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You can't give away a heart that never belonged to yourself.

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Found him

When she walked down the path before her, she suddenly stood still. Right in front of her was a crowd of people standing in front of a long lava path. There was a man in the front explaining how to walk over the lava bareefeet without hurting at all. Some people dared to try and there was lots of light from all the people with cameras taking pictures of the attraction. This was created for the new museum just in front of the lava path.

But it was something else that got the womans attraction. There was a mother with her little baby son standing behind the barriers more up to the end of the lava. The child was crying and tried to push away from the woman.

Shin Hye watched the woman a bit longer since the child got her attention. The little boy was beautiful. His features tender even though he was crying and he hat cute sharp eyes and black hair. But his full lips were the most beautiful Shin Hye had ever seen on a little baby child. He was the kind of kid you fall in love with immediately.

But his mother seemed to feel otherwise. She pushed the little cutie down on the lava and ran. The boy lying there helplessly and his cry got horrifying loud showing off the pain he seemed to feel.

Everyone just watched the happenings. Shock evident in their faces but no one tried to help. Whisper filled the crowd as they where pushed aside when Shin Hye tried to make a way through them. She couldn't believe that the people just in front of the happening didn't do anything exept for watching. Angry as she was she did push hard when people didn't make a way for her. Finally she reached the helpless toddler looking up for help, his face full of fear and other feeling he must have had.

When she reached him she bent down to rescue the little boy from the lava that stated to hurt the woman that had only eyes for the boy. Having him in her arms she cooed at him to wash away his fear: "'Mommy! Mommy!" the boy screamed out and hugged the flabbergasted woman that even forgot the burning feel on her feet. Finally someone tugged at her and yelled that she can't stay there. It was the man that did the attraction.

But Shin Hye could only hate the man for his slow reaction. The helpless boy didn't receave as much help as herself who could walk on her own without any problems. Angryly she pushed him away from her and ran. She didn't even know where to. She only thought of the lost litlle boy in her arms who was hurt. He was still sobbing but with his head on her neck he seemed to feel a bit better than before already.

Finally her feet had brought her to a hospital that was nearby and when she ran inside help was already there for the boy.

While waiting for the result a man approached her. His face was hidden behind a cap and he wore sunglasses. Even though it was warm he was wearing a jacket. Head held down he stood before Shin Hye as he began to talk to her in a low but rememberable voice: "I heard you brought my son here is that right?" Shin Hye couldn't fight her tears at that. She already had thoughts of keeping the cute little boy that seemed to have been abadoned by his own mother but there the father of the kid stood in front of her bringing her back to reality.

"Yes... I think you have already heard what happened then from the doctors?" her voice was hoarse from the pilling up tears and the throbbing pain in her heart. When she had handed the boy to an assistant he had held his hands to her, trying to reach Shin Hye who was talking to him in a soothing voice. He called her mother so often that the doctor who was standing nearby even thought she lied about the whole story and hurt the boy herself.

"I heard you resqued him from that evil woman that calls herself mother." The man with the oddly familiar voice grunted. He seemed pissed and Shin Hye got a feeling that the boy had at least one sane parent.

Before she could say anything further a nurse came with the man's cute son in her arms mumbling something under hos breath that no one could understand but himself. As soon as he saw the man with th hidden face his face brightened up a lot. "Appa!" he almost giggled and reached for him. The man grabbed the little boy and took him in his arms just when Shin Hye asked the nurse about his health.

"He is alright his feet and hands are burnt but this will go away after a few weeks. But he has to take his medication and bandages in the beginning are needed to help the open wounds heal more qickly." the nurse explained to the both adults listening and nodding at her.

After the nurse left the little boy spotted Shin Hye and hit his father lightly. "Mommy!" he sobbed while reaching for the woman that held back his tears wanting nothing more than to take that role the boy wanted for her. When the man took off his cappy Shin Hye knew why the man was familiar. The man was nothing less than Junsu. Xia Junsu from the boy band Dong Bang Shin Ki and now JyJ. The man she had seen live, listening to his angelic voice while her tears fell. No wonder the young boy was this handsome and cute, even stunning.

She must have looked at him with a very surprised expression since he started to chuckle at her nodding to a bench behind her. When she sat down on the bench the star of korea handed her his son and left her feet that still where bare.

"I wondered why you walk around barefeet for a while now." he said rising one eyebrow at her: "Your feet are bunt too. There are even blisters! Wait here."

A little moment later Junsu came back with a nurse that was eqiped with a wheelchair telling Shin Hye to sit down on it. Junsu handed the nurse his son so he could force Shin Hye on the wheelchair since she was hesitating too long for his liking.

Her examination didn't took long. Since both feet had a second grade burnt she needed to stay in the wheelchair for a few weeks so it could get better. She also had to take the same medications as the little boy who insisted to stay in the womans lap. Prefering to cuddle with the woman who was more than happy to comply. Junsu watched the two with his wide grin, trusting the rescuer of his son enough to do so.

He had told Shin Hye about Jong In's mom. Jong In was the name of his overly cute son that didn't want to let go off her. She was angered at how the woman had used the star only wanting his status and money. She didn't even love her own son. Her own flesh and blood. So she wanted to get rid of him feeling that he was only a hindrance for her own goals but Junsu had caught on her hatred for her own son and wanted to get the legal rights for him, devorce already in progress. But in Korea this wasn't that easy and since Junsu was living on a tight shedule for the most time in a year he was about to loose the battle. Until now that she finally showed her true colours.

Junsu felt the strong bond his son and the woman had created in this short time and wondered if she could be any help.

"Would you mind watching over my son some times. He normally doesn't like any strangers since he was approached often with less love and even his mom didn't show him much love all the times. I think you reaching out for him made him trust you in a way I can't even put into words. That's what he needs. I would love if you could be in his life." Junsu aked her calmly, hoping to get the answer he wanted.

Shin Hye was trying hard not to cry in front of the man she admired. But it was hard for her. She always had wanted children but never found the right man to trust herself and a childs life with. The offer of the star made her really happy since she really felt attracted to the boy. She wanted him in her life badly. Shin Hye smiled when she nodded a 'yes' to the question given to her: "I'd love to spend time with Jong In. He is like Sunlight. I can't understand how anyone would be able not to love him." she admitted a tear running down her left cheek as she spoke and Junsu's hand reached for the wet mark on her face to catch the tear. He felt like protecting her like she did to his son.

Jong In fell into a silent slumber as the adults had decided to keep his self exclaimed 'Mommy' in his life.

AN: First I want to apologize for all the faults I know I have done there. Im at vacation and wrote this from my mobile phone. It was my dream and my hands itched to write it down~

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omg i'm crying T.T How could a person throw their kid away omg.., and it's junsuuu's son., sinhye is lucky :D

don't cry dear~ I know... I hope no one get's a wife like her and if I hope she won't get kids!

Hope junsu get's a cute baby boy or girl soon, it would be so beautiful^^

Thanks for reading and commenting <3

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