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You can't give away a heart that never belonged to yourself.

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Fairytale gone wrong [ 4 ]
Fairytale gone wrong

Genre: Fanfic, man x man, Band: DB5K
Lengh: Chaptered
Pairing: Well... ;) will probably contain some YunJae, YooMin, (YooSu and HoMin)
Rating: Will contain NC17 parts ( I will give a warning )
Beta: My dear friend Jenny, thanks so much <3 (for so many things!!)

Yunho would do almost everything to see Changmin happy again. But when he takes some measures to ensure his happiness, things start to go so wrong.

AN: I really hope you can give me a feedback to the storyline so far... I don't work with a finished plot and so I don't know if I'm too messy or anything... ?
My beloved beta and soulmate helped me so much again. Without her I could never finish this <3

AN 2: The poem might remember you of linkin park. I was listening to their songs when I wrote that. I don't even remember which songs^^

AN 3: I did that wallpaper by myself. And before you freak out this is about Changmin... figure out why Jae misses... right they are not that romantically involved^^

Chapter 4

Changmin shook his head when he saw Jaejoong entering the kitchen.

“What's wrong again, Jae?” he asked.

“Nothing in particular why?”

“You are doing this strange thing with your hands again.”

It's been a few days since Jaejoong started to fiddle with his hands nervously and lick his lips even more often than before.


One morning Jaejoong woke up early and ended up checking the letter box where the only thing he found was a letter for Changmin.
It was not that typical kind of letter what made it even more interesting for him. Even so the only thing he could find on the letter was a name on the back: 'Song Yi'.

With a slight frown on his face he brought the letter to Changmin and handed it to him.

“Here. You got a letter.”

Changmin's eyes widened while reading the name Jaejoong had read before. After that Changmin stood up from the chair in the living room to walk into his own room, obviously searching for privacy.

Jaejoong had already forgotten the incident when he went to his music room later in the evening.
That room had been occupied by Yunho the whole time before since he waited for Changmin to get ready for something that Jaejoong didn't know about. Later Changmin had been ready and they left for a date or something else. Jaejoong didn't care enough to know all the details.
Finally the music room. His beloved music room belonged to him again he thought smiling to himself. When he entered he first reached for the paper on the board to write down some lyrics he had thought about before. Instead there was something else that Jaejoong grabbed. There was a sheet of crumbled paper with something written on it with a small but clean handwriting:

I know you like the back of my hand
All you ever did was to pretend
I feel like you've betrayed
But all I really did was to pretend
And you know me better than the back of my hand

Our love was never meant to last
I can't run away from you anymore
You give what you got
And I take what you give
But this is meant to end

No matter what you say
You're still so blind to me
Go get the light of your life
So I can see the shining light again
I don't want to pretend
You have so much to give
But not to me
Not to anyone
Not anymore

Jaejoong had tears in his eyes when he finished reading what stood on the abandoned paper. Immediately he decided to make a song out of it even if it seemed to be Yunho's. It felt like the other had poured out his whole heart and Jaejoong couldn't resist to try to immagine it to be written for Changmin. It must have been. Sadly their relationship seemed to be really not easy.

But it wasn't his concern.

He wondered again if it was wrong to use this poem or whatever it was for himself. But it was so beautiful in his eyes he just had to. Even if it meant hiding his new art from his housemate and … yeah what was Yunho to Changmin again? Lover? Best friend? Best friend in vain? He couldn't name it anymore but he also couldn't stop to try to do so too.
Shaking his head Jaejoong tried to get rid of his thoughts and to start to work on a melody fitting those words of desperation. Of love. Even hate? Again Jaejoong found himself wondering and always wondering about them. Changmin. And Yunho.

Later Jaejoong smiled self confidently after finishing with the new song.
He only created the melody on the piano and didn't put a finger on the lyrics from Yunho.

While scratching his head tiredly he walked out of the music room when he heard the doorbell ring.


he said as he walked to the door.
Changmin came out too with Yunho on his sleeves, wanting to check who came since none of them expected to have a visitor.
They smiled as Yoochun was the one standing on the doorframe smiling at the trio before him when Jaejoong opened the door for him.

“Hello Jae, I was nearby and thought I may pay a visit. Am I disturbing you guys?” he asked grinning sheepishly.

“No you're not. Yunho and Changmin won't play with me so I'm bored. Come in and play with me!” Jaejoong joked and let him step inside.

“That's mean, Changmin! Yunho!” Yoochun stated amused and still smiling.

“I thought we should go out tonight! All together with Junsu. What do you think?” he continued looking at the three man in front of him.

“Sounds great, right Yunho?” Changmin said smiling politely at his friend.

“Yeah, why not.” Yunho answered looking not too enthusiastic at all. But Changmin smiled at Jaejoong waiting for his answer, ignoring his friend totally.

“ I will call Junsu then.” Jaejoong chirped walking to his room getting his mobile phone, gaining a happy smile from Yoochun which the former had missed. And with that the opportunity to sense that something was amiss with Yoochun.

Later Junsu arrived at his brothers and Changmin's home to fetch them since he had offered to drive.

“Where are we going?” Junsu's high pitched voice echoed through the entrance hall from their house as soon as they opened the door.

Yoochun held up his hand to greet the other when he came around the corner after hearing that Junsu had arrived.

Soon after Yunho came searching for his car key since he was going to drive too.

“Did you see my keys?” he interrupted looking at Yoochun and Jaejoong just after greeting Junsu shortly.

“No.” Yoochun shook his head and with that Yunho looked at Jaejoong pleadingly.

Just when Jaejoong wanted to shake his head 'no' too, he remembered something: The music room. Yunho's lyrics. And beneath them there where keys.

“I know where!” Jaejoong tried to fight a shiver coming down his spines as he talked with a voice that had trembled slightly. He could only hope it did went unnoticed. Jaejoong turned and ran to the room, afraid that Yunho could find out what he had done with the lyrics.

But it was too late.

Yunho was already running after him, determined to get his keys and not even sensing what was going on with the other.

Jaejoong let out a gasp when heard Yunho entering the room after him. Fast he held onto the paper and held it behind his back standing in front of the table where the paper had been before.

With his other hand he reached for Yunho's keys and held it up for Yunho to get them.


“What are you hiding?”

Yunho asked after grabbing his keys, suspicious now.

“N- Nothing...”


His stuttering gave him away immediately and Yunho wasn't dumb, Jaejoong knew that.
Yunho thought about the sight in front of him and came to one conclusion. Jaejoong must have found, read and now hidden that crappy piece of paper from him. He recognized that he didn't threw that bad poem thingy away before going to Changmin's room. Suddenly he felt so vulnerable. It was Jaejoong's fault he thought while glaring at the other.

“What right do you have to read others stuff?” he finally spit out between his teeth pressed together in his rising anger.

“It was beautiful.” came a faint whisper from the raven man and Yunho's eyes widened at that remark.

It was all that Jaejoong could answer and before Yunho was able to react again they heard the others from the entrance hall wondering out loud where they were. With one last glare Yunho left to join the others. Jaejoong took a moment to digest what just happened before he followed after him.


Neon lights were playing on Changmin's face when he entered a building passing two very well built men in black suits. He took in many beautiful woman in dresses dancing in the middle of the room and men hovering in between. With a gasp Changmin turned glaring at Yoochun:

“Hey. If you wanted to bring us here don't you think we should have worn something else? And what's with this? Aren't we too old for this already?”

Yoochun only laughed at Changmin's demanding tone, grinning at him as the others followed watching the pub with surprise.

“Why didn't you tell us, Yoochun?” Junsu joined the conversation and Yoochun shook his head, still laughing at them.

“Come with me.” he said with his low voice, grabbing for Jaejoong's arm when he approached him last.

Yoochun brought the men downstairs through two doors. Nodding to a man standing in the hallway in front of the second door. The man nodded back and opened the door for them with a knowing smirk on his ugly face.
Changmin was getting other thoughts. Junsu too. They started to regret following the rich man without asking any questions about their destination now that they where here. They felt like they would witness gambling between some gangster next but nothing like that happened.

Apparently Metallica with 'Nothing else matters' was played and when the four looked around they could see a bar and tables. This place was darker than the other place they just came from. It had dimmed light and seemed more like a pub or something similar. But something was strange in Jaejoong's eyes. He could only see two woman in this whole place. Was here really a hideout for gambling?

“What kind of place is that?” Jaejoong whispered in Yoochun's ear as he wondered.

“I brought y'all to a gay bar!” Yoochun stated loudly with a bright smile to all of them.

“A g- WHAT?” Junsu's dolphin like voice squealed through the room and he sprung in front of Yoochun grabbing his arm not so cutely.

When Junsu got angry he was like another person. And now all could witness what that meant. His gaze was very scary when he let go of Yoochun's arm.

You brought us all to a gay bar without asking if we want to? Do I get that right?” he hissed at him furiously but Yoochun only shrugged unfazed.

“I did. You don't have to be gay or curious to be here. It's not a forbidden place. I thought it would be fun to hang out here without chicks trying to seduce us. At first I came here because woman tried to get my money but over the time I realized that I'm gay after all. So yeah. It's just that I really like that place a lot! If you want to leave, feel free to do so. But I guess Su you could stay since you're gay yourself aren't you?” he explained calmly, still smiling his warm smile.

Junsu only looked at him blankly. Then he looked to Changmin and Yunho who were already talking to someone they seemed to know. In the end he looked at Jaejoong's face and he just knew that his brother would be the only one hating this place.

“But you know, my brother isn't-”

“I know that he isn't gay. But seriously. He is my friend and for tonight he doesn't have a choice!”

Jaejoong narrowed his eyes at that statement.

“Really? Yoochunah. You can't do that to me...” he said, his soft voice showing his discomfort.

“The only thing I like about this place are the lesbians.” he continued when he saw the two women from earlier engaged in a hot kiss. Yoochun laughed again and slid the unwilling person to an empty table with chairs and a bench, what made enough room for them all to sit on.

At first they only sat there as a trio since Yunho and Changmin had walked off with that man from before. They all had already ordered beer when Yunho finally came back also with a beer in his right hand.
“Where is Changmin?” Jaejoong asked curiously.

“He is still talking with his old schoolmate. We were friends back then, all three but Soojun had moved to Seoul back then and we all lost contact.” Yunho explained and sat down besides Yoochun on the only empty chair.

Junsu watched his brother the whole evening. He was sulking about this whole thing and probably even more because he was surrounded by gay people. His brother had never looked down on him when he found out about his preferences. Not once. But then he refused talking about it too much in his opinion. It always seemed as if Jaejoong didn't want to be homophobic but maybe couldn't help it. Junsu wasn't sure, he only knew that Jaejoong always tried to stay away from that topic. And his new room mate didn't help lately. Junsu grinned at that thought. He hoped his brother could be more relaxed about the whole thing. He couldn't understand why he was so afraid of that whole thing.

Also he didn't know what Yoochun's intention was to bring them here in the first place. That was just a crazy idea. He never thought the silent man could have this side on him. Maybe he should get to know him better now. Now or never. Junsu smiled at this idea and gazed at the oblivious man across the table.

“So, Yoochun, you where very forward back then. Would you mind to tell me more about the whole story?” he asked slowly, his lips trembling a bit from nervousness. It was still hard for him to measure the other man.

“Sure. I'm finally warming up to you all I guess. Which part of my story are you referring to?” Yoochun asked.

And at that moment Changmin came to their table mumbling a soft “Here are you. I searched for you.” till he realized that he interrupted a conversation. He sat down next to Junsu and waited for them to continue with whatever they were occupied with.

“I meant when you told us that you realized you were gay... because of the women. That sounded a bit strange to me so I got curious. I hope you don't feel offended.” Junsu asked and it was evident that he wasn't very confident. Changmin chuckled softly and looked at Yoochun curiously, wanting to know more about his story, too.

“Oh this. No need to be shy Junsu. It was just a piece of my story so it might have sounded wrong. It was just that I was fed up with the women around me. So I started to talk more and more with just men and that made it just easier to figure out that I'm more attracted to them than to women. Of course I denied this at first. But somehow I figured life is too short to regret things later.” he explained softly.

Changmin and Junsu where watching the other like being in a daze. Both thinking of their own experiences. Even Jaejoong had been listening interestedly to the others story.

“How old where you?” Changmin asked and his voice sounded soft and not too eager just a little interested.

“I was nineteen.” Yoochun said while he was gazing at Changmin.

“Nineteen...” Changmin repeated.

“How old where you?”


“How old were you when you realized you prefer men, Changmin?” Yoochun retried.

“Er... I was- It was when- “

“Sorry did my question offend you?”

“No it's just a blurry memory to me. I guess I realized this during my second year of marriage.”

“Marriage?” Junsu and Jaejoong exclaimed astonished at the same time just typical for brothers.

“Uhm... Yeah. I'm married.” Changmin said averting his gaze from Yoochun to the Kim brothers.

“You never told us this...” came a whisper from Jaejoong who immediately thought about the mystical letter Changmin had received.

“I thought it wasn't an important matter at all. Since this marriage never worked as you can see.”

Right. Changmin was gay. And Jaejoong never saw the other wearing a ring.

“But you did marry her. Didn't you love her then? I'm sorry if this goes too far we can stop. I'm just curious.” Yoochun called attention again.

Changmin looked at him thoughtful before Yoochun gained a small smile from him.

“I guess I liked her. A lot. But it never occurred to me that this was simply brotherly love. I was naive back then to marry her this fast. I barely knew her for a year before I proposed. Marriage is not easy and we really tried. But when I realized... the very reason why this didn't worked. I had to tell her. After that things got a bit ugly.”

Changmin thought back and smiled sadly at the thought of his wife. She was beautiful and a good wife. But they grew apart very quickly and it was still sad this way. But they couldn't help it.

Irritated Yunho cleared his throat rather loudly what gained him the full attention he definitely didn't want. But everything was better than continuing with this topic he thought.

The next hour went by in a blurry in Jaejoong's eyes. The conversations went to safer topics and they all started to mix soju with beer. Junsu was the first to get tipsy and Jaejoong hoped he would soon stop drinking. He barely listened to Junsu's ranting about football but he was glad that this was more like a sausage parts than some awkward gay meeting.

When Junsu tried to coax Yoochun into talking more about his work as a plastic surgeon Jaejoong decided to go to the bar to get a cocktail. The later the night the more men where here and the result was that the waiter couldn't keep up with their needs for alcohol.

After he realized some man gazing at him in a strange way he started to shiver. Why a gay bar, Yoochun, why? He thought very frustrated.

“What can I do for you?” the bartender asked him suggestively.

Jaejoong slightly flinched at that.

“Tequila please. And five beer with soju shots please.” he decided. A cocktail was maybe too girly and this was the last place he wanted to look girly in. Then again the beer with soju shots wouldn't be enough for him tonight.

After he drank the tequila with the lemon and salt in one shot he almost dropped the five beer with the soju pins.

“Woah. Careful Jae!” Yunho slurred after Jaejoong run into him slightly when he turned without watching out. Yunho went after Jaejoong when he wondered what took him so long.

“Yunho!” Jaejoong's eyes widened in surprise. He was the last of his friends he would expect to follow him. Then again he maybe just wanted to get something from the bar, too.

“Why go alone, when we could help you carrying. I didn't know you where this nice. The guys are craving to get a new drink already!”

Yunho didn't seem to be spent. But he was getting there slowly, Jaejoong observed. And it bugged him somehow.
Without another word Yunho took two glasses and made his way back to their table. Grinning to the others.

“Look I found the lost princess!” he blurted and succeeded to make the others laugh on Jaejoong's account.

With a foul mood Jaejoong sat down while handing the beer around.


A few shots later – Jaejoong lost the track of how many at this point – Yoochun suggested to move their drinking session to another place. Junsu was the first to squeal his 'Yes!' of course.

“I'm going home.” Jaejoong stated and he was happy for the opportunity to get home.

“Good, can you take Yunho with you then? I think he really shouldn't go for another round.”

“Changmin I don't t-”

“Come on look at the poor guy!” Yoochun interrupted.

A sigh later Jaejoong just nodded. It wasn't very appealing to him to get Yunho home. He was in 'crybaby' mode again since he was pretty drunk. And Jaejoong knew that side of him.

He was a bit angry that no one else tagged along. But it was partly his fault for backing out and so he had to take the consequence: Yunho.

The good thing was that the walk on the fresh air helped Yunho to get his senses back a bit. At first he even wanted to turn around and follow the others for the karaoke bar they had decided to try out.

But he stopped when he heard a female voice shouting out Jaejoong's name. Jaejoong who didn't even tried to hold him back. They really weren't anything like friends. Changmin would have dragged him home at all means.


“Soojunah? Oh it's really you! How are you?”

Jaejoong stood in front of a stunning woman. Her hair was straight and black. She had a small face and pouty lips – even though they couldn't compare to Jaejoong's. Her nose was small and in contrast to her small face she had a pair of large brown eyes. All in all: She was just stunning.

Yunho stopped and decided to walk back, towards the talking couple.

“I'm good. You didn't change at all. How are you? You never contacted me after you moved...”

“I'm sorry. Let's exchange numbers and meet up. I have to go now.” after fishing out his mobile phone he quickly gave her his number and glanced back at Yunho smiling lightly.

“Yah! Jaejoong are you drunk? I can't possibly read what you wrote there. Just give me your phone. I will give you my number so you can call me!” her voice was soft and endearing. Without waiting for his answer Soojun grabbed his mobile device and started typing.

Yunho could swear that he saw how Jaejoong's cheeks reddened at her remark. He coughed to gain his attention again.

“So you will come with me now?”


After Soojun gave Jaejoong his phone back, they exchanged a goodbye hug. Then Yunho walked next to Jaejoong again.

“Who was that?”

“Just my ex girlfriend. Pretty huh?”

Yunho almost stopped walking when he heard that from Jaejoong's mouth. That woman looked like a high business class model.

“Yeah. She was really pretty. How come you are still friends with you ex girlfriend?” he couldn't resist asking further.

Jaejoong laughed bemusedly at him as he watched the streetlights from the buildings on the other side of the street.

“We broke it off very peacefully. She fell for the football captain. We were still young when we dated. It wasn't a big deal.”

'It wasn't a big deal?' In Yunho's opinion a failed relationship was always a big deal. But Yunho decided not to dig for more information. It wasn't his problem after all.

With shattering keys Jaejoong tried to open the main door to his home. But to his annoyance the door wouldn't open. He didn't realize that he took the wrong key till Yunho pointed it out without hiding his laughter.

Yunho spent the next five minutes with laughing,

“I thought I was drunk!”

“You sobered up a little.”

“You didn't?”

“Maybe not.”

It was evident that Jaejoong was pissed but Yunho wouldn't have any of that and didn't stop annoying the other. He enjoyed that too much.

“Where you really never curious how it felt like to kiss a boy when you where young?”

“Can you stop this talk please? I've had enough Yunho. Really. Not everyone is gay, you know.”

To show his anger Jaejoong pushed Yunho aside a little when he went past him to get to his room. That triggered something in Yunho to not let it go.

“I bet you've kissed a boy. And I bet you didn't hate it and that is the reason for your sour behavior. You should quickly adapt to the word 'gay' Jaejoong. You're living with one who prefers men and he doesn't deserve to be looked down at.”

“I'm. Not. Looking. Down. At. Changmin.” Jaejoong retorted putting pressure in every word. Yunho sure knew how to piss him off in a matter of seconds.

“Everyone can feel your discomfort. I bet you're one of those delusional curious men who is actually jealous that we can carry out whatever you may dream of.”

That was enough. With a strong push Yunho landed against the wall. Jaejoong had pressed his lips harshly against Yunho's. But as fast as he had kissed the taller as soon he let go of him.

“See. I'm not curious. I just don't feel a thing. Okay that's a lie. I feel something. I hate it.” he used his hand and rubbed it harshly against his mouth as if that gesture would wash the kiss off his mouth.

When Yunho didn't continued the argument Jaejoong decided to leave.

“Bastard.” he murmured under his breath when he entered the bathroom. The mirror showed a highly confused man. With trembling hands he reached for his toothbrush and the toothpaste.

No. He didn't kiss Yunho to shut him up. He wouldn't.

While he was brushing his teeth the room started to spin suddenly.

'Shit. I'm so drunk. I will regret this so much tomorrow.'

Jaejoong thought and spit into the sink. His face showed a grimace full of regret by the thought of tomorrow. But now he was drunk. And whilst drunk he shouldn't regret, right?

But he did. He did so much. And he didn't want to think of what he would feel tomorrow then. His stomach tightened the more he thought about the incident. After he finished he had to crawl in his bed since his drunken state let him feel the affects in the end.

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I had to re- read previous chaps... There's still a lot hidden. Maybe we will know more in nx chappie. Thx for the update..

That is true. I'm sorry if I confuse you^^ But there are coming more answers chapter by chapter now :)

I'm getting the picture of what's happening to each one of them so far. And well, its really hm 'deep' and I'm not very good at reading 'those' things but this is written pretty well. I can't even uncover Jae's denial of being gay till it's mentioned. Ah well, I've not many comments but this is nicely written! :)

wow, thank you so much for saying this :) Yes... I torture my beta alot I guess ^^''
I will try my best to not dissapoint you then :)

I really like your story and read the first four chapters in one go :D ♥ I love how close Changmin and Jaejoong have gotten to the point where Changmin can just call Jae up after returning from his trip and bluntly ask where he is. ^^ Jaejoong and Yunho annoying each other for no real reason...haha, I enjoyed reading about that. The part where Jaejoong read Yunho's poem, composed a song for it and called the poem beautiful really touched and intrigued me. Am anticipating Yunho's reaction to hearing the song lol. I dont really understand where Junsu and Yoochun's relationship is at this point.but I am looking forward to reading more.

Thanks so much for writing!

thank you so much :)
And haha now I'm sorry at the same time since you now will have to wait for updates :'D
Your comment really encourages me a lot <3

Haha before Yunho can hear the song I guess they will have to annoy each other a bit more, I think xD
I'm happy you liked the scene with the poem I wanted this reaction when people read it because I felt that way while writing this :)

♥ thanks for commenting I hope I will see you around~

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