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You can't give away a heart that never belonged to yourself.

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When fate plays games [ 2 ]

genre: romance, comedy (at least I'll try...)

length: chaptered (short fic? I hope so...)

pairing: YunJae

rating: PG

warnings: man + man relationship don't read if that offends you... leave my page then too^^

disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story and even that is leaning on a manga called 'Missile Happy' I've read that a long time ago but I still think it's the cutest thing on earth. So I wanted a YunJae version :) If you never read the story: You should!!!

summary: Jaejoong had a slight sister complex and therefore he felt obligated to check out on his soon to be brother in law: Jung Yunho.

Thanks to: vivi1609 who edited this chapter lovely ♥

AN: From the next chapter on the story will differ more and more from the manga and I'm still working it out^^ Comments are love and motivation~


Friday at Seoul High, canteen.

Junsu was eating some ice cream listening to his best friends rambling. Which was nothing out of place. “Yeah. I understand. Yunho is bad. But why are you still living there?” Junsu interrupted the one way train of talking. Jaejoong looked up with fire in his eyes. He dreaded this topic and Junsu fucking knew that. “I just always missed the chance to tell him... But since I found out he doesn't want to be set up with any of those women I think it's less urgent to talk about my sister. Since she is safe I think I will leave today. I'll just tell him I found a new apartment or so.” he explained still not touching his food.

Nice. Then do you want to visit me tomorrow?”, “Alright let's do that Junsu but stop talking about him.” Jaejoong looked pointedly at the other as he finally started to eat his long abandoned lunch.

Later when he was on his way home he started to think things through. Like how he could talk to Yunho without sounding suspicious. Maybe the other would ask where he was moving? He should have answers to that- In the middle of his thinking his mobile phone started to ring. “Hello?”, “Jaejoongie~”, “Solbi! How are you sis?”, “I'm good. How is it at Junsu? Don't want to come home for a bit at least? Three weeks are going to be long, we already miss our baby brother.” Jaejoong laughed at his sister's cuteness: “I guess I'll visit home by Sunday then?” he offered and Solbi sounded happy with that. “Okay. See you then, bye!”, “Bye sis!” Jaejoong grinned the rest of his travel 'home', it was good to hear his sister's voice once in a while. He missed her and he felt so delighted that he won't loose her to someone else yet.

When Jaejoong arrives at Yunho's apartment the only trace of him was a small note on the table:

'I'm out again. I won't come home tonight. Please close the windows and lock the door. I'll be back tomorrow in the evening. Yun.'

Always giving yourselves nicknames.” Jaejoong grumbled before he entered the bathroom to wash up. He felt a bit grumpy that the other was out so much.

He was a child again, small and fragile. With his small feet he stood and walked into the dark room. He heard noises, his parents voices, whispering heatedly and he could hear his name and sadly even understand what they were talking about. With a heavy heart, feeling afraid that someone might find him, see him cry, he held his hand tightly over his mouth to stifle the noises, making himself choke as he pressed against his soft lips.

It was that day again. This always comes back to him in form of nightmares. That fateful day he overheard his 'parents' talking about adopting him. He would never forget the feeling of standing there, all alone, feeling too lost to move. Then the ground beneath him suddenly decided to vanish and he was falling and falling and never stopping, his heart was pounding against his small chest and it felt like it was exploding soon.

The next scene of his dream was him standing on a green field with flowers. His small hands held his sisters bigger hands. And he heard himself whispering little promises to his sister: “I'll protect you!”, “I'll hurry and grow up so we can marry!” Jaejoong remembered how badly he had wanted to marry his oldest sister, how he always clung at her. And he remembered her smile, that beautiful smile that made his little heart beat faster and lightened up his sad world a lot. She had saved him from the darkness inside him.

He woke up sweaty with a headache and a frown on his face. Why did he dream of that again? He stood up fast and got ready even faster, leaving the flat in a hurry to meet up with Junsu. He didn't want more time to think about the past. No, he wanted to stay in the present. And meeting with Junsu was indeed the best thing to do when depressed. They played video games, went out for some soccer with others and then had some lunch.

Exhausted he told Junsu that he had to go 'home' to talk to Yunho since he wasn't home yesterday again. Junsu sighed and let him go.


When he arrived at the flat he was surprised that the door wasn't locked anymore. “Yunho?” smiling he entered the room looking for the tall man. But instead he saw another man, completely dressed in black and wearing a cap down his face so Jaejoong couldn't really see it. Frowning he looked around, taking in how the whole place was messy. “You! Wait!”

'This is my fault.' shot through Jaejoong's head when he chased the intruder, who wanted to escape through the window. Running after him and finally able to grab Yunho's money box, Jaejoong flung himself out the window, it was the first floor so it was no problem.

But the burglar released the others grab on him forcefully and was able to flee even with the money box which he had snapped back from the other. Jaejoong fell unfavorably and didn't move at all. He just lied there with thoughts running through his mind.

This is why I work on part time jobs, I want to be independent.”

He could hear Yunho's voice and tears formed in his closed eyes. 'I couldn't protect his money... He worked so hard for this... I must have forgotten to lock his apartment... I'm so bad...' And then everything just went silent around him as he lost his consciousness.


The first thing that Yunho saw was the mess on the floor. The open drawer and finally the wide opened window. His eyes grew bigger when he thought back on what he read last week.

Dear tenants, please be careful since burglar cases continue to happen in this neighborhood.

He grew pale. “Jaejoong?” he asked running around the apartment. “Jaejoong!” he shouted finally. He took his mobile phone out, calling the other. Then he heard a faint sound: Outside the window. Shocked he ran to the window leaning out and watching down. There Jaejoong lied, with a hurt leg and scratches everywhere. Yunho cursed as he climbed out, to look after Jaejoong.

When he knelt beside that fragile body all he could do was stare at that pale and slightly swollen face and he wondered for how long he was already lying here like that. Cursing he took Jaejoong in his arms lifting him up and he further cursed on how light that young boy was. 'Doesn't he eat at all?' he wondered briefly. Carrying the sleeping body to the entrance, hoping no one would think strangely of their appearance.

Then he laid Jaejoong down on his bed, wondering when he will wake up and checking if the other was even breathing. Yunho started to wonder if he should take Jaejoong to a hospital, he didn't really see any wounds apart from scratches and the little wound on his wrist, but who would know. Worried he took out his car key when Jaejoong started to struggle and made Yunho come back to his side again. “Jaejoong are you alright?”, “Nhh... Bastard... Yunho's money... kill you... disappointed him... Bastard...” Jaejoong stressed in between his struggling. All attempts to calm him down failed but soon Jaejoong was back to sleep again. Maybe he never was really awake, but Yunho decided it was fine to let him stay here instead of going to a hospital.

He searched for his first aid kit and started bandaging the wound on Jaejoong's slim wrist. “You fool... Dummy...” Yunho cursed quietly, a smile on his lips in contrast to his own words.

When Jaejoong wakes up smelling cigarettes again, he wonders where he is before remembering what happened. He opened his eyes looking around in a cleaned apartment. It wasn't messy anymore. 'Yunho must be home...' Jaejoong thought suddenly sad again. He must have found out his money was stolen because of his carelessness. Just then his hand decided to act up. Wincing he held his hurting hand up, taking in how it was bandaged. 'Yunho must have aided me.' The high school student stood up from Yunho's bed, giving a sad smile how the other had let him sleep there, he started looking around for the other. But then he heard muffled voices from behind the closed entrance door. It sounded a lot like Yunho's voice. Getting nearer the said door Jaejoong could hear the voice more clearly:

I'm not getting married!” Yunho barked, “So go back to my old man and tell him he can stop sending me all those useless proposals.”

Jaejoong turned the knob of the door, slowly opening the door, revealing Yunho's broad back and a man who looked like a business man. “But Yunho! Your father only want's your best. Just meet them and see for yourself.” the business man tried again. But Jaejoong had heard enough he slammed the door open, revealing himself with this action. The man and Yunho looked at him in confusion but he wouldn't have any of that. He was angry. “Yunho won't marry any of those women! He'll marry me! And now leave us alone old man!”, “Old man?” the business man repeated dumbly, taking in the information too slowly to react fast enough. Because Jaejoong already took Yunho by his arm and forced him inside the apartment shutting the door at the man's face.

W-What was that?” Yunho stuttered and Jaejoong felt shy suddenly. “Sorry for that... And sorry for your money... I was too careless.” he remembered his wrong doings again and felt helpless as his eyes started prickling with that well known emotion he dreaded. He didn't want to cry right now... He felt so vulnerable now that he was standing in front of the tall man.

Never do that again!” Yunho nothing but shouted at him angrily, thinking back on what had happened and he was still angry at the other man so he was maybe a bit too harsh to Jaejoong. But who told him to get in such a dangerous situation anyway?

I- I'm sorry!” Jaejoong said between tears and clenched fists. He couldn't refrain from crying now that he was confronted with Yunho's anger.

That burglar could have killed you! You'll stay here today and I will treat you.” Yunho further shouted at him and suddenly Jaejoong had to smile. He must look stupid right now since he was crying and smiling at the same time. But he didn't care at all. “Alright...” he whispered.

Jaejoong had canceled his plans to go home and finally had spent some time with Yunho, getting his full attention for the first time of his stay.

Yunho had tried to cook something for them but it turned out unenjoyable and so they ordered take out. Jaejoong wanted to cook but Yunho wouldn't let him, saying something about his injuries where enough already and the younger had just laughed and agreed with him.

The day was really enjoyable and Jaejoong felt good even though he was injured.


Yunho brought you here all the way? But isn't his campus the other way?” Junsu was being noisy again on Monday, when Jaejoong came by Yunho's car. “Uhm... Is it?” Jaejoong didn't know, but he was smiling.

And somehow Jaejoong couldn't wait until school was over already and he could get home. To Yunho he meant. He felt strange the whole day and he barely heard what Junsu or the teachers where even saying.


Can I cook again?” Jaejoong tested his luck when Yunho came home short after him. The ingredients Jaejoong wanted to use were already on the kitchen counter, waiting to be used by him. But he had waited for Yunho to arrive to get his approval, like the good boy he was.

Only when you wear that apron~” Yunho tried his luck, getting a glare for that and making Jaejoong regret his actions. He shouldn't have asked that useless pervert for his unneeded opinion, really what had gotten into him lately? But Jaejoong cooked anyway, though without the apron, of course. “Can I get a taste?” Yunho sneaked up behind him. “Shut up, out of the kitchen. Go set the table!” Jaejoong chastised, tasting the food himself, adding some pepper paste afterward. Yunho pouted cutely at him but did what he was told. The young boy faked ignorance but had to hide a smile creeping up his porcelain-like face “I feel like a married man suddenly.” he muttered when he set down chop sticks, again getting a glare from Jaejoong for that, silencing him successfully. 'Does that make me the wife?' Jaejoong thought to himself, confused with his own behavior.

Yunho waited until Jaejoong was finally washing up. “Wash yourself first. And then I'll wash your hair!” he had offered since Jaejoong was hurt. But he only got a light slap on his shoulder for that, gaining a “Pervert!” from the other. Yunho thought this became a habit and he was laughing at that pleasant thought. But now he had to take care of something first.

Hello? Is this Solbi?”...

At least Yunho had to call Jaejoong's sister... since he shouldn't act as if he didn't know.

Chapter 3

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They really act like a couple...^-^

thanks for commenting^^ and yeah they do xD Jae is so natural around yunho lol

EHH? What is this?? So Yunho actually KNOWS???
Jaejoong is slowly fall for Yunho ^^, so cute....

:3 thanks for the comment.
yeah I dunno how this happened so fast xD

OHMYGEE, love love this cute cute story, awww now yunjae's acting like a real couple and yunho knows jj's sister? O.O? looking forward to the next update

omo thanks ♥
I won't make you wait long^^

welcome and so happy to hear, yay ^-^

Curious for next chapter. Yunho is up to something.

^^ you got it right~ thanks for commenting ♥

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