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You can't give away a heart that never belonged to yourself.

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Fairytale gone wrong [ 1 ]
Title: Fairytale gone wrong

Genre: Fanfic, man x man, Band: DB5K
Lengh: Chaptered
Pairing: Well... ;) will probably contain some YunJae, YooMin, (YooSu and HoMin)
Rating: Will contain NC17 parts ( I will give a warning )
Beta: My dear friend Jenny, thanks so much <3 (for so many things!!)

Yunho would do almost everything to see Changmin happy again. But when he takes some measures to ensure his happiness, things start to go so wrong.

AN: This is my first YunJae fic so I'm really happy now! I don't even know if this will be ever read by anyone xD

Chapter 1

Oh baby tell me why you act so strange?
But tonight I don't need a damn explain
But I already know it all
I don't need that guy who's with you either
[JYJ – Get out]

They were even more than best friends. They always had been. And when one had the urge to change his life rapidly the other offered to move away. Away from just everything they knew. "Mind to stay over tonight? I don't want to be alone on the first night in my new apartment. Call me selfish if you want.", he looked at Yunho with puppy eyes so he couldn't really refuse him. With a deep sigh Yunho nodded at him while he hands him his new keys. They both had already moved in into their new homes and tonight would be their first in this new town.

Changmin was afraid of their new surroundings but then again he needed the change so much more than he could ever admit. He knew very well that Yunho did all this just for him and he was proud and happy to have a friend like this. Now in this new town they even could enjoy that feeling all over again. Without thinking too much about what to do and what to say in front of others. Yes. Indeed he did ran away. Away from love. Away from truth and even away from himself. But in the end he wasn't himself with all these frustrations and he will live a so much better life here. He promised himself. And he promised this for Yunho, too. Yunho, the one who would never leave his side. The one who would go through fire with him. But he wouldn't let him do that. Not anymore. This is why they were here in the first place.

"How about lending a DVD from a shop if they have one? Should we look for one? Also I don't want to complain but your cooking sucks so let's buy something on our way.". Yunho offered as he walked out of the unfamiliar building. They where at Yunho's place which was not too far from Changmin's. Actually it was about two minutes away since they would hang out together a lot. Maybe even too much. But now there was no one left to complain. Changmin chuckled at this thought as he followed Yunho out.

"What's so funny, Cutie?", Yunho asked bemused as he looked at the taller man: "Oh, nothing and don't! Stop calling me that!". Changmin hit Yunho on his shoulder in a playful manner to show him his objection but as he was still laughing Yunho just couldn't take him seriously. Changmin was always like that - and no one knew that better than his best friend - he was always acting tough and rough.

After they had to wander around some time they finally found a store that sold DVD's and some other stuff. They decided to buy 'Codename: Jackal'. This wasn't out for long and they didn't watch it yet. Some time later they found themselves on Changmin's new couch in his new living room watching the new DVD on his new television. Everything was new, except for their friendship. That was pretty old already.

The first night was not as bad as Changmin had assumed. Well, at least he had Yunho plastered on him so he didn't feel alone. This must have been the part that made him feel at home. And since he was a bit appalled when he woke up to a room he didn't know he was very thankful that Yunho was not awake yet. Carefully not to wake his best friend Changmin tried to move silently out of his new bedroom. He wanted to make breakfast to thank the other man for staying with him. He knew this was nothing for Yunho but Changmin was quite uncomfortable without him in this apartment.

Back at the Kim's home:

With sorrow showing off in his eyes the cute looking man gave his older brother a key: “Here. For your new home. I'm sorry that you have to move away but we will fight less when it's like that.”. With this the smaller boy gave his brother a warming hug. It's true that he felt sorry but they just annoyed each other if it stayed like that. Junsu was a sportsman. He played soccer professionally while Jaejoong was a well known lawyer. He had enough money to spent most of the time at home drawing or singing since he loved to be creative. But even though he had the money to live alone he would never do that. What he hated the most was living alone what was the reason for him to stay at his brothers place. But not anymore. He just hoped his new living mate would be nice so he doesn't need to bother with searching for a new offer. His brother found this person on the internet that wanted to offer a room in his new apartment. “It's alright Junsu. We don't live far apart so we can visit each other whenever we want to. I don't have to put up with your laziness at home or your stinking clothes anymore. It's a good deal for me in the end!”. He would never admit to his little brother that he didn't want to leave, not so soon. It wasn't long since their mom moved to the United States so he had no one to live with anymore.
But Junsu just laughed happily at him as he handed him his new address. “Call me later and tell me how your new living buddy is!”, “Sure!”, with this Jaejoong waved one last time before he turned to his new fate.

A sigh of relief escaped Jaejoong as he found his new home alone. He was really nervous and now he could prepare himself a bit more before he would meet that person. Now that he was there and even undisturbed he could freely take a look at the apartment.
The first thing that he recognized is that everything was neat and organized. Too clean. As he entered the living room he realized that there were no pictures on the walls. Disappointed as Jaejoong was with this he looked at the books the man had in his cupboard. But instead of the books he found a picture. There were two men on a beach maybe on holiday. Though he couldn't make that out from this picture since it was zoomed in so the faces were recognizable. Both men on the picture were handsome and had brown hair. They were wearing sunglasses so Jaejoong couldn't make out much of their faces but the lips of one from those men made him gaze a bit longer till he placed the picture back. The lips where red, full and reminded him of a cherry. He shook his head to toss his thought and went with his finger above some book titles. Some of them where even about court what made the black haired man surprised. Did the other person living here also study law? What did he become then? With the time he spent here he grew more and more curious about the man living here.

“Who are you?” a high pitched voice asked and Jaejoong turned around shocked. His eyes met handsome dark eyes looking at him shocked. The other man was tall and handsome not just his eyes but his whole figure. He was wearing casual clothes and Jaejoong could make out that the man hid muscles beneath them. “Jaejoong. Your new housemate.” he said coldly and short sentenced. “Oh... New housemate. Yes...” The tall man looked puzzled for a moment and finally reached for his mobile phone dialing a number: “Yunho. Come over. NOW! I know that this is your doing!” With that the man hung up and looked at Jaejoong furiously. “I hope you didn't unpack yet. I never agreed with this whole shit!”, and then he left a surprised Jaejoong in the kitchen.

Stubborn as Jaejoong was he never packed his things and just waited in his new room. If this even will be his new room. About five minutes after the phone call the doorbell rang and furious footsteps followed the sound.
Jaejoong was still in his room and was able to hear a handsome deep voice talking to the furious and rude man that didn't even bother to introduce himself.

“Hey Minnie!”, “Don't Minnie me!” the man called Minnie spit back at the handsome husky voice. Jaejoong had to admit that he found the voice very sexy somehow.
“You didn't want to live with me anymore. And we both know that you-”, but 'Minnie' interrupted: “I don't care. You didn't even ask for my opinion you should know better than doing this to a justice!”. The voices faded away so Jaejoong assumed that they went from the floor to the living room. So his new housemate was a judge? That was bad news. Really bad news and he looked at his unpacked things on the bed asking himself if he should just pack his things again and leave on his own.
'But stop! We singed a contract. How could this person give me a contract without the owners content?' angered the raven man stood up, ready to throw a fit.

“What is this all about?”, Jaejoong asked when he entered the room angered. As he walked in he saw two man standing in the middle of the room staring at him bewildered. The man Jaejoong didn't know yet gave him a creepy smile. “Welcome! Don't worry, all you need to do is to make a new contract and everything will be fine.”. Jaejoong recognized the handsome voice and saw that the voice belonged to a very handsome man. Even more handsome that the tall man called 'Minnie'. “And who are you? I guess we made an invalid contract then. You will need to give me some compensation then. I already bought some things that will arrive today.” he said matter of factly glaring the handsome man down. He had small eyes and even a small face and the lips were the same from the picture. But now that Jaejoong could see the lips in real live he had to admit that they were just beyond well built. They were very appealing to him. Even more when those lips parted to let out a low grunt. “You didn't listen to me did you? You won't need to move out. All you need to do is renew the contract with this cutie here! And by the way I'm Yunho. We will see each other often so lets get along well buddy.”. All Jaejoong could do was stare at the taller man. “Well, I'm Jaejoong and I hope you two are not together because I really don't want to be a third wheel in my own home!” he sneered back at him feeling that Yunho had some nerve. “I already hate you!” was Changmin's answer as he took Yunho's hand to talk with him in private: “Stay here I wanted to finish unpacking anyway.”, with that Jaejoong left the two men alone.

“Junsu-ah! This is horror. I'm unwanted here and on top of that they are gay! I don't want to be in the middle of this mess. Why aren't they living here together?”. In his despair he had called Junsu to update his dear brother with the last happenings.

What? You mean YOU are living with a taken gay person? And wait. Did you just say unwanted?”, Jaejoong sighed at Junsu's question: “Yes. Most likely I'm maybe faster homeless than I thought.” he explained frustrated to his younger brother. He could hear the main door being shut as someone knocked at his door softly. “Sorry have to hang up now. I'll call you later. Yes. Yes. You too!”, Jaejoong put his phone away and headed to his door to open it ready to fight again.

But when he opened the door he could see his housemate smiling shyly at him: “By the way I'm Changmin. And I'm sorry about what you had to witness. My friend just meant good for me even if he did it in a wrong way.”. “No problem so this means I can stay?”. Jaejoong looked at him a bit sad. “Of course. I wanted to have a housemate anyway. But... Did you mean what you say?”, “What?”, Jaejoong looked at Changmin confused: “What you said about not wanting to live with a gay couple.”

Oh. This.

“No. I don't have anything against gay people. I just hope that I won't be a third wheel then.”, he answered hesitating and Changmin's face lit up in an instant.

The truth was that Jaejoong never even thought about gay people so he couldn't care less for that.

Changmin sat in his room as he was grinning at his laptop. Apparently he was talking to Yunho what always made him chuckle:

Yunnie: Hey cutie-pie! How is your new housemate? I'm sorry again about the whole thing. But you know that I'm right about this :-( …

Changminnie: It's okay. I wanted a housemate. I was just angry you didn't ask for my opinion. And you know that! *Pouts* And... I have to see how he is yet.
And don't give me nicknames you ass!

Yunnie: Yeah... But I thought it was strange to discuss that between us... Well anyway I know how I can make up for this :-*

Changminnie: Oh really? How? :-O

Changmin laughed at the screen. Yunho was always too sweet and always inserting those smileys with much meaning, like the kiss smiley. He knew how to play this confusing game.
But Changmin didn't miss how his friend avoided to talk about t h e m. It was always taboo to talk about that topic after all these things happened and this left a confused Changmin in general.

Yunnie: Uhm... How about we do some little surprise event? This Saturday night!

Changminnie: Cool! When?

Yunnie: I'll call you and we'll discuss later. Have to work. Bye Minnie <3

Changminnie: YAH! JUNG YUNHO!.... Call me then later. Bye you Ass.

Still laughing at their little conversation he left the room for some water. The whole laughing fit made him thirsty. Instead for heading to the fridge he went to the large window looking outside as a storm came up and it was raining heavily. The tall person got worried when he suddenly remembered that Jaejoong went to a store to buy some things he couldn't find in his fridge.

The truth was that Changmin was a bad living mate. He couldn't cook and even other chores like using a washer were things you never should let make the man. Only one thing was done splendidly by himself. Cleaning. And that was it. It's Jaejoong's second day in this new house and he already got what he won't let him do at all. It was better if they wanted to live. Changmin would even burn Ramyun. Maybe Yunho wanted to ensure his life by forcing him to live with a stranger. Then again Changmin knew this too well himself so he was unable to ever complain.

And this was the reason for an empty fridge and a Jaejoong out in this storm to change that.
When Changmin was just about to run out to look for the other man he heard the front door being opened. A sigh of relief escaped his lips as he walked to greet the man. “Oh! I think you should take a shower first!”.
Jaejoong nodded at Changmin's words as he went to the bathroom. He was totally soaked from the rain and his clothes felt so heavy that he was relieved when he took them off. He looked in the mirror in front of him and what he saw made him cringe. His pouty lips were deep blue now and his hair was hanging down heavily from the water that was now dropping to the floor. Fast he moved to the shower cabin to let hot water pour down his perfectly built body. Water dropped from his chin down to his piercing on his left dug he got recently. Jaejoong was lost in thoughts as he warmed up slowly. His skin went from pale to red as the hot water relaxed him.
As he was standing beneath the running water he thought about the thinks that happened lately. He found out that his new living mate was nice but a judge and he didn't like that fact at all.

After a quarter-hour Jaejoong was out of the cabin and drying himself. His hair was still wet since he didn't want to blow-dry it. He cursed himself as he realized that he forgot to bring clothes as he rushed for a shower.

“Hey Yunho. Why did you call me? Oh !You are in front of the house? Right. Okay. I will!”

Changmin rushed to the front door and opened it with a big grin. In front of him stood Yunho even though he wasn't recognizable since he held bags in his arms large enough to cover half of his face. He was talking trough a wireless earphone since his hands were busy holding the bags which was the reason for calling the man inside the house in the first place.

“Hey Minnie! Mind to help?”

The tall man stopped staring as he finally lifted some of the bags in his own hands to help his friend. “What are these?”, Changmin asked frowning.
But before Yunho could answer he dropped the bags yelping as one hit his foot painfully. He stared in front of him with widened eyes and a slightly opened mouth. He was beyond shocked as he froze at the front door. Puzzled the taller man in front of him turned to see what happened.

Jaejoong squealed then in a high pitched voice. Normally this wouldn't have been a big deal. But somehow it was now.
He was standing in the hallway with just a short towel around his waist hiding his member from the eyes of the staring man. Water was dropping from his hair and nipple-piercing. And Yunho was staring at him. Staring at his yet not dry body like an animal would. He was looking at his piercing and somehow Jaejoong thought he saw the other man licking his underlip. Then their eyes met and they realized that one man was gay when the other was straight.
Yunho's eyes where filled with lust when Jaejoong just looked shocked at the situation. He never experienced a man looking at him in this way. Or he never noticed.

Jaejoong was finally able to react and he raised his hands to cover his chest as he started moving again. He ran to his room as fast as if his life depended on this. Yunho on the contrary was still standing there gaping till Changmin hit his arm slightly. “What the hell was that?” he asked still frowning. All he could see was Jaejoong leaving like a girl, he didn't get to see the way Yunho stared at the other.

Jaejoong sat in his room. Light was shining in from two big windows decorating his room in a bright and sunny mood. He was sitting in front of his piano with a paper on the tray and a pencil in his hand. Currently all his thoughts belonged to a melody in his head and he was trying to catch the melody on the paper. It was a peaceful melody. It would be a song of friendship if he could ever finish this.
His moving in was weeks ago and he finally started to feel at home. Changmin could be described in two words: Rude and Nice. Yes he was both of them. He always spoke his mind so he could be rude at times but then again he was a nice person altogether. It was easy to get along with him and Jaejoong was truly relieved. And even his lover Yunho was a nice person. Sometimes it even feels like they are just close friends more than lovers.
Jaejoong couldn't deny that he wanted to be friends with Yunho. But Changmin and Yunho were inseparable and it always seemed that Jaejoong didn't fit with them. Even now he escaped them. Currently they were watching television in the living room and Jaejoong excused himself. He always felt strange with them when they were together and it made him sad. Jaejoong sighted because in the end he couldn't concentrate very well on the music he wanted to capture.

He was relieved when his mobile phone rang and answered it right away:


“Hey Hyung! I wanted to ask you to come over tonight! There is a place I want to go and I already missed you!”, Junsu tattled as soon as he answered his phone.

“Oh. Well alright I had no plans anyway.”

“Great then let's meet at eight!”, with that Junsu hang up on him and Jaejoong sighed as he looked at the time. He decided to make some dinner before leaving.

The kittchen and living room had no walls between them so you could freely look into the other room. There was just a bar table to separate them.

As Jaejoong walked into the kitchen and decided to make some pork he could see that Yunho and Changmin were still there, sitting on the couch leaning against each other.

“Are you guys hungry?”, Jaejoong asked loud so the others could hear him.

Jaejoong could see that Changmin looked at Yunho questioningly before answering.

“Hell yeah! What are you gonna make us?”, Changmin asked him with a hungry glance. “Just some pork.”, the other answered. “Just?”, Yunho asked and chuckled: “Changmin could hardly cook rice. Pork is nice! Thank you Jaejoong!”, for that Yunho earned a light slap on his shoulder but he only laughed at him for that. Jaejoong felt flustered for no reason and started to prepare the dinner. Lately he often felt strange and maybe, just maybe it was because of what happened the other time. Yunho had looked at him so strangely and ever since then Jaejoong would often blush at the other man's kindness.

Later this evening Jaejoong went to Junsu as promised. When he arrived Junsu told him to get into his car because they would leave immediately. “Where are we going Hyung?”, Jaejoong asked getting curious now. He just went with him to escape the sweet couple at his home. “Oh didn't tell you didn't I? Then just sit back and wait!”, Junsu said. This guy was always so over excited for everything: “Okay, whatever...”, Jaejoong looked outside of the car to catch the sight. He always loved to watch the things passing by while being co-driver.

Soon they reached their destination and Jaejoong looked shocked at his brother: “Wait! What are we doing at a place like this?”, he grabbed his brothers arm and wanted to force him back in his car but Junsu wasn't moving at all: “It's an open party Hyung! Don't be such a coward and follow me!”, he hissed at Jaejoong as he freed himself from his brothers grab.
They were standing on a big parking lot right in front of a palace like building.
Junsu sighed when he saw his brother still standing there frozen: “Look, there is a new owner of this home and he decided to make a home warming party. As you can see this house can fit the whole town and so he invited just everyone. I'm surprised you didn't even know that since it's the town talk!”, “Oh.”, was all that Jaejoong could say. He didn't even know that there was a building like this in their town. Junsu sighted frustrated and took Jaejoong's hand to force him to move towards the villa.

When they entered through the heavy front door they were embraced by a golden hall with thick marble pillars. The hall was already filled with a lot of people chatting and holding expensive looking drinks. Luckily he wore one of his casual suits, Jaejoong thought and looked a little angry at Junsu who obviously wore the suit knowingly.

Soon they found themselves at the large buffet staring at the big selection of foods and drinks. “Hello. I hope you feel comfortable and the buffet is not short on something you want. If you want something else than offered you just have to let me know.”, a soft deep voice behind them said. Junsu and Jaejoong turned to the voices owner and saw a tall and very handsome man. “Yoochun.”, the man said reaching his hand to them. Junsu looked at the man with big eyes smiling widely as he shook the hand without hesitation. “Hello, so you are the new owner of this place? Nice to meet you! I'm Junsu!”, then he pointed to his brother who stood beside him: “And this is my brother Jaejoong.”. “Nice to meet you. I hope we will get along well!”, Yoochun said shaking Jaejoong's hand. His smile was mesmerizing and Jaejoong found himself smiling at the man. “Hi!”, he answered shyly.

When Junsu and Yoochun kept small talking, Jaejoong decided to get another drink. When he reached the buffet his eyes caught Changmin. But before he could smile at him he witnessed Yunho walking up to the tall man and Jaejoong's smile faltered. Yunho grabbed Changmin by his arm to pull him closer and kissed him shamelessly.

He knew that they were close and he knew of their relationship but he was beyond shocked as he turned and walked away from the oblivious couple.
“Don't you think you drank enough already?”, Junsu voiced his sorrow at his brother. Jaejoong already was drinking his sixth cocktail by now. “No. I don't think so. If you had seen two man kissing senselessly you would be worse than me.”. Junsu only frowned at his brother: “Don't be like this you were the one who said you were okay with them. What is wrong with you? Since when were you more small minded than me? I'm alright with two men being in love! To be honest I would turn gay for someone like Yoochun too!”. Jaejoong looked at his brother and scoffed: “What?”, “You heard me!”, “Junsu. I don't want to argue about that. Can I just sleep at yours tonight? Please?”. Jaejoong looked at his brother pleadingly. His large eyes got even bigger and Junsu sighed in defense. “Alright. But just tonight. You have to get over this you homophobic!”, “I'm not...! Well I think I'm not...”, Jaejoong felt bad and wanted to go home already.

When they reached Junsu's home Jaejoong already regretted coming over. The only thing his brother could talk about was the handsome owner of that villa they just went to. But Jaejoong didn't feel like drooling over a man now since all he could think about then was the two man kissing right in front of him.

The next week was hell for Jaejoong. Yunho and Changmin seemed to be inseparable. Yunho kept spending the nights over at their place and Jaejoong felt like escaping them. Even though Yunho always offered to help him with the household, something that Changmin never could even if he would and with that he started to understand why Yunho didn't want his boyfriend to live alone. But why not living together? Why!? He felt a little used and so he always refused the others help. Even though the truth was that Jaejoong just wanted to be left alone. Not that he thought he would ever want that. It's not that they kissed again but they were so cute with each other that Jaejoong started to feel sick in their company. This was why he started avoiding them as much as possible being in the same house.

When one day Changmin was out because he had a case to handle at work Yunho even stayed waiting for him.
Jaejoong was at home playing the piano when he suddenly craved a banana. As he left for the kitchen he saw Yunho trying to fix a dinner. “Want some help?”, Jaejoong offered softly as he walked into the kitchen. But unexpectedly Yunho turned coldly away from him as he spoke in his low voice that always sounded too sexy to Jaejoong's ears: “No.”. Taken aback Jaejoong looked down: “Oh. Okay.”, and with this he reached for a banana ready to leave the kitchen.
“And I would prefer if you stop pampering Changmin.”, Yunho continued. “What?”, Jaejoong felt so wronged that he got angry: “You know very well that he can't handle the household. You are always with him so how can you call this pampering?”, “Easy. All Changmin can talk about is how lucky he is to live with you. What is the very reason why I don't feel like leaving this house anymore.”, “What do you mean? Why wouldn't you want to leave the house... Just because he likes my cooking?”, Yunho scoffed at him: “It drives me mad. Simple as that!”, “Then why bother to search for a housemate in the first place?”, “Not your business!”, “Oh no! It is! You accuse me here!”, “I don't. Just don't get too close to Changmin.”, “I don't get you! All this makes no sense! You’re totally overreacting about something that doesn't even exist since I don't feel like that for men! I even give you a lot of space already. Don't you see that I leave you two lovebirds alone most of the time?”, Jaejoong screamed in frustration. “Really?”, “Really!”, “Good then, but I don't care for your preferences. All I want is that you keep staying away from him! ”, and with this Yunho left the room. Jaejoong stared after the long gone man. Yunho had always been very kind and soft but now this was another level. Cold and yeah, just cold. Even after he long left the room Jaejoong still stared at the door. How could Yunho misunderstand him like this? Should he already leave?

Chapter 2

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Do you already have the next chapter?
I think they are a little bit too short *pout* but the rest is fine XD (^.^)/~
go on <3

aww <3 thanks

short.. well okay then the next one will be bigger :D
no I'm still wrinting on the next one :)

this fic will end with yunjae?

It will definitely yes!
Hope that's the answer you wanted^^'

Overall i like this..but could you make a spasi between paragraph/current situation..because i got confuse..

I'm sorry if I confused you. I will do my best to improve my writing style if possible then^^

you know what ? thanks for reminding this was one of my first posts here and I couldn't handle LJ I will fix this now^^

No problem bb..off to the next chapter^^

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