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You can't give away a heart that never belonged to yourself.

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Yunjae OS/Drabble

Pairing: Yunjae

Lengh: OS? Drabble? (914 words)

Genre: Love/hate relationship, incest

Rating: PG

AN: tell me if you want a sequel. It just kinda happen, when I read that someone wanted a Yunjae ver. of Triangle. This is not similar to Triangle but this is what my mind did to me after reading that request^^

People are what you make them. A scornful look turns into a complete fool a man of average intelligence. A contemptuous indifference turns into an enemy a (woman) who, well treated, might have been an angel.

Andre Maurois

Yunho watched the grim looking officer in his overall, standing all proud and angry in front of him. „This will really be the last time. I'm sorry.“ he said but both knew they where empty promises. Then again Yunho was too polite for his own good since he and his useless brother had parents with the power to let Jaejoong do what he want's to and get away with that shit.

The officer just nodded at the tall man before he walked away to the day care cells. „I don't know how you and your brother can be so different.“ he started as he opened the cell for Jaejoong who didn't even spare him a look. „Are you even related?“ the man in his blue overall continued to his own doom, because now Jaejoong was glaring at him. And his eyes where that kind of beautiful ones, whom you wouldn't want to stare at you since their kind of beauty had a scary aura in them. Yunho's kind and smaller eyes where really a contrast to his gangster brother sharp ones. They seem to see the darkest corner of your soul right away, what scares the officer. Fast he frees the cold man's hands from the handcuffs, he had put on him earlier the day and with that  done Jaejoong walked past him as if he didn't even exist. Being ignored wasn't anything new for him so he just walked behind him, back to Yunho.

Said man looked up from the papers he had to fill, when the radiating person he knew as his brother entered the room. “Long time no seen.” Yunho said smiling and his smile didn't even falter when Jaejoong ignored his words and just glared at him. “How comes you are here? Did I ask you to come and fetch me? I thought I made myself clear that I don't want you to help me ever again, ever!” he hissed, walking past him to leave the small office of Goyang city.

Yunho bowed to the officer and left after his brother, not minding the others words at all.

“I really think Jaejoong is adopted.” Sunghoon, the officer who captured and freed Jaejoong stated to his colleague who only could agree.

“The officer didn't tell me what happened this time.” Yunho told Jaejoong when he caught up to him, still wanting to know what problem his brother caused this time, because he was sure their parents would know. “It's not your business Yunho and I really would appreciate it if you wouldn't stick your nose in my stuff again.” his brother said, now more calmly than earlier. Yunho knew why his brother was behaving the way he was but he wouldn't have any of that. “Just tell me, Jae. Mom and dad will tell me so you can't hide this anyway.” he tried to reason with him but Yunho knew it was futile the moment his brother snorted out loud. “Yeah I shall tell you beforehand so you can take the blame again and I won't recognize you the next moment after I told them because they beat the shit out of you. Thanks no!” Yunho had heared enough as for now and grabbed his brothers shoulder to stop him from walking. “I don't care how often I have to get it from our parents but don't make me chase you. I'm happy you always cause trouble in other cities so I don't have to do the dirty work!” Yunho all but shouted. This was what he really was afraid of, Jaejoong causing trouble in their own city so he warns him again and again.

Suddenly a bell rings hard and Yunho wakes up, with sweat covering his face. Yesterdays events must have done more to him than he want's to admit. It was only yesterday when he found out that the man he was currently chasing for fraud and drugs dealing, was Jaejoong his long lost brother. At least he hasn't changed at all, Yunho thought bitterly when he stepped into the cold shower.


“Freeze!” Dongjoon his colleague yelled but Jaejoong only smirked when he saw a beautiful woman in the dim light near him, hiding from the gun the other had taken out in the bar. He grabbed her and held his knife against her throat. “Gun down!” he said calmly with a smirk on his still young looking face. “God, bring your gun down Dongjoon!” Yunho begged holding his hands above his head himself, gaze never leaving the man that was his brother as he discovered only yesterday.

Slowly Jaejoong approached the both policemen, the woman still in his control and he threw her in their arms when he caught up to them running out of the bar in lightnings speed. “Look after her!” Yunho screamed as he followed the ruthless man.

But when he stepped outside, the other was nowhere to be found. Just when he was about to turn around, he heard something behind him. 'Jaejoong must have tricked me', he thought laughing about his own incapability. But he realized soon enough to reach behind himself, grab the hand, that was reaching up to him, at the man's wrist and throw that tall body over his strong shoulder, making his brother fall down in front of him. Finally Yunho knelt down, hovering over that panting body beneath him. “Long time no seen Jaejoong.” he greeted but only got a kick in his stomach as an answer.

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I want a sequel. You can't stop here.

I'll try my best~ I need the mood.... I was in the mood wrote really fast (therefore I made many mistakes ><) and then the mood left me ;___; but when I will write the sequel there will be smut in it xD I had something in mind actually ... hah...

Oh, come on, pretty please. *bates eyelashes and pouts prettily*
With such a cliffhanger you have to tie down your muse.
And smut? You just said the magic word.
More! Bribe that muse if you have to.

did... xD I started some dramatic music and it worked. I almost finished... I think the smut will have to wait for part 3 ... :'D

thanks hon <3

Yes! That is a great present. You mean I even get a part 3?
Thank you, sweetie. You are awesome!

Edited at 2014-04-21 10:04 pm (UTC)

I'll do my best for you :''D

there is part two http://borntobeacassie.livejournal.com/3158.html
and soon there will be part 3, but it's nothing big^^

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