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You can't give away a heart that never belonged to yourself.

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Fairytale gone wrong [ 3 ]
Title: Fairytale gone wrong

Genre: Fanfic, man x man, Band: DB5K
Lengh: Chaptered
Pairing: Well... ;) will probably contain some YunJae, YooMin, (YooSu and HoMin)
Rating: Will contain NC17 parts ( I will give a warning )
Beta: My dear friend Jenny, thanks so much <3 (for so many things!!)

Yunho would do almost everything to see Changmin happy again. But when he takes some measures to ensure his happiness, things start to go so wrong.

AN: This took a while because I'm a bit stressed (I'm moving and applying for university). But since I will be on two weeks vacation from 8.8.13 – 22.8.13 I thought I have to finish Ch 3 beforehand. So here it is. Enjoy and maybe leave a comment for encouragement? :) ♥

Chapter 3

It was six in the morning when Jaejoong stood in the kitchen. He watched the happenings outside the window with rather big interest, mindlessly playing with the necklace around his neck. He took the flat round ring between his fingers and turned it several times. When the coffee machine was done making strange noises Jaejoong stopped watching the birds feeding their baby birds. Today was the first warm day of June and Jaejoong felt nice and peaceful.

On the other hand there was Yunho. Lying on Changmin's bed with a headache not even wanting to move. He struggled to remember anything but he only could remember the faces of the people that awaited him here instead of Changmin. He must have gone crazy to do something like this. What in hell made him come here? But there was no point in regretting what already happened. So there he was alone with Jaejoong. To make it more awkward as it already would be, they didn't spoke much after the incident where he accused Jaejoong and he didn't know if he threw up yesterday or something similar.
With a frown on his face Yunho got up and walked into the kitchen where he found a fresh pot with coffee.

No Jaejoong.
Nothing else, not even a note.

Yunho checked his phone. But for what when the other didn't even had his number. To clear his head from the aches he opened the window and took a deep breath as he drank some of the coffee that Jaejoong must have made for him. When he drank he realized the liquid was still pretty hot and he assumed that it couldn't been long since Jaejoong left. Did he hear that he woke? Is he avoiding him now even more? With a sigh he finished drinking the awakening coffee and took a shower before he left the house, Jaejoong never came back before he left.

He never came back at all. From this day on Jaejoong slept over at Junsu's again. Not that his little brother complained. He knew it was temporary and he didn't even dare to ask what happened that he wasn't going to his own home. But when day three passed Junsu got a bit worried. He knew that Yunho was the last one together with his brother. And he was even drunk. But what would have happened that made Jaejoong behave this odd?

Yunho visited Changmin every day. And every day no one opened up for him. At first he thought Jaejoong might be home but was still too angry with him to open. But when he didn't open at the third day Yunho frowned. What if it wasn't him on the door. Would Jaejoong still not open the door then? He rang the doorbell again and waited a bit more than usual.


So Yunho left again.

Well he was there for Changmin so it didn't matter. He shrugged it off as if it was nothing to him.
When Changmin entered the house on the next day he found it empty.

“Hello? Anybody home?”

When he looked into the rooms there was no one too. Finally entering the kitchen he found a cup on the desk and there was a bit coffee. It looked like this stood there for a while and Changmin made a grimace as he took out his mobile phone:

'Hey. Where are you?'

'At Junsu's'


'A while. Why?'

'Just asking. When will you come home?'

'Now. Wait up for me. I'll cook you something for tonight. As a welcome home.'

'Thanks Hyung.'

With a happy grin plastered on his face he cleaned the kitchen and the dining table for tonight. He would have been very disappointed to be alone tonight.

The dinner went very peacefully except for the one thing that Changmin wouldn't want to talk about his sudden trip. It was like a taboo and Jaejoong didn't sense this until he got a very frightening glare from Changmin. After that Jaejoong stopped asking him about the trip and they had a happy talk again. They got along pretty well.

“What is that new necklace on you? It's pretty!”

“OH!... Well that. Just got this from someone somehow...”

Jaejoong looked down on his fingers that were playing with the necklace again. It became a habit. A very bad one. He still needed to give this beautiful object back to it's rightful owner. Yunho. Jaejoong's face went dark at the thought of the mentioned man. Changmin got that this was Jaejoong's turn to have a taboo and tried to distract the beautiful man.
Unsurprisingly Yunho came to visit their home on the next day as he did now for four days in a row. This time he even prepared a little letter with an apology for Jaejoong. But he didn't need that letter when Changmin opened the door for him:

“Hey Yun.” he said dry.

“How are you?”

“Not so good but then again I have to smile or otherwise Jaejoong will never stop pestering me about the trip. Come in.”

Yunho watched as a very gloomy looking Changmin made room for him to enter.

“Heard you were drunk?”

“Uh... Sorry about that.”

“You know that I'm not the one who should receive that.”

“Yeah. Where is he?”

Yunho asked as he looked around obviously searching for the man they had talked about.

“In the musik room right across the bathroom.”

“Thanks. I'll pay him a visit then.”

“I guess you should do that”

Fortunately Changmin gave him a smile before he entered his own room. How much Yunho had missed that smile on the man. But now he had to talk to the raven man before he could go back to his best friend. And maybe he had to apologize twice today. Since the matter with the kiss didn't seemed finished too. In front of Jaejoong's room he could hear the piano playing and since he didn't want to disturb that he entered the room quietly without being recognized.

Jasin eobneun balgeoreum neuryeojil ddaemyeon
(When you walk slowly with no confidence)

deo keuge deullineun mellodi
(the melodies I hear are louder)

I sesang hanabakke eobneun seulpeun noraeya
(this is the only sad song in this world)

kkeutkkaji bureugo bulleodo kkeuteobneun
(a song that is endless even when I sing it until the last note)

geugeon sarangira bureuneun ojik han saram neoya
(the one and only person I call love is you)

*Kim Jaejoong – There's only you

Yunho stood there shocked. Jaejoong had seen him and stopped singing but Yunho didn't want that. His voice was overwhelmingly beautiful. Like that of an angel. And yet it was so fragile that he felt like hugging the angels pain away. He couldn't understand why that angelic voice stopped:


“Oh. Erm... Sorry I didn't want to interrupt you.”

“It's okay. I wanted to talk to you anyways.”

This was half true. But on the other hand he didn't want to face the other yet. He moved his hands to his neck while he stood up and went in front of Yunho:

“Here. I wanted to give you that back. You should give this to Changmin like you planned.”




“I'm sorry about what happened the other night. I really am. I don't know what happened to me. I was so depressed. I wasn't myself back then.”

“It's okay. Let's not talk about that anymore.”

Once more he hold the necklace in front of Yunho who only watched the procedure:

“No. It's yours. I won't give this to Changmin anymore since I gave this to you first. It Suits you just fine.”

Jaejoong looked up at Yunho questioningly. He couldn't believe what he just heard. Yunho wanted him to keep the necklace? That was just ridiculous.


“No but. Really. It's yours!”

And with that Yunho turned to leave again:

“Oh and your voice is really nice!”

That was the biggest understatement he ever made. Jaejoong smiled at him and then he was alone again.

The truth was that Yunho just couldn't take the necklace from the smaller man. He saw how the man had fiddled with it in between words and it was as if Jaejoong was the person who ever owned it. As if it always had been there. And then there was the guilt Yunho felt. First the had threatened the poor man just after wanting him to move in with Changmin and then he even mistook him for his best friend and did who knows what to him. So he hoped this would make up for that because he just felt like screaming at Jaejoong whenever he saw him. Except for today. Him singing and playing the piano was really a beautiful sight and maybe this would make it easier for Yunho to be nice to him. Probably not since he didn't even know where that dislike even emerges from.

Back at Changmin's he was not that talkative and to Changmin's disappointment the older didn't even feel like apologizing again in a better manner or anything. In fact Yunho just hang out with him a little and then left again. It was almost as if Yunho wasn't even there because of him. And that thought made Changmin really mad beyond madness.

The next week went by eventless and everything seemed to be back as usual again. Just that Changmin got more and more gloomy. And by the week after that Jaejoong finally lost it.

“What did happen to you Changmin? This isn't like you. Coming back from work and not eating anything or talking to me at all. And where is Yunho. For gods sake make up already. It really isn't my concern what happened but you really are acting beyond odd and it just get's worse!”

Jaejoong screamed when Changmin refused his dinner by the third time this week already leaving for his room acting like a lifeless soul. His face was grey and he looked like he didn't sleep well for days already.
Without even looking up Changmin left for his room without any response and Jaejoong gave up on him that day.

Presently Yoochun was coming over at Changmin's and Jaejoong's home more often and even without Junsu sometimes. He and Jaejoong got really close friends and Junsu liked it that way since he got to see Yoochun more often through this. But today Yoochun came over without the sportsman bringing over some soju since they both enjoyed drinking some after a long day like today. Jaejoong had taken a really difficult case and Yoochun had some bratty women over who wanted their breasts done but they never were happy with his suggestions so they had went to his office even when he was already ready with his other patients. They made him work overtime recently and he was about to get frustrated over his job.

“It's nice to have soju with your food at a day like today.” Yoochun mused and smiled at Jaejoong. As soon as they got comfortable with each other they started sharing their thoughts and became as close as they could in that time span. Jaejoong smiled fondly at his new friend and took a seat beside him on their dining table.

“My housemate really makes after hours less enjoyable recently.” Jaejoong frowned as he tasted his own food smiling when he approved of himself:

“Really? I don't even ever see him. Sure he lives here?”

“That's what I mean. He barely eats or leaves his own room. He wasn't like that before. And Yunho won't come over too.”

“That drunk one from before?”

“Yeah, that was him right.”

“Strange.. They will figure it out I guess.”

“Right. So wanna watch the football game of Junsu today?” Jaejoong changed the topic to something more fun.

“Of course! we have to cheer for him, don't we?” and with that they tuned the TV on and started to root for Junsu's team like teens.

“Woah. Your brother sure is amazing! Look at him how he always blocks his opponents and makes chances for his team~” Yoochun fangirled over the little brother while he drank his third bottle of Soju.

After a while Jaejoong realized that he was playing with the necklace again. Somehow the necklace felt heavy around his neck after he got it a second time. It just didn't feel right to have it around his heck and then again he loved to touch it. Strangely his thoughts wandered to Changmin whom the necklace belonged to. He felt as if the necklace was meant to be a bond between Yunho and Changmin but Jaejoong ended up having the key to their bond. A key that was a heavy weight on him, trapping him between them. Jaejoong shuddered and decided to give the necklace away again. He just couldn't stand that feeling that came with the present. It felt like chains on him. Bounding him on someone or something he didn't want to face. In the end he was unable to name that feeling or even describe it the right way.

“Hey. You listening?”

“Huh?” Shit Yoochun caught him right handed.

“A penny for your thoughts. Is this about Changmin again? Just make him watch with us already.” Yoochun let out a sigh out of frustration but his face didn't look angry.

“Something like that. But I don't think he wants to join us...” Jaejoong hesitated.

“You will never know if you don't try!” Yoochun retorted and took another shot of Soju.

“I don't know... He is very strange lately.”

“Come on, don't act like a pussy Jae. Or do you want me go ask him?” Jaejoong eyed the curly haired man that smirked at him knowingly.

“Okay. You win. But you have to buy new Soju later.”


With that Jaejoong went to Changmin's room and knocked after some moments of hesitating. When the other told him to come in Jaejoong carefully looked inside the clean room of his housemate. But wait. Did he say clean? The last time he went there – to drop someone drunken – the room was clean. But now he didn't even know where to look at: “What's with this mess Changmin?”

“You wanted to interview me for my mess?”

“Erm... No. Actually... we wanted to ask if you want to join us to watch Junsu's soccer match...” At first Changmin wanted to decline but something in the others voice told him that he wouldn't ask twice if he declined now. And he really should distract himself somehow. What would be better than company then? “Okay.” Was all that Changmin answered and he went after Jaejoong and was greeted with a mischievous smile from Yoochun: “Hey Yoochun...”, “Hey, want some?” But before Changmin could take the Soju that was being handed to him he heard the doorbell and turned to look at the door. He immediately knew this should be him: “He's late...” Changmin already had wondered what took him so long but he knew he had hurt the other so he wasn't angry at him. Not anymore at least.

Changmin stood awkwardly in front of Yunho who hold two bags with something greeting him and Jaejoong just as awkward as the other was. Jaejoong watched the two of them interacting in that strange way for what seemed like two minutes before he decided to take this over: “ Come in Yunho. What did you bring? I hope it's Soju and I hope it's enough for all of us not just Changmin.” He rambled with no one reacting and so he decided to go back to Yoochun who looked at him questioningly:

“Who was that?”

“Yunho is here.”

“Okay, why didn't they come with you. Won't they join us?”

“They didn't seem talkative. To be honest I think they will turn the mood foul. “

“Jaejoong!” Yoochun said with a warning voice glaring at his friend and the other let out an exaggerated sigh before he stood up again.

“Fine... But I warned you!”

With that he was on his feet again ready to face two foul friends who refused to open their mouths.

Great. Just great!

But Yunho seemed happy to see that he came back and even handed him the bags: “It's Soju and it should be enough. Are you alone? I heard voices from the living room.” Jaejoong took the bags and looked inside them. At least there seemed to be enough for all of them for the rest of the game. “Let's hurry the game will continue soon. Junsu's football game is on television. Yoochun told me to bring you over.” Without explaining anything further he dragged both Changmin and Yunho over to the living room where they were greeted by a smiling Yoochun.

Not long after they all started watching the game they got a little tipsy. Changmin clung to Yunho and it seemed as if he did miss the other. Yunho smiled content at that and ever now and then he stroke the others hair affectedly. Jaejoong at the other hand couldn't stand them cuddling in their living room.

“Yunho. I really am so disappointed in you. You refused to listen to me~” Jaejoong slurred at the other who just quirked an eyebrow at him.

“What are you actually talking about?” What angered the beautiful man even more was that Yunho didn't even sound drunk at all. Unfair world. But then again he pictured waking up next to the man again and he was relieved the other wasn't that drunk again or else he would probably act like that in front of them to the real Changmin this time.

“The necklace of course. I don't want that stupid necklace. I never wanted it in the first place.” he whined and turned to Yoochun instead of waiting for an answer: “Chunnie hand me the soju please I can't stand this guy without!” and with that Yoochun handed him the alcohol hesitatingly and in exchange Jaejoong handed him the necklace: “You give it to him for me alright?”

“Jae.. I think you're drunk...” Yoochun tried carefully as he took the necklace and handed the item to Yunho who took it with a strange look in his eyes. Changmin looked at Yunho and shifted a bit away from him: “You didn't want it back for real? I mean it's-” “-It's just a necklace what's with all the fussing about it.” Yunho barged in a bit wary. “I think Jaejoong should go to sleep already...”

“Jung! It's not for you to decide when I sleep! Just because we slept together once!”



“We didn't Changmin. We ended up sleeping in one bed because I was so drunk. I thought you knew...”

“This sounded dangerous Jaejoong...” Yoochun told him with a calm voice soothing the furious man sipping on his Soju oblivious to what he did.

Yoochun felt Jaejoongs head fall against his shoulder and he looked at the other men who both frowned. It seemed that Jaejoong was wasted.

“Guess I better bring him to bed now.” Yoochun explained as he stood up and tried to carry Jaejoong up. Keyword was tried. He himself was a bit drunk and so he couldn't stand properly on his own let alone carry someone else.

“Looks dangerous what you are trying there.” Changmin stated coldly and gained himself a bitter look from Yoochun and Yunho.

“Let me help you, maybe it was his plan to get back on me for the other day when he had to carry me.” Changmin and Yoochun couldn't contain a chuckle from Yunho's rather unexpected joke.

“Are you sure it's okay leaving Jae with Yunho?” Yoochun asked Changmin more to avoid silence between them since they never were alone with each other. From what Yoochun knew about him, the other was easygoing and nice but lately depressed for some reason. As a doctor himself he wanted to make the other feel better somehow. Even though he didn't knew how...

“I'm pretty sure he will be okay yes. Yunho isn't that drunk yet so he will be able to handle him. But I have to admit that Jaejoong is pretty funny when drunk.” Changmin chuckled adorably. Yoochun just watched the other while answering: “Yeah he seems more wasted than drunk anyway.” Now they both where laughing.

On the other hand Yunho was struggling indeed. Jaejoong wasn't cooperating at all not even the least. It was more than obvious that he was angry at the other and he was too drunk to behave at all. But Yunho wasn't pleased with Jaejoong too. Which was the reason why he let Jaejoong fall on his bed rather hard, what made him wince in pain and glare at Yunho angrily. “You did that on purpose~” he lulled at him with pointing an angry finger at Yunho. “You were too heavy for me that's all.” Yunho spit back at him childishly what made the other scoff at him: “I'm not that heavy compared to you and I tried my best when I carried you the other day!” What Yunho didn't expect was that Jaejoong was sober enough to get up from his position to be kneeling on the bed in front of Yunho who where standing beneath the bed so he could hit him rather hard on his breast. But all that Yunho could do at that was laugh since this whole act was rather funny and cute than anything else.

“What are you trying to do Jaejoong?”


“Well suit yourself then but hurry up I don't have all night for you to hit me.” Yunho still laughed at the other while Jaejoong wouldn't stop. When Yunho thought he was hit enough he hold Jaejoong by his hands to stop him what brought both of them really close to each other. Jaejoong looked up startled: “You're rather strong. Why stop me just now?” he asked confused. “To make us even?” Yunho offered with a smile and slowly let go of Jaejoong's hands who let them fall limply at his sides.

“Why do you hate me Yunho?” Jaejoong burst out thoughtlessly but when his words left his careless mouth he already knew he would regret them the next morning. But it's just some friend of Changmin so he shouldn't care too much.

“I don't hate you...”

“Not very convincing.” His voice gave away the sadness he didn't want to show at all.

“Go to sleep already.” Yunho avoided and pressed Jaejoong down on his mattress and laid the blanked over him before he turned to leave the room: “I'm unhappy with you sometimes. I don't even know myself but to call it hate... is just too much, really.” he said softly before leaving the room without another word. Jaejoong was already asleep anyway.

Outside the room Changmin already waited for him. His face showed that he was very unhappy with Yunho.

“Let's talk Yunho...”

“In your room then?” Yunho asked wanting to talk to the other too. Changmin nodded at him and went in the direction of his room.

When they finally entered the room Changmin spoke first: “What has gotten into you that you got wasted when I'm away for just a few days?” he spat.

“You know what has gotten into me! You could have asked me to come with you! I missed her too!”

Changmin raised an eyebrow at that remark.

“I wanted to be alone with her you know?”

“You always want to be alone with her! When did I last see her? When will you finally fight for her?”

Now it was Yunho who got very angry. His face was flushed and his voice was trembling. It was easy to tell that he was holding his tears.
“It's always just you two and when you come back I have to pick up the peaces of your heart again... Changmin... Don't do that to me every time... Do something about it! We didn't move to run away but to move on. This means we have to change things for the better!” Yunho continued more calm. But he knew that he lied when he said they didn't run away. Actually they did. But not from her.

“Okay, maybe you're actually right. But it's too soon for me... Give me more time Yunho. Please!” Changmin begged now on the verge of tears too.

Oblivious to their arguments Jaejoong and Yoochun already slept. Yes, Yoochun dozed off on the couch while he waited for company.

Chapter 4

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I wonder who is it that both Yunho and Changmin is running away from.

Poor Yunho. He loves Changmin so much but Changmin only seems to be taking advantage of his love.

Hope the next chapter helped to answer your question even if just a litte :)
Soon there will be more answers to your questions^^

Thanks for reading~

soulmates ! they really do get each other
i wonder who this girl is?
thanks for updating

yes they will get each other hehe ^^ but it won't be easy for them~ :)

That will be answered soon :)

Thanks for reading :3

I think Yunho care for Chamgmin more than the other do to him :"(
im curious about this girl too .. who is she to Yunho & Changmin? :/
nice fic Im looking forward your next update!

Oh thank you very much >///<

And yes... It's not easy for yun but the next chappy will partly explain why he does that^^

Thank you for reading :) x3

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