knew himself well and with that he knew his tolerance for alcohol. “Come on!” Junsu cheered him on and he finally rose his glass, too. But not without a worried frown on his face.

A view shots later Jaejoong felt like a new person. He was the loudest on the table and he enjoyed the evening to it's fullest. Yoochun's game wasn't as bad as expected and the younger found himself linking the older a lot. They seemed to share lot's of similarities, beginning with being whiny and handling alcohol in a special way.

Like now for an example.

They had left the bar only to find a karaoke bar to sing silly songs, dancing and playing with the given equipments. Yunho and Junsu where the only ones who followed their best friends, even if rather unwillingly, but they didn't want to leave them alone.

Is Yoochun always like that?” Junsu asked shyly since the other where busy looking for a song to sing. “He is often like that yes.” Yunho answered after thinking about it for a second. He didn't even need to ask if Jaejoong was like that all the time. It was already clear that the teenager was rather crazy, so alcohol would make him an ounce more so he understood. “Jaejoong matches his craziness well.” he finally observed and Junsu laughed at that. “You are right. They would make better best friends for each other than we are.” after saying so Junsu regretted his own words in an instant. He hoped he was wrong since it would hurt too much to loose Jaejoong, even more if it was to someone like Yoochun. Junsu admired what he got to know of him today, even if that maybe wasn't enough to really know the other man.

Yunho only hummed in agreement watching the duo sing and dance silly like madman. A bystander could think they knew each other since forever or where even brothers.

Yoochun and Jaejoong swung their hips like crazy when the sound of SNSD's Run Devil Run resonated trough the small room. They even pointed their fingers at Junsu and Yunho and winked at them when the girls in the MV running on the television did so. Junsu burst out in laughter at that.

The other two men in the room could only watch in wonder. How did they pull that off? A woman-like move as that shouldn't look that legit on those two, but it did. Yunho frowned at Junsu. “They really are two of a kind.”, “Let's toast on that.” Junsu held up his pin and drunk the shot of Soju when Yunho was ready to drink too.


'This was really one hell of an experience' Junsu thought when cold night air hit his smooth skin. He and Yunho where still rather sober but their best friends seemed to be drunk, if their way of walking in wavy lines where anything to go by.

Yunho was nice enough to call a taxi for Jaejoong and Junsu before he called one for Yoochun and himself who lived near his apartment actually. “It was really nice meeting you. We should exchange numbers!” Yoochun exclaimed happily and rummaged for his cellphone the moment he had the idea.

Short after the taxis arrived and they parted from each other. But even after that Jaejoong was still talking on and on about Yoochun being 'so cool'. Junsu sighed knowing that Yunho would have to listen to the same stuff as him at this very moment in the other taxi.


Solbi watched her mobile phone, surprise evident in her eyes as she read the context of the message she received before. Right now she was taking a break from work, sitting in a nearby cafe that was to her liking. As usual she ate her favorite dish whenever she visited the little shop across the street from her workplace. The young woman managing the cafe already knew her favorites by heart and sometimes they chattered. Yet the young woman looked up from behind her counter to watch her only visitor at this non busy time with amusement.

'Hey. Are you free this Saturday? It would be nice to meet up at Gwanghwamun Square. Jung Changmin.'

She read on her phone smiling at Changmin's romantic side, he seemed to have. Saturday would be the day the lantern fest was held the popular festival in honor of Buddha but used for romantic days walking on streets covered with sakura blossoms and lanterns hanging down from trees.

'I was right about the beautiful appearance of the city.' Solbi thought, when she arrived at the park entrance, walking on sakura flowers and passing by couples. Solbi rose her head and took in what was happening around her. It was already dark outside but there were still couples and parents with their children who enjoyed the romantic atmosphere, despite the cold wind turning their noses red.

Like what you see?”

A husky voice rose behind Solbi when she was staring at the people inside the park. She turned instantly, greeting her date with a bright smile.


Solbi breathed and the air was visible in the cold. Then a grinning Changmin took her hand without any hesitance, leading her inside the park.

This was the man she 'chose' but now that they where walking together, hand in hand even, she felt unsure about this whole thing. They knew nothing about each other. It was just a feeling that it was right somehow. But she couldn't get a hold of the whole thing. Just when she started second guessing everything that she had decided on earlier, Changmin lead her to a street stall. It was surprising that the other would go to a street stall on his first date, but she thought it was interesting and so she changed her mind, thinking that she should start to get to know him better first before she worries about other things.

One penny for your thoughts!” Changmin blurted when he watched her with bemusement. Today he didn't see that confident and indifferent woman from last time, but he didn't mind at all, no it was cute how she behaved with him.

It wasn't often that a woman caught his eyes but she didn't do anything to get his attention. Something about her was intriguing and he couldn't wait to see more of it.

I was just wondering if you always go on romantic dates and spoil them afterward by going to a street stall.” she joked and he laughed.

Maybe I do so I can see who would bother with me again afterward.”

Changmin shot back, thanking the Ahjuma when she brought them two bottles of Soju and a bowl of Tteokbokki, which they planned to share, as common in korea.

Do you like spicy food?” Solbi asked when she tasted the spicy food herself.

I love all kinds of food and I like spicy food as well. How about you? You look like you can eat spicy food well yourself.” he observed and she nodded with a smile playing on her beautifully formed lips.

I like spicy food too and I can eat it well but I prefer food with rich tastes in general. I'm not too picky when it comes to food.”

Really? Then what about Bundaeggi? Or Chicken legs?” he snickered knowing the answer before he heard it.

Solbi scrunched her face in distaste. Bundaeggi was more for the elders, thick worms in sweet sauce, really something she doesn't need to taste.

Bundaeggi is something I really can't eat but chicken legs are fine.”

Changmin grinned.

I think I'll invite you to Bundaeggi next time.”

I think I have something to do.” Solbi said, getting up and faking that she would leave him but Changmin grabbed her, still laughing out loud, holding his stomach with the hand that wasn't grabbing hers.

I see you are on the sadistic side.” huffing she sat down again, still fake-glaring at him. But there it was again. That certain feeling that he wasn't unfamiliar at all.

When we ever become a pair then prepare to be called Bundaeggi lovely, since you love it so much.” she said grinning herself now and Changmin's smile faded.

I think we have a serious problem now.”

Do we? Why?”

Let's just never talk about Bundaeggi again and we are fine I guess.” he continued and now Solbi was laughing at his adorable side. Changmin's pout was something she would have to get used to if she wanted to date him but it would be hard to oppose a pout like this one, it was almost as impossible as her brothers. And her brother could get anything with his pout. Then it crossed her mind: Maybe Changmin meant trouble.

Yunjae os/drabble [2 / 3]

Pairing: Yunjae

Lengh: OS? Drabble?

Genre: Love/hate relationship, incest

Rating: pg

AN: this turned out to be longer than expected... the last part will contain smut, just a warning beforehand. Also this is unbetaed and full of misstakes *sorry*

People are what you make them. A scornful look turns into a complete fool a man of average intelligence. A contemptuous indifference turns into an enemy a (woman) who, well treated, might have been an angel.

Andre Maurois

Jaejoong has always been a disappointment for his parents.

Both, his real ones and the ones who adopted him after that fateful day. When he turned thirteen he was forced to become mature at once, that fateful day when he saw that stranger talking to his father. Saying something about a business contract and how his father couldn't escape them. That they'll hunt his eldest son down to death if he stuck his nose in their affairs. Yunho was a freshmen then, he just started as a street cop, when he turned 20 and his first assignment was something mysterious he never talked about when he, his youngest and dearest brother was around.

But then it was too late to spare him from the dark truth about their family, the secrets behind their wealth. It was filthy money, it was as easy at that. With only being thirteen he didn't understand everything, but he understood enough to find that gross. He had a friend back then who was two years older than him, who knew the life on the streets well. Yoonghwan was a rebellious son who didn't want to become the CEO of their company. He wanted to do sports and therefore he left home a while ago. Soon Jaejoong decided to follow him and run away from the filthy money his father had earned.

Also he wanted to find a way to protect his brother, since their father didn't seem too keen on protecting his eldest son who only became a low police man without using the status of his father. But never the less Yunho was always better than Jaejoong in their eyes. Jaejoong was too good looking,too  soft looking and people didn't see a chance for him to be the head of a company later. Even more, with his average grades.

Now seven years later nothing much had changed. Jaejoong was still jobless, still a thug in everyone’s eyes. And after their parent's death he was adopted by rich people again and he lived a life not far from what he knew from before. His new parents didn't throw him away for what he was, but didn't look after him, too. He doesn't know why he was even adopted by them in the first place. Then again he knows now that it's never easy to judge people in the right way just as he is constantly misunderstood, he may have misunderstood his past encounters, too. For once his real father didn't seem too bad, for he did save his children from the people he worked with, even Yunho who seemed to be their target. But then he couldn't protect his wife or himself. Their death was stated as a car crash but Jaejoong knew better than that.

Even now he tries to get in the circle of those people his late father worked with, to expose them to the police or better to let them die one by one before that.

Then something unexpected happened when he met Yunho again. Fortunately he escaped him, when he hit his stomach yesterday, but he needs to be careful from now on. Jaejoong doesn't want his brother to be in this. Not when he finally gets to do the first work for that 'company'. Now nothing can go wrong, not even his brother can stop him from succeeding this job. But he needs their trust first. And no one could cover for him if he failed, he was completely alone in this.

Yunho watched the screen in shock. He knew the man he saw there. It was the past personal financial adviser of his late father and he couldn't decipher why his brother would work under this man. How could there be such a coincidence? Then it came to him:

It wasn't a coincidence!

“I'm going there!” Yunho exclaimed before anyone else could get the job and since he started investigating and chasing Jaejoong from the beginning and no one knew of their relation, he got it without a problem.


Soon he found himself in a dark place, a metal company that wasn't running for a long time anymore if you go by the looks of it. It seemed as if the place was empty and no one was around but Yunho knew better than that. Jaejoong had a meeting here and he had to find them, fast.

After running around for minutes he finally found Jaejoong sitting on a metal plate, smoking a fag, looking bored even. His eyes were cast downwards and Yunho had to admire how he could see his long eye lashes even from this one meter distance.

Yunho decided to hide behind a brick wall of what was left of a wall or a house. Not long after that the sky turned dark and he could hear the sound of rain dripping down to earth effortlessly.

He waited for an hour in the rain but still couldn't see a trail of those low lives Jaejoong was supposed to meet.

“Aren't you cold?”

A smooth voice suddenly resonated from the sound of dripping raindrops. When he turned around he saw his brother, with wet hair sticking to his white skin, which where covered in raindrops who where seeking their way down, dripping finally from his chin, or losing themselves in his full lips. As his eyes found those lips which formed a smirk that looked ugly to Yunho. Was that really his beloved brother?

“How did you know I was here?”

He asked dumbfounded, gaining a sharp laughter from the raven, with blue shivering lips.

“How couldn't I know when I was the one who set you up?”

Jaejoong explained with glittering eyes, happy that his plan, that Yunho would be the one who turned up today, worked so well for him. Now he was rid of one more problem he had to deal with.

The older one of them looked shocked and frightened. What has become of his beloved brother? He always knew that he was a so called 'problem child' but he never in his dreams would give up on him and he just knew that his youngest brother hid a beautiful soul beneath that thick skin. But now he wasn't sure if he would be able to break through.

“What is your plan Jaejoong?”

Yunho asked breathlessly, starting to freeze and a shiver ran down his spine as he looked into his brothers cold eyes staring down at him arrogantly helping him to sense the coldness around him.

“My plan... is to get rid of you.”

Those words brought Yunho on his knees and tears formed into his eyes fusing with the touch of raindrops on his face.


He cried in exasperated pain. It wasn't only fear that he was feeling. This ran deeper than anything else he ever felt, even deeper than the day he had to say goodbye to their parents.

The thought of Jaejoong betraying, hating and even rejecting him broke him in every possible way.

“Let me protect you...”

He begged. Even if it was futile he tried to convince his brother to change his mind.

“I only want your best. I want to help you!”

“Then get out of my business and never appear in front of me. Ever again!”

Jaejoong surprisingly offered but Yunho walked up to him shortening the distance between them until he was right in front of the thin figure of his beloved brother regardless of what he has become. Yunho would always love him.

“I can't do that.”

Yunho said with a calm voice, placing his hand firmly on his brothers shoulder and he could feel the other shivering vigorously. When Jaejoong tried to free himself from his brother he was only held tighter.

“Let go of me Yunho!”

This was the first time Yunho heard the other saying his name and he couldn't stop the smile that formed on his face. His little brother watched him, wondering if he didn't hear him at all.

“I said let go of me!”

“I can't. Never!”

“What do you mean, You can't? Have you lost your mind?! You are a policeman and I won't stop being a thug just because you caught me here. Kill me or leave me be!”

But Jaejoong's request was nothing he could do for him and Yunho could see in the others eyes that he knew this very well.

“Just stop it already.”

The rain got stronger with every word that was said and soon they where soaked.

“Come with me.”

With that he took his brother's smaller hand in his rough ones so he could drag him to the inside of one of the deserted halls.

Yunjae OS/Drabble

Pairing: Yunjae

Lengh: OS? Drabble? (914 words)

Genre: Love/hate relationship, incest

Rating: PG

AN: tell me if you want a sequel. It just kinda happen, when I read that someone wanted a Yunjae ver. of Triangle. This is not similar to Triangle but this is what my mind did to me after reading that request^^

People are what you make them. A scornful look turns into a complete fool a man of average intelligence. A contemptuous indifference turns into an enemy a (woman) who, well treated, might have been an angel.

Andre Maurois

Yunho watched the grim looking officer in his overall, standing all proud and angry in front of him. „This will really be the last time. I'm sorry.“ he said but both knew they where empty promises. Then again Yunho was too polite for his own good since he and his useless brother had parents with the power to let Jaejoong do what he want's to and get away with that shit.

The officer just nodded at the tall man before he walked away to the day care cells. „I don't know how you and your brother can be so different.“ he started as he opened the cell for Jaejoong who didn't even spare him a look. „Are you even related?“ the man in his blue overall continued to his own doom, because now Jaejoong was glaring at him. And his eyes where that kind of beautiful ones, whom you wouldn't want to stare at you since their kind of beauty had a scary aura in them. Yunho's kind and smaller eyes where really a contrast to his gangster brother sharp ones. They seem to see the darkest corner of your soul right away, what scares the officer. Fast he frees the cold man's hands from the handcuffs, he had put on him earlier the day and with that  done Jaejoong walked past him as if he didn't even exist. Being ignored wasn't anything new for him so he just walked behind him, back to Yunho.

Said man looked up from the papers he had to fill, when the radiating person he knew as his brother entered the room. “Long time no seen.” Yunho said smiling and his smile didn't even falter when Jaejoong ignored his words and just glared at him. “How comes you are here? Did I ask you to come and fetch me? I thought I made myself clear that I don't want you to help me ever again, ever!” he hissed, walking past him to leave the small office of Goyang city.

Yunho bowed to the officer and left after his brother, not minding the others words at all.

“I really think Jaejoong is adopted.” Sunghoon, the officer who captured and freed Jaejoong stated to his colleague who only could agree.

“The officer didn't tell me what happened this time.” Yunho told Jaejoong when he caught up to him, still wanting to know what problem his brother caused this time, because he was sure their parents would know. “It's not your business Yunho and I really would appreciate it if you wouldn't stick your nose in my stuff again.” his brother said, now more calmly than earlier. Yunho knew why his brother was behaving the way he was but he wouldn't have any of that. “Just tell me, Jae. Mom and dad will tell me so you can't hide this anyway.” he tried to reason with him but Yunho knew it was futile the moment his brother snorted out loud. “Yeah I shall tell you beforehand so you can take the blame again and I won't recognize you the next moment after I told them because they beat the shit out of you. Thanks no!” Yunho had heared enough as for now and grabbed his brothers shoulder to stop him from walking. “I don't care how often I have to get it from our parents but don't make me chase you. I'm happy you always cause trouble in other cities so I don't have to do the dirty work!” Yunho all but shouted. This was what he really was afraid of, Jaejoong causing trouble in their own city so he warns him again and again.

Suddenly a bell rings hard and Yunho wakes up, with sweat covering his face. Yesterdays events must have done more to him than he want's to admit. It was only yesterday when he found out that the man he was currently chasing for fraud and drugs dealing, was Jaejoong his long lost brother. At least he hasn't changed at all, Yunho thought bitterly when he stepped into the cold shower.


“Freeze!” Dongjoon his colleague yelled but Jaejoong only smirked when he saw a beautiful woman in the dim light near him, hiding from the gun the other had taken out in the bar. He grabbed her and held his knife against her throat. “Gun down!” he said calmly with a smirk on his still young looking face. “God, bring your gun down Dongjoon!” Yunho begged holding his hands above his head himself, gaze never leaving the man that was his brother as he discovered only yesterday.

Slowly Jaejoong approached the both policemen, the woman still in his control and he threw her in their arms when he caught up to them running out of the bar in lightnings speed. “Look after her!” Yunho screamed as he followed the ruthless man.

But when he stepped outside, the other was nowhere to be found. Just when he was about to turn around, he heard something behind him. 'Jaejoong must have tricked me', he thought laughing about his own incapability. But he realized soon enough to reach behind himself, grab the hand, that was reaching up to him, at the man's wrist and throw that tall body over his strong shoulder, making his brother fall down in front of him. Finally Yunho knelt down, hovering over that panting body beneath him. “Long time no seen Jaejoong.” he greeted but only got a kick in his stomach as an answer.

When fate plays games [ 3 ]


genre: romance, comedy, slightest angst in this chapter (really slightly)

length: chaptered

pairing: YunJae

rating: PG 13

disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story and even that is leaning on a manga called 'Missile Happy' I've read that a long time ago but I still think it's the cutest thing on earth. So I wanted a YunJae version :) If you never read the story: You should!!!

Thanks to: vivi1609 who edited this chapter lovely ♥

summary: Jaejoong has a 'slight' sister complex and therefore he felt obligated to check out on his soon to be brother in law: Jung Yunho.

credit: This beautiful banner was done by my dear beta vivi1609


Solbi was in a state of rage. First disbelief overtook her when she heard the strangers explanation. Then shock and last but really not least: Anger.

How could her baby brother go this far? How could he really lie about the whole 'I stay at Junsu' thing just to check on her stupid marriage candidate. This brat really needs some education.

Still raging Solbi went to the address the stranger had given her, wanting to see the deed with her own two eyes. And then there was this 'Jaejoong got hurt' thing what made her more worried than anything else that may have occurred. How could her baby brother be this careless and stay at a strangers home for freaking eight days? This was beyond her imagination since he never acted up like that before. Sure, he never was fond of their parents idea on marrying her off before the other sisters could settle down. But then again she understood their parents a bit more than Jaejoong, in this case it showed that she was the oldest out of five. She was an independent woman, starting off as a sales woman in a small firm. But deep inside she was lonely and not made for being a carrier woman alone and their parents knew this much, which made them wanting to help her to meet a possible match. They had waited at first for her to meet one by herself but since she was a busy woman it wasn't that easy to meet one by chance. She could have told her brother and maybe this would have been the best but she couldn't bring herself to do so somehow. She doesn't know how he would take that piece of information in, her baby brother always thought he was enough for her or something on that line.

Sighting she rang the bell of her marriage candidate's home, where her brother currently stayed at.

Upon hearing the door bell ring Yunho stood up from the sofa he was currently sitting in, obviously waiting for Solbi.

When he found Jaejoong hurt the other day he had searched through his bag to contact his family since he felt the responsibility to let them know such a thing happened, asking himself why he doesn't stay at his parents place anyway; which made him paddle back and wonder if he has a family at all? If they even cared? But it wasn't for him to question that. That was when he found a black leather map and curiosity took over him as he opened it, eyes growing big when he read the big letters on the first paper springing in his face almost mockingly:

'Investigation on Jung Yunho'

What the actual hell was that about? Oh, he got his answer wanted or not, when he turned the pages, he came upon side scribbles next to the information about himself. Scribbles like

'not good enough for my sister',

'Solbi hates smoker',

'My poor sister!! I'll protect her from this pervert'.

Yunho had to frown at this revelation, putting two and two together he could see where Jaejoong was coming from. He remembered how angry Jaejoong was about him having so many marriage date candidates and then the investigation map, the scribbles about his sister. Definitely Jaejoong was here because of a woman named Solbi, whom his father tried to match him up with. Absentmindedly he searched for Jaejoong's mobile device, searching for a specific name.

And now that woman was here in front of his apartment. She had agreed to come over and take her brother back home, telling Yunho that she was tremendously sorry for her brothers rude behavior.

He opened the door, not surprised to greet a very beautiful woman, smiling to him but she couldn't betray him, as her smile didn't really reach her eyes.

Hello. You must be Jung Yunho. I am Kim Solbi and I'm really sorry for what happened... Where is he?”, Solbi asked the man in front of her, reaching out her hand for a handshake. Yunho took the hand and stepped aside a little to let her in.

Before Yunho could even answer a loud voice came from the corner of the room, where Jaejoong sat on the couch, watching television.

Yunho? Who was that?” Jaejoong obviously thought the visitor was already gone.

Yunho's eyes got smaller when he was about to complain to the younger man that he again sat there with wet hair on his leather couch. Jaejoong should already know that Yunho didn't like that. But he retained that urge when Solbi raised her voice at the poor younger sibling. “Jaejoong what do you think you are doing here? Watching television calmly while I think you are at a friends house?” Jaejoong's sprung from his spot and ran up to his sister confirming what he already knew: “Solbi!” Next Jaejoong looked at Yunho, and Yunho saw a hint feeling of betrayal in the others eyes. He tried to look back, sorry and even sympathetic, but he didn't know if he showed those feelings throughout his eyes well enough for the other to catch them. Obviously not. Jaejoong watched him fuming silently by now. Maybe it was a bad idea, not to talk to Jaejoong before calling his sister or even before she came.

Not even realizing the silent exchange between both men Solbi was in her own rage fit right now. “You! Jaejoong! Are coming back with me now! And I will go to that marriage meeting. Now I have even more reason to do so!” Jaejoong watched her wild gestures while listening to her shouting, looking like a kicked puppy. But Solbi knew no mercy, when she let Yunho show her around to find everything that belongs to her brother, grabbing them and then grabbing Jaejoong to take him with her.

Thank you for looking after him all those days and I am really sorry again!” she bowed one last time before Yunho found himself alone in his apartment, only hearing voices from the still running television.


Solbi applied some make-up and looked at her dresses, she wanted to look good for the meeting. Even if she just agreed on it now because of Jaejoong's behavior. Her brother had to change his attitude quickly, she thought. He is already nineteen years old and shouldn't run around checking marriage candidate's for his sister.

A smile came upon her face when she thought about it, he made her feel loved and she was happy about that. But still his way of showing affection wasn't right. Torn between liking and hating the way her brother had handled the matter she didn't know how to act in front of the poor guy. He didn't come out of his room since she brought him back yesterday, but she knew he would come with her to the meeting if she let him.

When Solbi asked him, Jaejoong had agreed, at least he knew her future husband already so he should show him and his family his respects. This was all he could do after everything. Solbi had been very angry with him and he didn't want to disappoint her anymore. Therefore he decided to show his best manners.

Even their parents could attend the meeting since they came back at night. Complaining that Yoobin, their mother, had bad luck. She broke her tooth and with this the trip was over. But when they heard the news they were more than happy, arranging the meeting as soon as possible, which was now.

When they arrived at the restaurant where they was planned to meet the Jung family, Jaejoong saw Yunho standing at the entrance already. It was the first thing that came to his eyes when their car came around the corner looking for a parking lot in front of the Chinese restaurant. But Yunho didn't meet his eyes, the others eyes where looking at nothing in particular, appearing empty.

Nice to meet you finally Mr. Jung, Mrs. Jung, Yunho!” Jinhwan, the head of the Kim family greeted the others. He had especially closed his family restaurant for today's occasion since he wanted their first meeting to be at a neutral place. “Nice to meet you too.” Jung Kwangseok greeted him back and shook everyone’s hands. Solbi bowed shyly and Jaejoong followed suit. Short after they sat in one of the private rooms of the restaurant chatting about unimportant stuff. Jaejoong wondered how Yunho felt, since the other clearly stated he didn't want an arranged marriage. But today the other seemed so collected, Jaejoong wondered if meeting Solbi changed his mind in the end. He had to admit his sister was intelligent, beautiful and a wonderful person, so it was understandable. Next he watched his sister, who showed herself in her best manners, smiling a lot and she even tried to hold up small conversations with Yunho. But Jaejoong wasn't able to follow the depths of their conversations since he was too busy to measure the atmosphere. All in all it seemed like Yunho will really become his brother in law.


Thinking back Jaejoong still could clearly remember how Yunho's door mate looked like. He always liked the gray, black and red checked pattern. When he would enter through the main door and the first thing he could see would be the white curtains, maybe flattering when Yunho was home and the windows where opened. The table would be filled with study books, pencils and empty coffee cups. Maybe Yunho would sit there, pencil in his right hand, tipping his chin with it and thinking about something. The kitchen would look exactly like Jaejoong left it since Yunho wouldn't cook more than instant ramyeon. He didn't know how Yunho lived on his own before but he seemed to need someone by his side after all. So it was maybe the best if they married. But Jaejoong's mind couldn't proceed that thought very well. The pictures of Yunho's apartment where like engraved within him, as if they where tattooed there. With shivering hands he stroke his swollen eyes, he couldn't sleep the night and now he finally felt the loss. Jaejoong felt like fainting. “Are you alright?” Solbi asked him when she saw her brothers pale expression and Yunho watched him worriedly, too. “Y-Yeah... I think I just need some air. Excuse me please.” he answered with a tiny voice bowing before escaping the room that made him breathless.

Finally outside he took a deep breath, leaning on the wall of the restaurant.

Jaejoong! I'm home. What did you cook? I'm hungry!”,

Stop whining Yunho. I made Bulgogi, Bibimbab and bought some side dishes, since your kitchen was nearly empty. You should stop eating ramyeon every day.”

I have you for that for now, so it's alright, right my wife?”

Stop it you old retard!”



What is it?”

What are you doing so late? Didn't you sleep when I came home? Why are you up again?”

I have homework to finish. I didn't want to fall asleep.”

Let me help you, it's late.”

Thank you.”


Good morning honey!”

Pervert! Didn't I say not to scare me?”

It's not my fault that you love to sleep in my arms, you know?”

Stop pouting. You look ugly and old.”

I'm not old, Jae!”

You are!”

Let's have omelette for breakfast.”

Okay, okay... but stop whining!”

Woohoo! Okay I will~”

He didn't know he was crying until the first teardrop hit his hand. Quickly he started to wipe the evidence away before anyone could see them. Jaejoong felt terrible and he knew he was in no state to go back to the room where his sister was flirting with his future brother in law. 'Brother in law', he repeated over and over again in his head wishing the knowledge would finally sink in, robbing him from his heartache, that he wasn't even allowed to have. Ashamed he started to walk away without a word to the others. He was in no mood to care for the basic manners right now, all he wanted to do was escape. Escape from the horrible truth. His sister will marry Yunho. “Yunhojah...” the word emitted from his lips before he could stop them and tears followed suit.


I'm sorry for coming late. I'm Changmin, Yunho's older brother. Nice to meet you.” Changmin bowed politely. The Jung's had explained that Changmin had work to do before he could join them, so it was no problem at all, but he apologized anyway. Smiling he sat down ordering some food and then he joined the conversation, revolving around Solbi's little brother whom they had called. “He doesn't feel good, so he went home first.” Mrs. Kim explained and the others nodded. “I'm sorry to hear that, hopefully he get's well soon.” Mrs. Jung consoled politely. Yunho felt worried but it didn't show on his face at all, Solbi had searched his face not finding what she was searching for, frowning. She felt like she was missing some piece of a puzzle. Like something was right in front of her, but escaped anyway. She felt restless and when she looked around her gaze fell upon Changmin who mirrored her worried look and then they smiled.


Jaejoong decided to avoid his sister for the next day. It's not that he didn't want to see her but more like he couldn't do it even if he wanted to feign ignorance. Her face was so bright when they arrived home after their dinner. She looked after him immediately and he feigned sleep to escape her. The boy knew this couldn't go on forever but right now this was all he could do. It wasn't like he knew why he was suddenly like that, was that normal? Was it because of his sister? Because she would finally move out, leave him and be happy without him, hopefully happy? Or was it because of that man he came too familiar with? He didn't really know.

Hey Junsu. Am I late?” He asked his best friend, thankful that the other had invited him for his soccer game today. “No you aren't we are just done with our warm ups but I have to go, see you later!” Junsu shouted while running to his team mates. “Good luck!” Jaejoong shouted after him. Junsu's team would play against seniors today but it was a friendly game. Anticipating the game, he sat down relaxed for the first time since yesterday.

Jaejoong?” the called person looked up, only to certify that he heard right. “Yunho! What are you doing here?”, “Oh, I'm here for a friend, he has an away game here today, you?”, “Junsu has a game, too. You're friend will play against mine then, I guess.”, “Oh...” Yunho knew Junsu, Jaejoong had told him about his best friend. “Right. Can I sit down anyway?”, “Of course...” that didn't sound convincing to Yunho's ears but he ignored that and sat down besides the younger boy anyway. “So you feel better today?” he asked instead. “Yeah, thanks.” Jaejoong didn't look away from the field in front of them once and silence fell between them, when Yunho figured that the other didn't want this conversation. The older couldn't figure why the atmosphere was like that between them, it wasn't like they where strangers and he was happy when he saw Jaejoong so why wasn't the other too?

Junsu decided the game for them when he made their fifth goal for the day. Everyone was cheering excitedly and soon the other was out from showering and changing clothes, ready to meet up with his best friend. What he didn't expect was the older man who was talking with the goaltender of the opponent’s team. Hesitantly he approached them smiling at his best friend. “Congratulation Junsu. You where great!” Jaejoong greeted him happily and Junsu beamed at him. “Thank you!”. “You really where great.” The other team's goaltender approved. “I'm Yoochun by the way, nice to meet you.” the man held his hand to him and Junsu took it. “Junsu, nice to meet you too.” he looked at Yunho, his gaze questioningly. “Oh that is Yunho, I told you about him, he is my sisters fiance.” Jaejoong was fast to introduce them, when he saw the others confusion.

Hi, Junsu. Congratulation for winning today, you where really great. It was fun to watch.” Junsu bowed at that, hiding his reddened cheecks from the other. So this was the perverted, good-for-nothing, Yunho? Jaejoong had a lot to explain later, he thought grimly. “So why don't we join the others for the after party?” Yoochun suggested with a grin on his face, watching the strange combination they made. The two younger boys where refreshing, something he liked a lot, even more with his not-too-funny friend Yunho, who could need a change.

Chapter 4

When fate plays games [ 2 ]


genre: romance, comedy (at least I'll try...)

length: chaptered (short fic? I hope so...)

pairing: YunJae

rating: PG

warnings: man + man relationship don't read if that offends you... leave my page then too^^

disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story and even that is leaning on a manga called 'Missile Happy' I've read that a long time ago but I still think it's the cutest thing on earth. So I wanted a YunJae version :) If you never read the story: You should!!!

summary: Jaejoong had a slight sister complex and therefore he felt obligated to check out on his soon to be brother in law: Jung Yunho.

Thanks to: vivi1609 who edited this chapter lovely ♥

AN: From the next chapter on the story will differ more and more from the manga and I'm still working it out^^ Comments are love and motivation~


Friday at Seoul High, canteen.

Junsu was eating some ice cream listening to his best friends rambling. Which was nothing out of place. “Yeah. I understand. Yunho is bad. But why are you still living there?” Junsu interrupted the one way train of talking. Jaejoong looked up with fire in his eyes. He dreaded this topic and Junsu fucking knew that. “I just always missed the chance to tell him... But since I found out he doesn't want to be set up with any of those women I think it's less urgent to talk about my sister. Since she is safe I think I will leave today. I'll just tell him I found a new apartment or so.” he explained still not touching his food.

Nice. Then do you want to visit me tomorrow?”, “Alright let's do that Junsu but stop talking about him.” Jaejoong looked pointedly at the other as he finally started to eat his long abandoned lunch.

Later when he was on his way home he started to think things through. Like how he could talk to Yunho without sounding suspicious. Maybe the other would ask where he was moving? He should have answers to that- In the middle of his thinking his mobile phone started to ring. “Hello?”, “Jaejoongie~”, “Solbi! How are you sis?”, “I'm good. How is it at Junsu? Don't want to come home for a bit at least? Three weeks are going to be long, we already miss our baby brother.” Jaejoong laughed at his sister's cuteness: “I guess I'll visit home by Sunday then?” he offered and Solbi sounded happy with that. “Okay. See you then, bye!”, “Bye sis!” Jaejoong grinned the rest of his travel 'home', it was good to hear his sister's voice once in a while. He missed her and he felt so delighted that he won't loose her to someone else yet.

When Jaejoong arrives at Yunho's apartment the only trace of him was a small note on the table:

'I'm out again. I won't come home tonight. Please close the windows and lock the door. I'll be back tomorrow in the evening. Yun.'

Always giving yourselves nicknames.” Jaejoong grumbled before he entered the bathroom to wash up. He felt a bit grumpy that the other was out so much.

He was a child again, small and fragile. With his small feet he stood and walked into the dark room. He heard noises, his parents voices, whispering heatedly and he could hear his name and sadly even understand what they were talking about. With a heavy heart, feeling afraid that someone might find him, see him cry, he held his hand tightly over his mouth to stifle the noises, making himself choke as he pressed against his soft lips.

It was that day again. This always comes back to him in form of nightmares. That fateful day he overheard his 'parents' talking about adopting him. He would never forget the feeling of standing there, all alone, feeling too lost to move. Then the ground beneath him suddenly decided to vanish and he was falling and falling and never stopping, his heart was pounding against his small chest and it felt like it was exploding soon.

The next scene of his dream was him standing on a green field with flowers. His small hands held his sisters bigger hands. And he heard himself whispering little promises to his sister: “I'll protect you!”, “I'll hurry and grow up so we can marry!” Jaejoong remembered how badly he had wanted to marry his oldest sister, how he always clung at her. And he remembered her smile, that beautiful smile that made his little heart beat faster and lightened up his sad world a lot. She had saved him from the darkness inside him.

He woke up sweaty with a headache and a frown on his face. Why did he dream of that again? He stood up fast and got ready even faster, leaving the flat in a hurry to meet up with Junsu. He didn't want more time to think about the past. No, he wanted to stay in the present. And meeting with Junsu was indeed the best thing to do when depressed. They played video games, went out for some soccer with others and then had some lunch.

Exhausted he told Junsu that he had to go 'home' to talk to Yunho since he wasn't home yesterday again. Junsu sighed and let him go.


When he arrived at the flat he was surprised that the door wasn't locked anymore. “Yunho?” smiling he entered the room looking for the tall man. But instead he saw another man, completely dressed in black and wearing a cap down his face so Jaejoong couldn't really see it. Frowning he looked around, taking in how the whole place was messy. “You! Wait!”

'This is my fault.' shot through Jaejoong's head when he chased the intruder, who wanted to escape through the window. Running after him and finally able to grab Yunho's money box, Jaejoong flung himself out the window, it was the first floor so it was no problem.

But the burglar released the others grab on him forcefully and was able to flee even with the money box which he had snapped back from the other. Jaejoong fell unfavorably and didn't move at all. He just lied there with thoughts running through his mind.

This is why I work on part time jobs, I want to be independent.”

He could hear Yunho's voice and tears formed in his closed eyes. 'I couldn't protect his money... He worked so hard for this... I must have forgotten to lock his apartment... I'm so bad...' And then everything just went silent around him as he lost his consciousness.


The first thing that Yunho saw was the mess on the floor. The open drawer and finally the wide opened window. His eyes grew bigger when he thought back on what he read last week.

Dear tenants, please be careful since burglar cases continue to happen in this neighborhood.

He grew pale. “Jaejoong?” he asked running around the apartment. “Jaejoong!” he shouted finally. He took his mobile phone out, calling the other. Then he heard a faint sound: Outside the window. Shocked he ran to the window leaning out and watching down. There Jaejoong lied, with a hurt leg and scratches everywhere. Yunho cursed as he climbed out, to look after Jaejoong.

When he knelt beside that fragile body all he could do was stare at that pale and slightly swollen face and he wondered for how long he was already lying here like that. Cursing he took Jaejoong in his arms lifting him up and he further cursed on how light that young boy was. 'Doesn't he eat at all?' he wondered briefly. Carrying the sleeping body to the entrance, hoping no one would think strangely of their appearance.

Then he laid Jaejoong down on his bed, wondering when he will wake up and checking if the other was even breathing. Yunho started to wonder if he should take Jaejoong to a hospital, he didn't really see any wounds apart from scratches and the little wound on his wrist, but who would know. Worried he took out his car key when Jaejoong started to struggle and made Yunho come back to his side again. “Jaejoong are you alright?”, “Nhh... Bastard... Yunho's money... kill you... disappointed him... Bastard...” Jaejoong stressed in between his struggling. All attempts to calm him down failed but soon Jaejoong was back to sleep again. Maybe he never was really awake, but Yunho decided it was fine to let him stay here instead of going to a hospital.

He searched for his first aid kit and started bandaging the wound on Jaejoong's slim wrist. “You fool... Dummy...” Yunho cursed quietly, a smile on his lips in contrast to his own words.

When Jaejoong wakes up smelling cigarettes again, he wonders where he is before remembering what happened. He opened his eyes looking around in a cleaned apartment. It wasn't messy anymore. 'Yunho must be home...' Jaejoong thought suddenly sad again. He must have found out his money was stolen because of his carelessness. Just then his hand decided to act up. Wincing he held his hurting hand up, taking in how it was bandaged. 'Yunho must have aided me.' The high school student stood up from Yunho's bed, giving a sad smile how the other had let him sleep there, he started looking around for the other. But then he heard muffled voices from behind the closed entrance door. It sounded a lot like Yunho's voice. Getting nearer the said door Jaejoong could hear the voice more clearly:

I'm not getting married!” Yunho barked, “So go back to my old man and tell him he can stop sending me all those useless proposals.”

Jaejoong turned the knob of the door, slowly opening the door, revealing Yunho's broad back and a man who looked like a business man. “But Yunho! Your father only want's your best. Just meet them and see for yourself.” the business man tried again. But Jaejoong had heard enough he slammed the door open, revealing himself with this action. The man and Yunho looked at him in confusion but he wouldn't have any of that. He was angry. “Yunho won't marry any of those women! He'll marry me! And now leave us alone old man!”, “Old man?” the business man repeated dumbly, taking in the information too slowly to react fast enough. Because Jaejoong already took Yunho by his arm and forced him inside the apartment shutting the door at the man's face.

W-What was that?” Yunho stuttered and Jaejoong felt shy suddenly. “Sorry for that... And sorry for your money... I was too careless.” he remembered his wrong doings again and felt helpless as his eyes started prickling with that well known emotion he dreaded. He didn't want to cry right now... He felt so vulnerable now that he was standing in front of the tall man.

Never do that again!” Yunho nothing but shouted at him angrily, thinking back on what had happened and he was still angry at the other man so he was maybe a bit too harsh to Jaejoong. But who told him to get in such a dangerous situation anyway?

I- I'm sorry!” Jaejoong said between tears and clenched fists. He couldn't refrain from crying now that he was confronted with Yunho's anger.

That burglar could have killed you! You'll stay here today and I will treat you.” Yunho further shouted at him and suddenly Jaejoong had to smile. He must look stupid right now since he was crying and smiling at the same time. But he didn't care at all. “Alright...” he whispered.

Jaejoong had canceled his plans to go home and finally had spent some time with Yunho, getting his full attention for the first time of his stay.

Yunho had tried to cook something for them but it turned out unenjoyable and so they ordered take out. Jaejoong wanted to cook but Yunho wouldn't let him, saying something about his injuries where enough already and the younger had just laughed and agreed with him.

The day was really enjoyable and Jaejoong felt good even though he was injured.


Yunho brought you here all the way? But isn't his campus the other way?” Junsu was being noisy again on Monday, when Jaejoong came by Yunho's car. “Uhm... Is it?” Jaejoong didn't know, but he was smiling.

And somehow Jaejoong couldn't wait until school was over already and he could get home. To Yunho he meant. He felt strange the whole day and he barely heard what Junsu or the teachers where even saying.


Can I cook again?” Jaejoong tested his luck when Yunho came home short after him. The ingredients Jaejoong wanted to use were already on the kitchen counter, waiting to be used by him. But he had waited for Yunho to arrive to get his approval, like the good boy he was.

Only when you wear that apron~” Yunho tried his luck, getting a glare for that and making Jaejoong regret his actions. He shouldn't have asked that useless pervert for his unneeded opinion, really what had gotten into him lately? But Jaejoong cooked anyway, though without the apron, of course. “Can I get a taste?” Yunho sneaked up behind him. “Shut up, out of the kitchen. Go set the table!” Jaejoong chastised, tasting the food himself, adding some pepper paste afterward. Yunho pouted cutely at him but did what he was told. The young boy faked ignorance but had to hide a smile creeping up his porcelain-like face “I feel like a married man suddenly.” he muttered when he set down chop sticks, again getting a glare from Jaejoong for that, silencing him successfully. 'Does that make me the wife?' Jaejoong thought to himself, confused with his own behavior.

Yunho waited until Jaejoong was finally washing up. “Wash yourself first. And then I'll wash your hair!” he had offered since Jaejoong was hurt. But he only got a light slap on his shoulder for that, gaining a “Pervert!” from the other. Yunho thought this became a habit and he was laughing at that pleasant thought. But now he had to take care of something first.

Hello? Is this Solbi?”...

At least Yunho had to call Jaejoong's sister... since he shouldn't act as if he didn't know.

Chapter 3

When fate plays games [1]


pairing: YunJae

genre: romance, comedy (at least I'll try...)

length: chaptered (short fic? I hope so...)

pairing: YunJae

rating: PG

warnings: man + man relationship don't read if that offends you... leave my page then too^^

disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story and even that is leaning on a manga called 'Missile Happy' I've read that a long time ago but I still think it's the cutest thing on earth. So I wanted a YunJae version :) If you never read the story: You should!!!

summary: Jaejoong had a slight sister complex and therefore he felt obligated to check out on his soon to be brother in law: Jung Yunho.

Thanks to: vivi1609 who edited this chapter lovely ♥


"Dongsaeng! Dongsaeng!" Solbi shouted through their big apartment as she was running down the stairs. As expected her younger brother was in the living room, looking up at her when he heard her outburst. "What is it Solbi?" he asked wondering why she looked so pale against the brown colored picture behind her. "Did you see him?", "Who?", "My future husband!" Solbi answered raising an eyebrow at her beloved younger brother. Jaejoong stood up walking up to her, looking confused when he grabbed her by her thin arms. "What are you talking about? Which future husband? Mom and dad promised to stop with these kind of plans last year." he looked angry now looking around searching for a trace of their parents. "Where are they anyway?", "I don't know. But look! He looks so handsome. I think meeting him for once is not a bad idea anymore. Maybe I even like him." she said with a sorry looking expression. She knew how much her younger brother hated the idea of her getting married. But the truth was that their parents where worried for her since she got older and older and since she was the eldest of four siblings she should get married first so the others could follow. Jaejoong took the tiny picture from his sisters hand and looked at the man. At least he looked decent and he really looked handsome.

Just then the siblings heard the sound of the door opening: "That must be mom and dad." Jaejoong concluded and went to greet them.

"Mom! Dad! How can you make Solbi marry some man who doesn't even love her? She deserves way better! You promised!" he accused them right away and they looked at their youngest in surprise. "Jaejoongie. You can't relay on your oldest sister for your whole life... We decided to arrange this but we aren't forcing this upon her. We will only make some meetings and if they won't come to like each other we will stop at that..." their mother explained. It was no secret in the family that Jaejoong adored his eldest sister a bit more then the others. He really loved her a whole lot and therefore he sometimes seems to overprotect her.

"But mom.." he tried once again but Solbi touched his arm sliding down to squeeze his hand. An attempt to stop him, he knew. Sighting he went to his room to sulk about the news he just got.

Solbi looked at their parents and tried to assure them that they will be alright. "Should I look for Jaejoongie?" she asked their mom but he shook her head 'no': "Let him be for a moment. It will be hard to accept for him I guess... But he really needs to stop to relay on you so much. I think this will do both of you good.". Solbi could only hope that their mom was right.


When Jaejoong opened his eyes he immediately sat up and looked around. Where was he? The room he was in smelled of cigarettes and he scrunched his face in disgust.

Then it dawned on him:

"We are leaving for three weeks. Look after your siblings Solbi!" Their parents had proclaimed and Jaejoong took that as a chance. "Don't worry about me! I'll sleep over at Junsu's." he had said to his family, when in truth his plans differed slightly from that. Slightly.

Back in the foreign apartment he rubbed his head and looked around. But when he turned to his left side he saw him. The handsome face from the picture his sister had shown him. "Y-You!", "Morning Jaejoong~" a deep voice sung to him and the man had even the nerve to smile. Without thinking Jaejoong slapped the man and drove away from him. "Pervert!" he shouted as he took in that they had shared a blanked for the night. "But that's a misunderstanding." the older man pouted at him holding his cheek, making Jaejoong feel a bit guilty. "As you can see I only have a single room and you wouldn't sleep on the floor. You came slyly into my bed at night." he further explained and Jaejoong felt frustrated that he had done such a thing.

"Uhm... I'm sorry?" Jaejoong made a bad attempt to apologize but the other just wove his hand at him as if he had a fly in front of him right now. "For punishment you have to cook something now. I'm hungry!" he cheekily said. "What?" Jaejoong didn't understand. "I don't believe your story you know. 'Booker’s fault. Double rented apartment' you told me yesterday. And now you even slap me for letting you stay here in my apartment over the night." The man explained to the younger one. Jaejoong looked at him blankly. "Right... Thank you. I'll cook something delicious then."

Moments later he stood in the kitchen with a grim face eying the pepper paste, thinking about the pro and con's if he would actually burn the others throat. But then again he had a mission to fulfill. What mission you ask? Simple.

He wanted to stay at his soon to be brother in law's home for a while to check him. To see if he was worthy to stay at the side of his beloved sister. And he would bet against it. First: He seems to smoke. Bad habit. Bad for his health and bad for his sisters health too. No, he couldn't let a untrustworthy man like this marry his Solbi. Never!

"Don't you think this will burn?" the annoying man asked and Jaejoong woke up from his daydream only to shriek when he saw the soup he was making to almost spill over. "Listen. I will let you stay. But only for three weeks. I don't care if you are homeless after that, got me?" the man sitting on the table in the living room behind him asked. Jaejoong's face lit up immediately. "Really? Thanks!" he almost shouted and the stranger laughed at the cuteness.


Later at the same day Jaejoong went to school, like a good boy would.

"What is that?" Junsu asked confused and Jaejoong grinned evilly continuing on writing in his little notebook. “This is my investigation equipment for the future husband of my eldest sister Solbi.” he explained to his best friend who only nodded dumbly. “uh hu... Is that so...” and then Junsu read the notes Jaejoong had made so far:

Investigation Jung Yunho... High school student in Seoul University. Wow... And son of a chef of a big cosmetic firm... Woah really? Damn. Your sister is really lucky!” Junsu commented and Jaejoong saw red. “What? Lucky? He is 27 and still goes to University! How is he supposed to make my dear sister happy? And worse: He lives alone and doesn't care for his health and he doesn't seem like a serious person. I can't let him have my sister!” Jaejoong spit out as he hit his desk only to hurt his own hand.

Junsu looked at his best friend with a dumbfounded expression. “Well.. Your sister- complex is really no joke isn't it...” he mumbled but Jaejoong only shoot a glare in his direction. What would Junsu know. How could he ever understand. His sister, his Solbi was there for him when he was at his worst. When the world crumbled down on him. She was there for him when even his parents couldn't do anything for him.

He was really small when he came to know that he was adopted actually. But worse: He was the only one adopted among his siblings. Even though he found out he couldn't bring himself to tell anyone. But Solbi wouldn't stop confronting him. She slept with him in the same bed when he had those nightmares which still came from time to time. Some day he had the courage to tell her and ever since then he felt that strong connection. She had reached for him, helped him out of his misery and made him understand. Understand that he was loved from his family, loved from her. She really had a special place in his heart. Therefore there was no way he could give her away this way. She had to marry someone who loved her wholeheartedly who would do everything for her.


Determined Jaejoong went to Yunho's place after school. He cooked again and while eating in silence he thought about how to tell the other that he didn't want him to marry his sister, that he wasn't worthy for her.

But soon he felt that this wasn't as easy as he thought it would be. Just when he opened his mouth after some bites the other claimed he was ready eating and would now take a shower. “Mean bastard.” Jaejoong mumbled, still eating. Now he saw, that this man even hasn't any manners, why else would Jaejoong be eating all alone right now? But he wouldn't give up that easily. Fast he ate too, even cleaned the dishes and then lurked around the bathroom like a stalker. Waiting for his bait to already leave the room. No wonder Yunho yelped in surprise when he entered his living room and the first thing he saw was a suspicious looking Jaejoong. After Yunho found his composition back again he told the younger man that he would be out for work. Yet again Jaejoong failed on talking to the other. Defeated he let it go. For the first day of his stay at least. “What kind of work is he doing anyway. At this kind of hour too... It's already late. This man is really suspicious.” Jaejoong mumbled to himself like a madman. Alone in the small apartment, cleaning after Yunho like the nice guy he was. But that was Yunho's next bad point: He was messy. Really messy. Jaejoong cursed inwardly, thinking that he'd rather die than have his dear sister marry this fail of a human being.

But to Jaejoong's dismay the next day went very similar. No way he could speak to the other easily. So on his third day of staying at Yunho's he wanted to tell him when he came home directly. But just when he entered the apartment he saw an elder woman acting all friendly with the handsome man. “Oh, there you finally are, Jaejoong.” Yunho told him with his gentle fake smile: “I have to go to work now. We waited for your appearance. Don't forget to lock the door and the windows, I'll be late.” Jaejoong watched how Yunho and that old woman left together. And he was speechless. “What a bastard! You're rich! You really don't need to do this kind of work. So you enjoy that?” he screamed after them. But immediately he realized what he did and clasped his hands over his mouth. When could he finally think before acting, someday it would be big trouble for him, he thought, happy that Yunho was already gone. Or else Yunho would have known that he knew he was rich.


The next day was a shock for Jaejoong again. He woke up next to that handsome face bastard again. Yunho was leaning his head on the palm of his hand lazily, smiling his sleazy smile in his direction waving him even. “Morning Jae-” but the greeting was cut from a slapping noise. Jaejoong had done it again. He had slapped Yunho who let him stay at his place, again. Shocked himself, Jaejoong held his hand against his mouth: “Sorry. But really can you stop acting like that?” he asked not sounding really sorry. Yunho looked at him with his famous pout whining like a five year old boy: “But Jaejoong! You crawl into my bed. I really can't do anything about that. What would you do if you woke up next to a beauty?” Jaejoong rolled his eyes, hiding a little blush. “Pervert!” he accused before raising from Yunho's bed.

You know... You have to pay your half of the food we use.” Yunho told him before he could go to school. “Cheap bastard.” he had mumbled before running to school complaining to Junsu how hellish days had become for him lately. “Tell him he can't meet your sister and leave him already.” Junsu said and Jaejoong planned to do so.

Yawning he entered the apartment, only to find a note: 'I'm meeting someone. Eat without me. I have work afterward. Go to sleep early. Yunnie.' crumbling the small peace of paper Jaejoong decided to stay awake till Yunho would finally come home and if that meant he had to drink all the coffee there was.

Yunho on the other side had a meeting indeed. A meeting with his landlord who told him that there was really no way his apartment could have been booked twice. “I knew it.” Yunho said darkly and thanked the elder, leaving for work.

Only hours later he returned home to a sleeping Jaejoong. The young boy lied there half on the table, cold coffee next to him and Yunho brought him a blanked so the other wouldn't catch a cold. From that Jaejoong woke up. Rubbing his eyes confusedly he looked up to Yunho. “Hey...” he mumbled. “Hey.” Then it came back to Jaejoong. How he found all those dates for him, dozens of them actually, his sister only one of many. He stood up fuming, running to the box and grabbing some of the pictures, to throw them in the others face. “What is that?” he screamed. “Explain!” Jaejoong was on the verge of tears again when he thought of his innocent sister who almost got married to such a bastard. Yunho on the other side only looked at him surprised. 'Is that the reason? Does Jaejoong have a crush on me?' he couldn't help but think. “Sit down, Jaejoong.” he told him and Jaejoong did as he was told.

What? You don't want to go to a meeting with any of those woman?” Jaejoong asked, almost screamed, when he listened to Yunho's explanation. “No. I don't. It's my fathers wish but I always reject him. I don't want to succeed him, I want to become a doctor.” he further explained and Jaejoong started to think that he knew the other very bad in the end. “This is why I work on part time jobs, I want to be independent.” Jaejoong couldn't stop but thinking that Yunho was indeed very mature for his age. He always looked like a non serious person who didn't think too much about his future. A sudden rush of respect came upon Jaejoong for the young man who wanted to go on his own path. 'Not that bad at all.' Jaejoong thought.

But say... Jaejoong.” Yunho stood up again and walked up next to him, brushing Jaejoong's hair out of his face: “Do you have a crush on me or something like that?”

That day Jaejoong had slapped Yunho twice. “Pervert!” he accused before leaving for the bathroom to wash up. 'And here I thought he was decent' Jaejoong thought. 'But why are you here then Jaejoong?' Yunho wanted to know.

Chapter 2

Fairytale gone wrong [ 4 ]

Fairytale gone wrong

Genre: Fanfic, man x man, Band: DB5K
Lengh: Chaptered
Pairing: Well... ;) will probably contain some YunJae, YooMin, (YooSu and HoMin)
Rating: Will contain NC17 parts ( I will give a warning )
Beta: My dear friend Jenny, thanks so much <3 (for so many things!!)

Yunho would do almost everything to see Changmin happy again. But when he takes some measures to ensure his happiness, things start to go so wrong.

AN: I really hope you can give me a feedback to the storyline so far... I don't work with a finished plot and so I don't know if I'm too messy or anything... ?
My beloved beta and soulmate helped me so much again. Without her I could never finish this <3

AN 2: The poem might remember you of linkin park. I was listening to their songs when I wrote that. I don't even remember which songs^^

AN 3: I did that wallpaper by myself. And before you freak out this is about Changmin... figure out why Jae misses... right they are not that romantically involved^^

Chapter 4

Changmin shook his head when he saw Jaejoong entering the kitchen.

“What's wrong again, Jae?” he asked.

“Nothing in particular why?”

“You are doing this strange thing with your hands again.”

It's been a few days since Jaejoong started to fiddle with his hands nervously and lick his lips even more often than before.


One morning Jaejoong woke up early and ended up checking the letter box where the only thing he found was a letter for Changmin.
It was not that typical kind of letter what made it even more interesting for him. Even so the only thing he could find on the letter was a name on the back: 'Song Yi'.

With a slight frown on his face he brought the letter to Changmin and handed it to him.

“Here. You got a letter.”

Changmin's eyes widened while reading the name Jaejoong had read before. After that Changmin stood up from the chair in the living room to walk into his own room, obviously searching for privacy.

Jaejoong had already forgotten the incident when he went to his music room later in the evening.
That room had been occupied by Yunho the whole time before since he waited for Changmin to get ready for something that Jaejoong didn't know about. Later Changmin had been ready and they left for a date or something else. Jaejoong didn't care enough to know all the details.
Finally the music room. His beloved music room belonged to him again he thought smiling to himself. When he entered he first reached for the paper on the board to write down some lyrics he had thought about before. Instead there was something else that Jaejoong grabbed. There was a sheet of crumbled paper with something written on it with a small but clean handwriting:

I know you like the back of my hand
All you ever did was to pretend
I feel like you've betrayed
But all I really did was to pretend
And you know me better than the back of my hand

Our love was never meant to last
I can't run away from you anymore
You give what you got
And I take what you give
But this is meant to end

No matter what you say
You're still so blind to me
Go get the light of your life
So I can see the shining light again
I don't want to pretend
You have so much to give
But not to me
Not to anyone
Not anymore

Jaejoong had tears in his eyes when he finished reading what stood on the abandoned paper. Immediately he decided to make a song out of it even if it seemed to be Yunho's. It felt like the other had poured out his whole heart and Jaejoong couldn't resist to try to immagine it to be written for Changmin. It must have been. Sadly their relationship seemed to be really not easy.

But it wasn't his concern.

He wondered again if it was wrong to use this poem or whatever it was for himself. But it was so beautiful in his eyes he just had to. Even if it meant hiding his new art from his housemate and … yeah what was Yunho to Changmin again? Lover? Best friend? Best friend in vain? He couldn't name it anymore but he also couldn't stop to try to do so too.
Shaking his head Jaejoong tried to get rid of his thoughts and to start to work on a melody fitting those words of desperation. Of love. Even hate? Again Jaejoong found himself wondering and always wondering about them. Changmin. And Yunho.

Later Jaejoong smiled self confidently after finishing with the new song.
He only created the melody on the piano and didn't put a finger on the lyrics from Yunho.

While scratching his head tiredly he walked out of the music room when he heard the doorbell ring.


he said as he walked to the door.
Changmin came out too with Yunho on his sleeves, wanting to check who came since none of them expected to have a visitor.
They smiled as Yoochun was the one standing on the doorframe smiling at the trio before him when Jaejoong opened the door for him.

“Hello Jae, I was nearby and thought I may pay a visit. Am I disturbing you guys?” he asked grinning sheepishly.

“No you're not. Yunho and Changmin won't play with me so I'm bored. Come in and play with me!” Jaejoong joked and let him step inside.

“That's mean, Changmin! Yunho!” Yoochun stated amused and still smiling.

“I thought we should go out tonight! All together with Junsu. What do you think?” he continued looking at the three man in front of him.

“Sounds great, right Yunho?” Changmin said smiling politely at his friend.

“Yeah, why not.” Yunho answered looking not too enthusiastic at all. But Changmin smiled at Jaejoong waiting for his answer, ignoring his friend totally.

“ I will call Junsu then.” Jaejoong chirped walking to his room getting his mobile phone, gaining a happy smile from Yoochun which the former had missed. And with that the opportunity to sense that something was amiss with Yoochun.

Later Junsu arrived at his brothers and Changmin's home to fetch them since he had offered to drive.

“Where are we going?” Junsu's high pitched voice echoed through the entrance hall from their house as soon as they opened the door.

Yoochun held up his hand to greet the other when he came around the corner after hearing that Junsu had arrived.

Soon after Yunho came searching for his car key since he was going to drive too.

“Did you see my keys?” he interrupted looking at Yoochun and Jaejoong just after greeting Junsu shortly.

“No.” Yoochun shook his head and with that Yunho looked at Jaejoong pleadingly.

Just when Jaejoong wanted to shake his head 'no' too, he remembered something: The music room. Yunho's lyrics. And beneath them there where keys.

“I know where!” Jaejoong tried to fight a shiver coming down his spines as he talked with a voice that had trembled slightly. He could only hope it did went unnoticed. Jaejoong turned and ran to the room, afraid that Yunho could find out what he had done with the lyrics.

But it was too late.

Yunho was already running after him, determined to get his keys and not even sensing what was going on with the other.

Jaejoong let out a gasp when heard Yunho entering the room after him. Fast he held onto the paper and held it behind his back standing in front of the table where the paper had been before.

With his other hand he reached for Yunho's keys and held it up for Yunho to get them.


“What are you hiding?”

Yunho asked after grabbing his keys, suspicious now.

“N- Nothing...”


His stuttering gave him away immediately and Yunho wasn't dumb, Jaejoong knew that.
Yunho thought about the sight in front of him and came to one conclusion. Jaejoong must have found, read and now hidden that crappy piece of paper from him. He recognized that he didn't threw that bad poem thingy away before going to Changmin's room. Suddenly he felt so vulnerable. It was Jaejoong's fault he thought while glaring at the other.

“What right do you have to read others stuff?” he finally spit out between his teeth pressed together in his rising anger.

“It was beautiful.” came a faint whisper from the raven man and Yunho's eyes widened at that remark.

It was all that Jaejoong could answer and before Yunho was able to react again they heard the others from the entrance hall wondering out loud where they were. With one last glare Yunho left to join the others. Jaejoong took a moment to digest what just happened before he followed after him.


Neon lights were playing on Changmin's face when he entered a building passing two very well built men in black suits. He took in many beautiful woman in dresses dancing in the middle of the room and men hovering in between. With a gasp Changmin turned glaring at Yoochun:

“Hey. If you wanted to bring us here don't you think we should have worn something else? And what's with this? Aren't we too old for this already?”

Yoochun only laughed at Changmin's demanding tone, grinning at him as the others followed watching the pub with surprise.

“Why didn't you tell us, Yoochun?” Junsu joined the conversation and Yoochun shook his head, still laughing at them.

“Come with me.” he said with his low voice, grabbing for Jaejoong's arm when he approached him last.

Yoochun brought the men downstairs through two doors. Nodding to a man standing in the hallway in front of the second door. The man nodded back and opened the door for them with a knowing smirk on his ugly face.
Changmin was getting other thoughts. Junsu too. They started to regret following the rich man without asking any questions about their destination now that they where here. They felt like they would witness gambling between some gangster next but nothing like that happened.

Apparently Metallica with 'Nothing else matters' was played and when the four looked around they could see a bar and tables. This place was darker than the other place they just came from. It had dimmed light and seemed more like a pub or something similar. But something was strange in Jaejoong's eyes. He could only see two woman in this whole place. Was here really a hideout for gambling?

“What kind of place is that?” Jaejoong whispered in Yoochun's ear as he wondered.

“I brought y'all to a gay bar!” Yoochun stated loudly with a bright smile to all of them.

“A g- WHAT?” Junsu's dolphin like voice squealed through the room and he sprung in front of Yoochun grabbing his arm not so cutely.

When Junsu got angry he was like another person. And now all could witness what that meant. His gaze was very scary when he let go of Yoochun's arm.

You brought us all to a gay bar without asking if we want to? Do I get that right?” he hissed at him furiously but Yoochun only shrugged unfazed.

“I did. You don't have to be gay or curious to be here. It's not a forbidden place. I thought it would be fun to hang out here without chicks trying to seduce us. At first I came here because woman tried to get my money but over the time I realized that I'm gay after all. So yeah. It's just that I really like that place a lot! If you want to leave, feel free to do so. But I guess Su you could stay since you're gay yourself aren't you?” he explained calmly, still smiling his warm smile.

Junsu only looked at him blankly. Then he looked to Changmin and Yunho who were already talking to someone they seemed to know. In the end he looked at Jaejoong's face and he just knew that his brother would be the only one hating this place.

“But you know, my brother isn't-”

“I know that he isn't gay. But seriously. He is my friend and for tonight he doesn't have a choice!”

Jaejoong narrowed his eyes at that statement.

“Really? Yoochunah. You can't do that to me...” he said, his soft voice showing his discomfort.

“The only thing I like about this place are the lesbians.” he continued when he saw the two women from earlier engaged in a hot kiss. Yoochun laughed again and slid the unwilling person to an empty table with chairs and a bench, what made enough room for them all to sit on.

At first they only sat there as a trio since Yunho and Changmin had walked off with that man from before. They all had already ordered beer when Yunho finally came back also with a beer in his right hand.
“Where is Changmin?” Jaejoong asked curiously.

“He is still talking with his old schoolmate. We were friends back then, all three but Soojun had moved to Seoul back then and we all lost contact.” Yunho explained and sat down besides Yoochun on the only empty chair.

Junsu watched his brother the whole evening. He was sulking about this whole thing and probably even more because he was surrounded by gay people. His brother had never looked down on him when he found out about his preferences. Not once. But then he refused talking about it too much in his opinion. It always seemed as if Jaejoong didn't want to be homophobic but maybe couldn't help it. Junsu wasn't sure, he only knew that Jaejoong always tried to stay away from that topic. And his new room mate didn't help lately. Junsu grinned at that thought. He hoped his brother could be more relaxed about the whole thing. He couldn't understand why he was so afraid of that whole thing.

Also he didn't know what Yoochun's intention was to bring them here in the first place. That was just a crazy idea. He never thought the silent man could have this side on him. Maybe he should get to know him better now. Now or never. Junsu smiled at this idea and gazed at the oblivious man across the table.

“So, Yoochun, you where very forward back then. Would you mind to tell me more about the whole story?” he asked slowly, his lips trembling a bit from nervousness. It was still hard for him to measure the other man.

“Sure. I'm finally warming up to you all I guess. Which part of my story are you referring to?” Yoochun asked.

And at that moment Changmin came to their table mumbling a soft “Here are you. I searched for you.” till he realized that he interrupted a conversation. He sat down next to Junsu and waited for them to continue with whatever they were occupied with.

“I meant when you told us that you realized you were gay... because of the women. That sounded a bit strange to me so I got curious. I hope you don't feel offended.” Junsu asked and it was evident that he wasn't very confident. Changmin chuckled softly and looked at Yoochun curiously, wanting to know more about his story, too.

“Oh this. No need to be shy Junsu. It was just a piece of my story so it might have sounded wrong. It was just that I was fed up with the women around me. So I started to talk more and more with just men and that made it just easier to figure out that I'm more attracted to them than to women. Of course I denied this at first. But somehow I figured life is too short to regret things later.” he explained softly.

Changmin and Junsu where watching the other like being in a daze. Both thinking of their own experiences. Even Jaejoong had been listening interestedly to the others story.

“How old where you?” Changmin asked and his voice sounded soft and not too eager just a little interested.

“I was nineteen.” Yoochun said while he was gazing at Changmin.

“Nineteen...” Changmin repeated.

“How old where you?”


“How old were you when you realized you prefer men, Changmin?” Yoochun retried.

“Er... I was- It was when- “

“Sorry did my question offend you?”

“No it's just a blurry memory to me. I guess I realized this during my second year of marriage.”

“Marriage?” Junsu and Jaejoong exclaimed astonished at the same time just typical for brothers.

“Uhm... Yeah. I'm married.” Changmin said averting his gaze from Yoochun to the Kim brothers.

“You never told us this...” came a whisper from Jaejoong who immediately thought about the mystical letter Changmin had received.

“I thought it wasn't an important matter at all. Since this marriage never worked as you can see.”

Right. Changmin was gay. And Jaejoong never saw the other wearing a ring.

“But you did marry her. Didn't you love her then? I'm sorry if this goes too far we can stop. I'm just curious.” Yoochun called attention again.

Changmin looked at him thoughtful before Yoochun gained a small smile from him.

“I guess I liked her. A lot. But it never occurred to me that this was simply brotherly love. I was naive back then to marry her this fast. I barely knew her for a year before I proposed. Marriage is not easy and we really tried. But when I realized... the very reason why this didn't worked. I had to tell her. After that things got a bit ugly.”

Changmin thought back and smiled sadly at the thought of his wife. She was beautiful and a good wife. But they grew apart very quickly and it was still sad this way. But they couldn't help it.

Irritated Yunho cleared his throat rather loudly what gained him the full attention he definitely didn't want. But everything was better than continuing with this topic he thought.

The next hour went by in a blurry in Jaejoong's eyes. The conversations went to safer topics and they all started to mix soju with beer. Junsu was the first to get tipsy and Jaejoong hoped he would soon stop drinking. He barely listened to Junsu's ranting about football but he was glad that this was more like a sausage parts than some awkward gay meeting.

When Junsu tried to coax Yoochun into talking more about his work as a plastic surgeon Jaejoong decided to go to the bar to get a cocktail. The later the night the more men where here and the result was that the waiter couldn't keep up with their needs for alcohol.

After he realized some man gazing at him in a strange way he started to shiver. Why a gay bar, Yoochun, why? He thought very frustrated.

“What can I do for you?” the bartender asked him suggestively.

Jaejoong slightly flinched at that.

“Tequila please. And five beer with soju shots please.” he decided. A cocktail was maybe too girly and this was the last place he wanted to look girly in. Then again the beer with soju shots wouldn't be enough for him tonight.

After he drank the tequila with the lemon and salt in one shot he almost dropped the five beer with the soju pins.

“Woah. Careful Jae!” Yunho slurred after Jaejoong run into him slightly when he turned without watching out. Yunho went after Jaejoong when he wondered what took him so long.

“Yunho!” Jaejoong's eyes widened in surprise. He was the last of his friends he would expect to follow him. Then again he maybe just wanted to get something from the bar, too.

“Why go alone, when we could help you carrying. I didn't know you where this nice. The guys are craving to get a new drink already!”

Yunho didn't seem to be spent. But he was getting there slowly, Jaejoong observed. And it bugged him somehow.
Without another word Yunho took two glasses and made his way back to their table. Grinning to the others.

“Look I found the lost princess!” he blurted and succeeded to make the others laugh on Jaejoong's account.

With a foul mood Jaejoong sat down while handing the beer around.


A few shots later – Jaejoong lost the track of how many at this point – Yoochun suggested to move their drinking session to another place. Junsu was the first to squeal his 'Yes!' of course.

“I'm going home.” Jaejoong stated and he was happy for the opportunity to get home.

“Good, can you take Yunho with you then? I think he really shouldn't go for another round.”

“Changmin I don't t-”

“Come on look at the poor guy!” Yoochun interrupted.

A sigh later Jaejoong just nodded. It wasn't very appealing to him to get Yunho home. He was in 'crybaby' mode again since he was pretty drunk. And Jaejoong knew that side of him.

He was a bit angry that no one else tagged along. But it was partly his fault for backing out and so he had to take the consequence: Yunho.

The good thing was that the walk on the fresh air helped Yunho to get his senses back a bit. At first he even wanted to turn around and follow the others for the karaoke bar they had decided to try out.

But he stopped when he heard a female voice shouting out Jaejoong's name. Jaejoong who didn't even tried to hold him back. They really weren't anything like friends. Changmin would have dragged him home at all means.


“Soojunah? Oh it's really you! How are you?”

Jaejoong stood in front of a stunning woman. Her hair was straight and black. She had a small face and pouty lips – even though they couldn't compare to Jaejoong's. Her nose was small and in contrast to her small face she had a pair of large brown eyes. All in all: She was just stunning.

Yunho stopped and decided to walk back, towards the talking couple.

“I'm good. You didn't change at all. How are you? You never contacted me after you moved...”

“I'm sorry. Let's exchange numbers and meet up. I have to go now.” after fishing out his mobile phone he quickly gave her his number and glanced back at Yunho smiling lightly.

“Yah! Jaejoong are you drunk? I can't possibly read what you wrote there. Just give me your phone. I will give you my number so you can call me!” her voice was soft and endearing. Without waiting for his answer Soojun grabbed his mobile device and started typing.

Yunho could swear that he saw how Jaejoong's cheeks reddened at her remark. He coughed to gain his attention again.

“So you will come with me now?”


After Soojun gave Jaejoong his phone back, they exchanged a goodbye hug. Then Yunho walked next to Jaejoong again.

“Who was that?”

“Just my ex girlfriend. Pretty huh?”

Yunho almost stopped walking when he heard that from Jaejoong's mouth. That woman looked like a high business class model.

“Yeah. She was really pretty. How come you are still friends with you ex girlfriend?” he couldn't resist asking further.

Jaejoong laughed bemusedly at him as he watched the streetlights from the buildings on the other side of the street.

“We broke it off very peacefully. She fell for the football captain. We were still young when we dated. It wasn't a big deal.”

'It wasn't a big deal?' In Yunho's opinion a failed relationship was always a big deal. But Yunho decided not to dig for more information. It wasn't his problem after all.

With shattering keys Jaejoong tried to open the main door to his home. But to his annoyance the door wouldn't open. He didn't realize that he took the wrong key till Yunho pointed it out without hiding his laughter.

Yunho spent the next five minutes with laughing,

“I thought I was drunk!”

“You sobered up a little.”

“You didn't?”

“Maybe not.”

It was evident that Jaejoong was pissed but Yunho wouldn't have any of that and didn't stop annoying the other. He enjoyed that too much.

“Where you really never curious how it felt like to kiss a boy when you where young?”

“Can you stop this talk please? I've had enough Yunho. Really. Not everyone is gay, you know.”

To show his anger Jaejoong pushed Yunho aside a little when he went past him to get to his room. That triggered something in Yunho to not let it go.

“I bet you've kissed a boy. And I bet you didn't hate it and that is the reason for your sour behavior. You should quickly adapt to the word 'gay' Jaejoong. You're living with one who prefers men and he doesn't deserve to be looked down at.”

“I'm. Not. Looking. Down. At. Changmin.” Jaejoong retorted putting pressure in every word. Yunho sure knew how to piss him off in a matter of seconds.

“Everyone can feel your discomfort. I bet you're one of those delusional curious men who is actually jealous that we can carry out whatever you may dream of.”

That was enough. With a strong push Yunho landed against the wall. Jaejoong had pressed his lips harshly against Yunho's. But as fast as he had kissed the taller as soon he let go of him.

“See. I'm not curious. I just don't feel a thing. Okay that's a lie. I feel something. I hate it.” he used his hand and rubbed it harshly against his mouth as if that gesture would wash the kiss off his mouth.

When Yunho didn't continued the argument Jaejoong decided to leave.

“Bastard.” he murmured under his breath when he entered the bathroom. The mirror showed a highly confused man. With trembling hands he reached for his toothbrush and the toothpaste.

No. He didn't kiss Yunho to shut him up. He wouldn't.

While he was brushing his teeth the room started to spin suddenly.

'Shit. I'm so drunk. I will regret this so much tomorrow.'

Jaejoong thought and spit into the sink. His face showed a grimace full of regret by the thought of tomorrow. But now he was drunk. And whilst drunk he shouldn't regret, right?

But he did. He did so much. And he didn't want to think of what he would feel tomorrow then. His stomach tightened the more he thought about the incident. After he finished he had to crawl in his bed since his drunken state let him feel the affects in the end.

Found him


When she walked down the path before her, she suddenly stood still. Right in front of her was a crowd of people standing in front of a long lava path. There was a man in the front explaining how to walk over the lava bareefeet without hurting at all. Some people dared to try and there was lots of light from all the people with cameras taking pictures of the attraction. This was created for the new museum just in front of the lava path.

But it was something else that got the womans attraction. There was a mother with her little baby son standing behind the barriers more up to the end of the lava. The child was crying and tried to push away from the woman.

Shin Hye watched the woman a bit longer since the child got her attention. The little boy was beautiful. His features tender even though he was crying and he hat cute sharp eyes and black hair. But his full lips were the most beautiful Shin Hye had ever seen on a little baby child. He was the kind of kid you fall in love with immediately.

But his mother seemed to feel otherwise. She pushed the little cutie down on the lava and ran. The boy lying there helplessly and his cry got horrifying loud showing off the pain he seemed to feel.

Everyone just watched the happenings. Shock evident in their faces but no one tried to help. Whisper filled the crowd as they where pushed aside when Shin Hye tried to make a way through them. She couldn't believe that the people just in front of the happening didn't do anything exept for watching. Angry as she was she did push hard when people didn't make a way for her. Finally she reached the helpless toddler looking up for help, his face full of fear and other feeling he must have had.

When she reached him she bent down to rescue the little boy from the lava that stated to hurt the woman that had only eyes for the boy. Having him in her arms she cooed at him to wash away his fear: "'Mommy! Mommy!" the boy screamed out and hugged the flabbergasted woman that even forgot the burning feel on her feet. Finally someone tugged at her and yelled that she can't stay there. It was the man that did the attraction.

But Shin Hye could only hate the man for his slow reaction. The helpless boy didn't receave as much help as herself who could walk on her own without any problems. Angryly she pushed him away from her and ran. She didn't even know where to. She only thought of the lost litlle boy in her arms who was hurt. He was still sobbing but with his head on her neck he seemed to feel a bit better than before already.

Finally her feet had brought her to a hospital that was nearby and when she ran inside help was already there for the boy.

While waiting for the result a man approached her. His face was hidden behind a cap and he wore sunglasses. Even though it was warm he was wearing a jacket. Head held down he stood before Shin Hye as he began to talk to her in a low but rememberable voice: "I heard you brought my son here is that right?" Shin Hye couldn't fight her tears at that. She already had thoughts of keeping the cute little boy that seemed to have been abadoned by his own mother but there the father of the kid stood in front of her bringing her back to reality.

"Yes... I think you have already heard what happened then from the doctors?" her voice was hoarse from the pilling up tears and the throbbing pain in her heart. When she had handed the boy to an assistant he had held his hands to her, trying to reach Shin Hye who was talking to him in a soothing voice. He called her mother so often that the doctor who was standing nearby even thought she lied about the whole story and hurt the boy herself.

"I heard you resqued him from that evil woman that calls herself mother." The man with the oddly familiar voice grunted. He seemed pissed and Shin Hye got a feeling that the boy had at least one sane parent.

Before she could say anything further a nurse came with the man's cute son in her arms mumbling something under hos breath that no one could understand but himself. As soon as he saw the man with th hidden face his face brightened up a lot. "Appa!" he almost giggled and reached for him. The man grabbed the little boy and took him in his arms just when Shin Hye asked the nurse about his health.

"He is alright his feet and hands are burnt but this will go away after a few weeks. But he has to take his medication and bandages in the beginning are needed to help the open wounds heal more qickly." the nurse explained to the both adults listening and nodding at her.

After the nurse left the little boy spotted Shin Hye and hit his father lightly. "Mommy!" he sobbed while reaching for the woman that held back his tears wanting nothing more than to take that role the boy wanted for her. When the man took off his cappy Shin Hye knew why the man was familiar. The man was nothing less than Junsu. Xia Junsu from the boy band Dong Bang Shin Ki and now JyJ. The man she had seen live, listening to his angelic voice while her tears fell. No wonder the young boy was this handsome and cute, even stunning.

She must have looked at him with a very surprised expression since he started to chuckle at her nodding to a bench behind her. When she sat down on the bench the star of korea handed her his son and left her feet that still where bare.

"I wondered why you walk around barefeet for a while now." he said rising one eyebrow at her: "Your feet are bunt too. There are even blisters! Wait here."

A little moment later Junsu came back with a nurse that was eqiped with a wheelchair telling Shin Hye to sit down on it. Junsu handed the nurse his son so he could force Shin Hye on the wheelchair since she was hesitating too long for his liking.

Her examination didn't took long. Since both feet had a second grade burnt she needed to stay in the wheelchair for a few weeks so it could get better. She also had to take the same medications as the little boy who insisted to stay in the womans lap. Prefering to cuddle with the woman who was more than happy to comply. Junsu watched the two with his wide grin, trusting the rescuer of his son enough to do so.

He had told Shin Hye about Jong In's mom. Jong In was the name of his overly cute son that didn't want to let go off her. She was angered at how the woman had used the star only wanting his status and money. She didn't even love her own son. Her own flesh and blood. So she wanted to get rid of him feeling that he was only a hindrance for her own goals but Junsu had caught on her hatred for her own son and wanted to get the legal rights for him, devorce already in progress. But in Korea this wasn't that easy and since Junsu was living on a tight shedule for the most time in a year he was about to loose the battle. Until now that she finally showed her true colours.

Junsu felt the strong bond his son and the woman had created in this short time and wondered if she could be any help.

"Would you mind watching over my son some times. He normally doesn't like any strangers since he was approached often with less love and even his mom didn't show him much love all the times. I think you reaching out for him made him trust you in a way I can't even put into words. That's what he needs. I would love if you could be in his life." Junsu aked her calmly, hoping to get the answer he wanted.

Shin Hye was trying hard not to cry in front of the man she admired. But it was hard for her. She always had wanted children but never found the right man to trust herself and a childs life with. The offer of the star made her really happy since she really felt attracted to the boy. She wanted him in her life badly. Shin Hye smiled when she nodded a 'yes' to the question given to her: "I'd love to spend time with Jong In. He is like Sunlight. I can't understand how anyone would be able not to love him." she admitted a tear running down her left cheek as she spoke and Junsu's hand reached for the wet mark on her face to catch the tear. He felt like protecting her like she did to his son.

Jong In fell into a silent slumber as the adults had decided to keep his self exclaimed 'Mommy' in his life.

AN: First I want to apologize for all the faults I know I have done there. Im at vacation and wrote this from my mobile phone. It was my dream and my hands itched to write it down~

Fairytale gone wrong [ 3 ]

Title: Fairytale gone wrong

Genre: Fanfic, man x man, Band: DB5K
Lengh: Chaptered
Pairing: Well... ;) will probably contain some YunJae, YooMin, (YooSu and HoMin)
Rating: Will contain NC17 parts ( I will give a warning )
Beta: My dear friend Jenny, thanks so much <3 (for so many things!!)

Yunho would do almost everything to see Changmin happy again. But when he takes some measures to ensure his happiness, things start to go so wrong.

AN: This took a while because I'm a bit stressed (I'm moving and applying for university). But since I will be on two weeks vacation from 8.8.13 – 22.8.13 I thought I have to finish Ch 3 beforehand. So here it is. Enjoy and maybe leave a comment for encouragement? :) ♥

Chapter 3

It was six in the morning when Jaejoong stood in the kitchen. He watched the happenings outside the window with rather big interest, mindlessly playing with the necklace around his neck. He took the flat round ring between his fingers and turned it several times. When the coffee machine was done making strange noises Jaejoong stopped watching the birds feeding their baby birds. Today was the first warm day of June and Jaejoong felt nice and peaceful.

On the other hand there was Yunho. Lying on Changmin's bed with a headache not even wanting to move. He struggled to remember anything but he only could remember the faces of the people that awaited him here instead of Changmin. He must have gone crazy to do something like this. What in hell made him come here? But there was no point in regretting what already happened. So there he was alone with Jaejoong. To make it more awkward as it already would be, they didn't spoke much after the incident where he accused Jaejoong and he didn't know if he threw up yesterday or something similar.
With a frown on his face Yunho got up and walked into the kitchen where he found a fresh pot with coffee.

No Jaejoong.
Nothing else, not even a note.

Yunho checked his phone. But for what when the other didn't even had his number. To clear his head from the aches he opened the window and took a deep breath as he drank some of the coffee that Jaejoong must have made for him. When he drank he realized the liquid was still pretty hot and he assumed that it couldn't been long since Jaejoong left. Did he hear that he woke? Is he avoiding him now even more? With a sigh he finished drinking the awakening coffee and took a shower before he left the house, Jaejoong never came back before he left.

He never came back at all. From this day on Jaejoong slept over at Junsu's again. Not that his little brother complained. He knew it was temporary and he didn't even dare to ask what happened that he wasn't going to his own home. But when day three passed Junsu got a bit worried. He knew that Yunho was the last one together with his brother. And he was even drunk. But what would have happened that made Jaejoong behave this odd?

Yunho visited Changmin every day. And every day no one opened up for him. At first he thought Jaejoong might be home but was still too angry with him to open. But when he didn't open at the third day Yunho frowned. What if it wasn't him on the door. Would Jaejoong still not open the door then? He rang the doorbell again and waited a bit more than usual.


So Yunho left again.

Well he was there for Changmin so it didn't matter. He shrugged it off as if it was nothing to him.
When Changmin entered the house on the next day he found it empty.

“Hello? Anybody home?”

When he looked into the rooms there was no one too. Finally entering the kitchen he found a cup on the desk and there was a bit coffee. It looked like this stood there for a while and Changmin made a grimace as he took out his mobile phone:

'Hey. Where are you?'

'At Junsu's'


'A while. Why?'

'Just asking. When will you come home?'

'Now. Wait up for me. I'll cook you something for tonight. As a welcome home.'

'Thanks Hyung.'

With a happy grin plastered on his face he cleaned the kitchen and the dining table for tonight. He would have been very disappointed to be alone tonight.

The dinner went very peacefully except for the one thing that Changmin wouldn't want to talk about his sudden trip. It was like a taboo and Jaejoong didn't sense this until he got a very frightening glare from Changmin. After that Jaejoong stopped asking him about the trip and they had a happy talk again. They got along pretty well.

“What is that new necklace on you? It's pretty!”

“OH!... Well that. Just got this from someone somehow...”

Jaejoong looked down on his fingers that were playing with the necklace again. It became a habit. A very bad one. He still needed to give this beautiful object back to it's rightful owner. Yunho. Jaejoong's face went dark at the thought of the mentioned man. Changmin got that this was Jaejoong's turn to have a taboo and tried to distract the beautiful man.
Unsurprisingly Yunho came to visit their home on the next day as he did now for four days in a row. This time he even prepared a little letter with an apology for Jaejoong. But he didn't need that letter when Changmin opened the door for him:

“Hey Yun.” he said dry.

“How are you?”

“Not so good but then again I have to smile or otherwise Jaejoong will never stop pestering me about the trip. Come in.”

Yunho watched as a very gloomy looking Changmin made room for him to enter.

“Heard you were drunk?”

“Uh... Sorry about that.”

“You know that I'm not the one who should receive that.”

“Yeah. Where is he?”

Yunho asked as he looked around obviously searching for the man they had talked about.

“In the musik room right across the bathroom.”

“Thanks. I'll pay him a visit then.”

“I guess you should do that”

Fortunately Changmin gave him a smile before he entered his own room. How much Yunho had missed that smile on the man. But now he had to talk to the raven man before he could go back to his best friend. And maybe he had to apologize twice today. Since the matter with the kiss didn't seemed finished too. In front of Jaejoong's room he could hear the piano playing and since he didn't want to disturb that he entered the room quietly without being recognized.

Jasin eobneun balgeoreum neuryeojil ddaemyeon
(When you walk slowly with no confidence)

deo keuge deullineun mellodi
(the melodies I hear are louder)

I sesang hanabakke eobneun seulpeun noraeya
(this is the only sad song in this world)

kkeutkkaji bureugo bulleodo kkeuteobneun
(a song that is endless even when I sing it until the last note)

geugeon sarangira bureuneun ojik han saram neoya
(the one and only person I call love is you)

*Kim Jaejoong – There's only you

Yunho stood there shocked. Jaejoong had seen him and stopped singing but Yunho didn't want that. His voice was overwhelmingly beautiful. Like that of an angel. And yet it was so fragile that he felt like hugging the angels pain away. He couldn't understand why that angelic voice stopped:


“Oh. Erm... Sorry I didn't want to interrupt you.”

“It's okay. I wanted to talk to you anyways.”

This was half true. But on the other hand he didn't want to face the other yet. He moved his hands to his neck while he stood up and went in front of Yunho:

“Here. I wanted to give you that back. You should give this to Changmin like you planned.”




“I'm sorry about what happened the other night. I really am. I don't know what happened to me. I was so depressed. I wasn't myself back then.”

“It's okay. Let's not talk about that anymore.”

Once more he hold the necklace in front of Yunho who only watched the procedure:

“No. It's yours. I won't give this to Changmin anymore since I gave this to you first. It Suits you just fine.”

Jaejoong looked up at Yunho questioningly. He couldn't believe what he just heard. Yunho wanted him to keep the necklace? That was just ridiculous.


“No but. Really. It's yours!”

And with that Yunho turned to leave again:

“Oh and your voice is really nice!”

That was the biggest understatement he ever made. Jaejoong smiled at him and then he was alone again.

The truth was that Yunho just couldn't take the necklace from the smaller man. He saw how the man had fiddled with it in between words and it was as if Jaejoong was the person who ever owned it. As if it always had been there. And then there was the guilt Yunho felt. First the had threatened the poor man just after wanting him to move in with Changmin and then he even mistook him for his best friend and did who knows what to him. So he hoped this would make up for that because he just felt like screaming at Jaejoong whenever he saw him. Except for today. Him singing and playing the piano was really a beautiful sight and maybe this would make it easier for Yunho to be nice to him. Probably not since he didn't even know where that dislike even emerges from.

Back at Changmin's he was not that talkative and to Changmin's disappointment the older didn't even feel like apologizing again in a better manner or anything. In fact Yunho just hang out with him a little and then left again. It was almost as if Yunho wasn't even there because of him. And that thought made Changmin really mad beyond madness.

The next week went by eventless and everything seemed to be back as usual again. Just that Changmin got more and more gloomy. And by the week after that Jaejoong finally lost it.

“What did happen to you Changmin? This isn't like you. Coming back from work and not eating anything or talking to me at all. And where is Yunho. For gods sake make up already. It really isn't my concern what happened but you really are acting beyond odd and it just get's worse!”

Jaejoong screamed when Changmin refused his dinner by the third time this week already leaving for his room acting like a lifeless soul. His face was grey and he looked like he didn't sleep well for days already.
Without even looking up Changmin left for his room without any response and Jaejoong gave up on him that day.

Presently Yoochun was coming over at Changmin's and Jaejoong's home more often and even without Junsu sometimes. He and Jaejoong got really close friends and Junsu liked it that way since he got to see Yoochun more often through this. But today Yoochun came over without the sportsman bringing over some soju since they both enjoyed drinking some after a long day like today. Jaejoong had taken a really difficult case and Yoochun had some bratty women over who wanted their breasts done but they never were happy with his suggestions so they had went to his office even when he was already ready with his other patients. They made him work overtime recently and he was about to get frustrated over his job.

“It's nice to have soju with your food at a day like today.” Yoochun mused and smiled at Jaejoong. As soon as they got comfortable with each other they started sharing their thoughts and became as close as they could in that time span. Jaejoong smiled fondly at his new friend and took a seat beside him on their dining table.

“My housemate really makes after hours less enjoyable recently.” Jaejoong frowned as he tasted his own food smiling when he approved of himself:

“Really? I don't even ever see him. Sure he lives here?”

“That's what I mean. He barely eats or leaves his own room. He wasn't like that before. And Yunho won't come over too.”

“That drunk one from before?”

“Yeah, that was him right.”

“Strange.. They will figure it out I guess.”

“Right. So wanna watch the football game of Junsu today?” Jaejoong changed the topic to something more fun.

“Of course! we have to cheer for him, don't we?” and with that they tuned the TV on and started to root for Junsu's team like teens.

“Woah. Your brother sure is amazing! Look at him how he always blocks his opponents and makes chances for his team~” Yoochun fangirled over the little brother while he drank his third bottle of Soju.

After a while Jaejoong realized that he was playing with the necklace again. Somehow the necklace felt heavy around his neck after he got it a second time. It just didn't feel right to have it around his heck and then again he loved to touch it. Strangely his thoughts wandered to Changmin whom the necklace belonged to. He felt as if the necklace was meant to be a bond between Yunho and Changmin but Jaejoong ended up having the key to their bond. A key that was a heavy weight on him, trapping him between them. Jaejoong shuddered and decided to give the necklace away again. He just couldn't stand that feeling that came with the present. It felt like chains on him. Bounding him on someone or something he didn't want to face. In the end he was unable to name that feeling or even describe it the right way.

“Hey. You listening?”

“Huh?” Shit Yoochun caught him right handed.

“A penny for your thoughts. Is this about Changmin again? Just make him watch with us already.” Yoochun let out a sigh out of frustration but his face didn't look angry.

“Something like that. But I don't think he wants to join us...” Jaejoong hesitated.

“You will never know if you don't try!” Yoochun retorted and took another shot of Soju.

“I don't know... He is very strange lately.”

“Come on, don't act like a pussy Jae. Or do you want me go ask him?” Jaejoong eyed the curly haired man that smirked at him knowingly.

“Okay. You win. But you have to buy new Soju later.”


With that Jaejoong went to Changmin's room and knocked after some moments of hesitating. When the other told him to come in Jaejoong carefully looked inside the clean room of his housemate. But wait. Did he say clean? The last time he went there – to drop someone drunken – the room was clean. But now he didn't even know where to look at: “What's with this mess Changmin?”

“You wanted to interview me for my mess?”

“Erm... No. Actually... we wanted to ask if you want to join us to watch Junsu's soccer match...” At first Changmin wanted to decline but something in the others voice told him that he wouldn't ask twice if he declined now. And he really should distract himself somehow. What would be better than company then? “Okay.” Was all that Changmin answered and he went after Jaejoong and was greeted with a mischievous smile from Yoochun: “Hey Yoochun...”, “Hey, want some?” But before Changmin could take the Soju that was being handed to him he heard the doorbell and turned to look at the door. He immediately knew this should be him: “He's late...” Changmin already had wondered what took him so long but he knew he had hurt the other so he wasn't angry at him. Not anymore at least.

Changmin stood awkwardly in front of Yunho who hold two bags with something greeting him and Jaejoong just as awkward as the other was. Jaejoong watched the two of them interacting in that strange way for what seemed like two minutes before he decided to take this over: “ Come in Yunho. What did you bring? I hope it's Soju and I hope it's enough for all of us not just Changmin.” He rambled with no one reacting and so he decided to go back to Yoochun who looked at him questioningly:

“Who was that?”

“Yunho is here.”

“Okay, why didn't they come with you. Won't they join us?”

“They didn't seem talkative. To be honest I think they will turn the mood foul. “

“Jaejoong!” Yoochun said with a warning voice glaring at his friend and the other let out an exaggerated sigh before he stood up again.

“Fine... But I warned you!”

With that he was on his feet again ready to face two foul friends who refused to open their mouths.

Great. Just great!

But Yunho seemed happy to see that he came back and even handed him the bags: “It's Soju and it should be enough. Are you alone? I heard voices from the living room.” Jaejoong took the bags and looked inside them. At least there seemed to be enough for all of them for the rest of the game. “Let's hurry the game will continue soon. Junsu's football game is on television. Yoochun told me to bring you over.” Without explaining anything further he dragged both Changmin and Yunho over to the living room where they were greeted by a smiling Yoochun.

Not long after they all started watching the game they got a little tipsy. Changmin clung to Yunho and it seemed as if he did miss the other. Yunho smiled content at that and ever now and then he stroke the others hair affectedly. Jaejoong at the other hand couldn't stand them cuddling in their living room.

“Yunho. I really am so disappointed in you. You refused to listen to me~” Jaejoong slurred at the other who just quirked an eyebrow at him.

“What are you actually talking about?” What angered the beautiful man even more was that Yunho didn't even sound drunk at all. Unfair world. But then again he pictured waking up next to the man again and he was relieved the other wasn't that drunk again or else he would probably act like that in front of them to the real Changmin this time.

“The necklace of course. I don't want that stupid necklace. I never wanted it in the first place.” he whined and turned to Yoochun instead of waiting for an answer: “Chunnie hand me the soju please I can't stand this guy without!” and with that Yoochun handed him the alcohol hesitatingly and in exchange Jaejoong handed him the necklace: “You give it to him for me alright?”

“Jae.. I think you're drunk...” Yoochun tried carefully as he took the necklace and handed the item to Yunho who took it with a strange look in his eyes. Changmin looked at Yunho and shifted a bit away from him: “You didn't want it back for real? I mean it's-” “-It's just a necklace what's with all the fussing about it.” Yunho barged in a bit wary. “I think Jaejoong should go to sleep already...”

“Jung! It's not for you to decide when I sleep! Just because we slept together once!”



“We didn't Changmin. We ended up sleeping in one bed because I was so drunk. I thought you knew...”

“This sounded dangerous Jaejoong...” Yoochun told him with a calm voice soothing the furious man sipping on his Soju oblivious to what he did.

Yoochun felt Jaejoongs head fall against his shoulder and he looked at the other men who both frowned. It seemed that Jaejoong was wasted.

“Guess I better bring him to bed now.” Yoochun explained as he stood up and tried to carry Jaejoong up. Keyword was tried. He himself was a bit drunk and so he couldn't stand properly on his own let alone carry someone else.

“Looks dangerous what you are trying there.” Changmin stated coldly and gained himself a bitter look from Yoochun and Yunho.

“Let me help you, maybe it was his plan to get back on me for the other day when he had to carry me.” Changmin and Yoochun couldn't contain a chuckle from Yunho's rather unexpected joke.

“Are you sure it's okay leaving Jae with Yunho?” Yoochun asked Changmin more to avoid silence between them since they never were alone with each other. From what Yoochun knew about him, the other was easygoing and nice but lately depressed for some reason. As a doctor himself he wanted to make the other feel better somehow. Even though he didn't knew how...

“I'm pretty sure he will be okay yes. Yunho isn't that drunk yet so he will be able to handle him. But I have to admit that Jaejoong is pretty funny when drunk.” Changmin chuckled adorably. Yoochun just watched the other while answering: “Yeah he seems more wasted than drunk anyway.” Now they both where laughing.

On the other hand Yunho was struggling indeed. Jaejoong wasn't cooperating at all not even the least. It was more than obvious that he was angry at the other and he was too drunk to behave at all. But Yunho wasn't pleased with Jaejoong too. Which was the reason why he let Jaejoong fall on his bed rather hard, what made him wince in pain and glare at Yunho angrily. “You did that on purpose~” he lulled at him with pointing an angry finger at Yunho. “You were too heavy for me that's all.” Yunho spit back at him childishly what made the other scoff at him: “I'm not that heavy compared to you and I tried my best when I carried you the other day!” What Yunho didn't expect was that Jaejoong was sober enough to get up from his position to be kneeling on the bed in front of Yunho who where standing beneath the bed so he could hit him rather hard on his breast. But all that Yunho could do at that was laugh since this whole act was rather funny and cute than anything else.

“What are you trying to do Jaejoong?”


“Well suit yourself then but hurry up I don't have all night for you to hit me.” Yunho still laughed at the other while Jaejoong wouldn't stop. When Yunho thought he was hit enough he hold Jaejoong by his hands to stop him what brought both of them really close to each other. Jaejoong looked up startled: “You're rather strong. Why stop me just now?” he asked confused. “To make us even?” Yunho offered with a smile and slowly let go of Jaejoong's hands who let them fall limply at his sides.

“Why do you hate me Yunho?” Jaejoong burst out thoughtlessly but when his words left his careless mouth he already knew he would regret them the next morning. But it's just some friend of Changmin so he shouldn't care too much.

“I don't hate you...”

“Not very convincing.” His voice gave away the sadness he didn't want to show at all.

“Go to sleep already.” Yunho avoided and pressed Jaejoong down on his mattress and laid the blanked over him before he turned to leave the room: “I'm unhappy with you sometimes. I don't even know myself but to call it hate... is just too much, really.” he said softly before leaving the room without another word. Jaejoong was already asleep anyway.

Outside the room Changmin already waited for him. His face showed that he was very unhappy with Yunho.

“Let's talk Yunho...”

“In your room then?” Yunho asked wanting to talk to the other too. Changmin nodded at him and went in the direction of his room.

When they finally entered the room Changmin spoke first: “What has gotten into you that you got wasted when I'm away for just a few days?” he spat.

“You know what has gotten into me! You could have asked me to come with you! I missed her too!”

Changmin raised an eyebrow at that remark.

“I wanted to be alone with her you know?”

“You always want to be alone with her! When did I last see her? When will you finally fight for her?”

Now it was Yunho who got very angry. His face was flushed and his voice was trembling. It was easy to tell that he was holding his tears.
“It's always just you two and when you come back I have to pick up the peaces of your heart again... Changmin... Don't do that to me every time... Do something about it! We didn't move to run away but to move on. This means we have to change things for the better!” Yunho continued more calm. But he knew that he lied when he said they didn't run away. Actually they did. But not from her.

“Okay, maybe you're actually right. But it's too soon for me... Give me more time Yunho. Please!” Changmin begged now on the verge of tears too.

Oblivious to their arguments Jaejoong and Yoochun already slept. Yes, Yoochun dozed off on the couch while he waited for company.

Chapter 4