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You can't give away a heart that never belonged to yourself.

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When fate plays games [ 3 ]

genre: romance, comedy, slightest angst in this chapter (really slightly)

length: chaptered

pairing: YunJae

rating: PG 13

disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story and even that is leaning on a manga called 'Missile Happy' I've read that a long time ago but I still think it's the cutest thing on earth. So I wanted a YunJae version :) If you never read the story: You should!!!

Thanks to: vivi1609 who edited this chapter lovely ♥

summary: Jaejoong has a 'slight' sister complex and therefore he felt obligated to check out on his soon to be brother in law: Jung Yunho.

credit: This beautiful banner was done by my dear beta vivi1609


Solbi was in a state of rage. First disbelief overtook her when she heard the strangers explanation. Then shock and last but really not least: Anger.

How could her baby brother go this far? How could he really lie about the whole 'I stay at Junsu' thing just to check on her stupid marriage candidate. This brat really needs some education.

Still raging Solbi went to the address the stranger had given her, wanting to see the deed with her own two eyes. And then there was this 'Jaejoong got hurt' thing what made her more worried than anything else that may have occurred. How could her baby brother be this careless and stay at a strangers home for freaking eight days? This was beyond her imagination since he never acted up like that before. Sure, he never was fond of their parents idea on marrying her off before the other sisters could settle down. But then again she understood their parents a bit more than Jaejoong, in this case it showed that she was the oldest out of five. She was an independent woman, starting off as a sales woman in a small firm. But deep inside she was lonely and not made for being a carrier woman alone and their parents knew this much, which made them wanting to help her to meet a possible match. They had waited at first for her to meet one by herself but since she was a busy woman it wasn't that easy to meet one by chance. She could have told her brother and maybe this would have been the best but she couldn't bring herself to do so somehow. She doesn't know how he would take that piece of information in, her baby brother always thought he was enough for her or something on that line.

Sighting she rang the bell of her marriage candidate's home, where her brother currently stayed at.

Upon hearing the door bell ring Yunho stood up from the sofa he was currently sitting in, obviously waiting for Solbi.

When he found Jaejoong hurt the other day he had searched through his bag to contact his family since he felt the responsibility to let them know such a thing happened, asking himself why he doesn't stay at his parents place anyway; which made him paddle back and wonder if he has a family at all? If they even cared? But it wasn't for him to question that. That was when he found a black leather map and curiosity took over him as he opened it, eyes growing big when he read the big letters on the first paper springing in his face almost mockingly:

'Investigation on Jung Yunho'

What the actual hell was that about? Oh, he got his answer wanted or not, when he turned the pages, he came upon side scribbles next to the information about himself. Scribbles like

'not good enough for my sister',

'Solbi hates smoker',

'My poor sister!! I'll protect her from this pervert'.

Yunho had to frown at this revelation, putting two and two together he could see where Jaejoong was coming from. He remembered how angry Jaejoong was about him having so many marriage date candidates and then the investigation map, the scribbles about his sister. Definitely Jaejoong was here because of a woman named Solbi, whom his father tried to match him up with. Absentmindedly he searched for Jaejoong's mobile device, searching for a specific name.

And now that woman was here in front of his apartment. She had agreed to come over and take her brother back home, telling Yunho that she was tremendously sorry for her brothers rude behavior.

He opened the door, not surprised to greet a very beautiful woman, smiling to him but she couldn't betray him, as her smile didn't really reach her eyes.

Hello. You must be Jung Yunho. I am Kim Solbi and I'm really sorry for what happened... Where is he?”, Solbi asked the man in front of her, reaching out her hand for a handshake. Yunho took the hand and stepped aside a little to let her in.

Before Yunho could even answer a loud voice came from the corner of the room, where Jaejoong sat on the couch, watching television.

Yunho? Who was that?” Jaejoong obviously thought the visitor was already gone.

Yunho's eyes got smaller when he was about to complain to the younger man that he again sat there with wet hair on his leather couch. Jaejoong should already know that Yunho didn't like that. But he retained that urge when Solbi raised her voice at the poor younger sibling. “Jaejoong what do you think you are doing here? Watching television calmly while I think you are at a friends house?” Jaejoong's sprung from his spot and ran up to his sister confirming what he already knew: “Solbi!” Next Jaejoong looked at Yunho, and Yunho saw a hint feeling of betrayal in the others eyes. He tried to look back, sorry and even sympathetic, but he didn't know if he showed those feelings throughout his eyes well enough for the other to catch them. Obviously not. Jaejoong watched him fuming silently by now. Maybe it was a bad idea, not to talk to Jaejoong before calling his sister or even before she came.

Not even realizing the silent exchange between both men Solbi was in her own rage fit right now. “You! Jaejoong! Are coming back with me now! And I will go to that marriage meeting. Now I have even more reason to do so!” Jaejoong watched her wild gestures while listening to her shouting, looking like a kicked puppy. But Solbi knew no mercy, when she let Yunho show her around to find everything that belongs to her brother, grabbing them and then grabbing Jaejoong to take him with her.

Thank you for looking after him all those days and I am really sorry again!” she bowed one last time before Yunho found himself alone in his apartment, only hearing voices from the still running television.


Solbi applied some make-up and looked at her dresses, she wanted to look good for the meeting. Even if she just agreed on it now because of Jaejoong's behavior. Her brother had to change his attitude quickly, she thought. He is already nineteen years old and shouldn't run around checking marriage candidate's for his sister.

A smile came upon her face when she thought about it, he made her feel loved and she was happy about that. But still his way of showing affection wasn't right. Torn between liking and hating the way her brother had handled the matter she didn't know how to act in front of the poor guy. He didn't come out of his room since she brought him back yesterday, but she knew he would come with her to the meeting if she let him.

When Solbi asked him, Jaejoong had agreed, at least he knew her future husband already so he should show him and his family his respects. This was all he could do after everything. Solbi had been very angry with him and he didn't want to disappoint her anymore. Therefore he decided to show his best manners.

Even their parents could attend the meeting since they came back at night. Complaining that Yoobin, their mother, had bad luck. She broke her tooth and with this the trip was over. But when they heard the news they were more than happy, arranging the meeting as soon as possible, which was now.

When they arrived at the restaurant where they was planned to meet the Jung family, Jaejoong saw Yunho standing at the entrance already. It was the first thing that came to his eyes when their car came around the corner looking for a parking lot in front of the Chinese restaurant. But Yunho didn't meet his eyes, the others eyes where looking at nothing in particular, appearing empty.

Nice to meet you finally Mr. Jung, Mrs. Jung, Yunho!” Jinhwan, the head of the Kim family greeted the others. He had especially closed his family restaurant for today's occasion since he wanted their first meeting to be at a neutral place. “Nice to meet you too.” Jung Kwangseok greeted him back and shook everyone’s hands. Solbi bowed shyly and Jaejoong followed suit. Short after they sat in one of the private rooms of the restaurant chatting about unimportant stuff. Jaejoong wondered how Yunho felt, since the other clearly stated he didn't want an arranged marriage. But today the other seemed so collected, Jaejoong wondered if meeting Solbi changed his mind in the end. He had to admit his sister was intelligent, beautiful and a wonderful person, so it was understandable. Next he watched his sister, who showed herself in her best manners, smiling a lot and she even tried to hold up small conversations with Yunho. But Jaejoong wasn't able to follow the depths of their conversations since he was too busy to measure the atmosphere. All in all it seemed like Yunho will really become his brother in law.


Thinking back Jaejoong still could clearly remember how Yunho's door mate looked like. He always liked the gray, black and red checked pattern. When he would enter through the main door and the first thing he could see would be the white curtains, maybe flattering when Yunho was home and the windows where opened. The table would be filled with study books, pencils and empty coffee cups. Maybe Yunho would sit there, pencil in his right hand, tipping his chin with it and thinking about something. The kitchen would look exactly like Jaejoong left it since Yunho wouldn't cook more than instant ramyeon. He didn't know how Yunho lived on his own before but he seemed to need someone by his side after all. So it was maybe the best if they married. But Jaejoong's mind couldn't proceed that thought very well. The pictures of Yunho's apartment where like engraved within him, as if they where tattooed there. With shivering hands he stroke his swollen eyes, he couldn't sleep the night and now he finally felt the loss. Jaejoong felt like fainting. “Are you alright?” Solbi asked him when she saw her brothers pale expression and Yunho watched him worriedly, too. “Y-Yeah... I think I just need some air. Excuse me please.” he answered with a tiny voice bowing before escaping the room that made him breathless.

Finally outside he took a deep breath, leaning on the wall of the restaurant.

Jaejoong! I'm home. What did you cook? I'm hungry!”,

Stop whining Yunho. I made Bulgogi, Bibimbab and bought some side dishes, since your kitchen was nearly empty. You should stop eating ramyeon every day.”

I have you for that for now, so it's alright, right my wife?”

Stop it you old retard!”



What is it?”

What are you doing so late? Didn't you sleep when I came home? Why are you up again?”

I have homework to finish. I didn't want to fall asleep.”

Let me help you, it's late.”

Thank you.”


Good morning honey!”

Pervert! Didn't I say not to scare me?”

It's not my fault that you love to sleep in my arms, you know?”

Stop pouting. You look ugly and old.”

I'm not old, Jae!”

You are!”

Let's have omelette for breakfast.”

Okay, okay... but stop whining!”

Woohoo! Okay I will~”

He didn't know he was crying until the first teardrop hit his hand. Quickly he started to wipe the evidence away before anyone could see them. Jaejoong felt terrible and he knew he was in no state to go back to the room where his sister was flirting with his future brother in law. 'Brother in law', he repeated over and over again in his head wishing the knowledge would finally sink in, robbing him from his heartache, that he wasn't even allowed to have. Ashamed he started to walk away without a word to the others. He was in no mood to care for the basic manners right now, all he wanted to do was escape. Escape from the horrible truth. His sister will marry Yunho. “Yunhojah...” the word emitted from his lips before he could stop them and tears followed suit.


I'm sorry for coming late. I'm Changmin, Yunho's older brother. Nice to meet you.” Changmin bowed politely. The Jung's had explained that Changmin had work to do before he could join them, so it was no problem at all, but he apologized anyway. Smiling he sat down ordering some food and then he joined the conversation, revolving around Solbi's little brother whom they had called. “He doesn't feel good, so he went home first.” Mrs. Kim explained and the others nodded. “I'm sorry to hear that, hopefully he get's well soon.” Mrs. Jung consoled politely. Yunho felt worried but it didn't show on his face at all, Solbi had searched his face not finding what she was searching for, frowning. She felt like she was missing some piece of a puzzle. Like something was right in front of her, but escaped anyway. She felt restless and when she looked around her gaze fell upon Changmin who mirrored her worried look and then they smiled.


Jaejoong decided to avoid his sister for the next day. It's not that he didn't want to see her but more like he couldn't do it even if he wanted to feign ignorance. Her face was so bright when they arrived home after their dinner. She looked after him immediately and he feigned sleep to escape her. The boy knew this couldn't go on forever but right now this was all he could do. It wasn't like he knew why he was suddenly like that, was that normal? Was it because of his sister? Because she would finally move out, leave him and be happy without him, hopefully happy? Or was it because of that man he came too familiar with? He didn't really know.

Hey Junsu. Am I late?” He asked his best friend, thankful that the other had invited him for his soccer game today. “No you aren't we are just done with our warm ups but I have to go, see you later!” Junsu shouted while running to his team mates. “Good luck!” Jaejoong shouted after him. Junsu's team would play against seniors today but it was a friendly game. Anticipating the game, he sat down relaxed for the first time since yesterday.

Jaejoong?” the called person looked up, only to certify that he heard right. “Yunho! What are you doing here?”, “Oh, I'm here for a friend, he has an away game here today, you?”, “Junsu has a game, too. You're friend will play against mine then, I guess.”, “Oh...” Yunho knew Junsu, Jaejoong had told him about his best friend. “Right. Can I sit down anyway?”, “Of course...” that didn't sound convincing to Yunho's ears but he ignored that and sat down besides the younger boy anyway. “So you feel better today?” he asked instead. “Yeah, thanks.” Jaejoong didn't look away from the field in front of them once and silence fell between them, when Yunho figured that the other didn't want this conversation. The older couldn't figure why the atmosphere was like that between them, it wasn't like they where strangers and he was happy when he saw Jaejoong so why wasn't the other too?

Junsu decided the game for them when he made their fifth goal for the day. Everyone was cheering excitedly and soon the other was out from showering and changing clothes, ready to meet up with his best friend. What he didn't expect was the older man who was talking with the goaltender of the opponent’s team. Hesitantly he approached them smiling at his best friend. “Congratulation Junsu. You where great!” Jaejoong greeted him happily and Junsu beamed at him. “Thank you!”. “You really where great.” The other team's goaltender approved. “I'm Yoochun by the way, nice to meet you.” the man held his hand to him and Junsu took it. “Junsu, nice to meet you too.” he looked at Yunho, his gaze questioningly. “Oh that is Yunho, I told you about him, he is my sisters fiance.” Jaejoong was fast to introduce them, when he saw the others confusion.

Hi, Junsu. Congratulation for winning today, you where really great. It was fun to watch.” Junsu bowed at that, hiding his reddened cheecks from the other. So this was the perverted, good-for-nothing, Yunho? Jaejoong had a lot to explain later, he thought grimly. “So why don't we join the others for the after party?” Yoochun suggested with a grin on his face, watching the strange combination they made. The two younger boys where refreshing, something he liked a lot, even more with his not-too-funny friend Yunho, who could need a change.

Chapter 4

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Aw, Jae is getting jealous :3 And lol at his handwritten notes on his investigation for Yunho... so cute x_x! I'm guessing Solbi and Changmin are gonna hit it off, as are Yoosu. :3

Poor jj - he is so clueless on his own feelings.. Yh will go gay for u jj - no worries..

OHMYGEE poor jealous jj, but i got a feeling that solbi and minmin will end up together toinks XD and jj ur inlove witn yun, wonder what'll happen next curious much, thanks for this update and all the best ^-^

lol this is funny xDD I'm actually reading your fic 'where were you all my life' RIGHT NOW :D and then I get your comment...

Thank you :) I'm totally mesmerized by your fic right now^^

Thank you! I'm glad you are enjoying my story. I always like to check who is reading my fic cause it may be someone who also writes and that means new stories to read.
I really like this story of yours. Jae is adorable and crazy. I wanna hug him but I wouldn't be able to deal with him, lol.

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